“When Hunter Biden harshly threatened the Chinese businessman, he and his father, Joe, were together in Joe’s house (even the ownership of the house, and rent paid, are questionable and now forgotten about by the Fake News Media!) where classified documents having to do with CHINA were stored on the garage floor next to Joe’s Corvette. They were also stored in Chinatown, D.C. They took in millions of dollars from China – How much information was given. BIG STUFF! Joe is totally corrupt!!!”

By Donald J. Trump

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How can they keep protecting him.
So many evil people involved.

Sarah Luu

Dear President Trump, THIS IS THE WAY TO DO IT – GET THE WORDS ( REAL NEWS) OUT. SPREAD THE TRUTH OUT IN EVERY WAY YOU CAN. What I call “TRUMPSTOCK” rallies ARE THE BEST WAY & MOST EFFECTIVE. Interviews with the “fake news” won’t help. They are just trying to capitalize on YOUR name to boost their pathetic viewership. They WILL NOT help you at all. UNTIL at least a few in the “fake news” networks start reporting THE TRUTH, DO NOT grant them ANY TIME w/ “interviews”. KEEP UP THE GREAT RALLYS. Grant interviews to ONLY people THAT YOU CAN POSITIVELY TRUST. IGNORE the RIGGED POLLS. THEY MEAN NOTHING, especially this far out. CONCENTRATE on GETTING YOUR WORDS OUT IN THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAYS POSSIBLE. DRILL, DRILL, DRILL about the Biden crime family, their cronies & crimes. I am FIRMLY convinced that if the Presidential Election were held today, if NOT RIGGED, YOU SIR WOULD EASILY WIN 80% of the vote against ANY opposition. The people of this GREAT COUNTRY REMEMBER THE GREAT THINGS YOU DID FOR ALL OF US!!! How can ANYONE not see the DESTRUCTION that has occurred since THE BIDEN MAFIA STOLE THEIR WAY IN, OBVIOUSLY WITH OUTSIDE HELP. I don’t see how ANYONE, unless they are crooked, would vote for Biden after ALL that he has done ESPECIALLY THE INFLATION!!! I don’t know if they legally can, but try to get leaders from other FRIENDLY NATIONS to speak up & support you. I’ll say it again – SPREAD OUT THE TRUTH ABOUT THESE CRIMINALS, IN EVERY WAY THAT WILL WORK!!! i.e. “TRUMPSTOCK” RALLY’S! THANK YOU AGAIN SIR FROM THE BOTTOM OF ME & MY FAMILIES HEARTS. Tell THE FIRST LADY that WE ALL LOVE HER & MISS HER TOO! GOD BLESS & THANKS AGAIN FOR LETTING ME RANT ON THIS GREAT FORUM. Sarah Luu



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