Bill Barr never told me he thought I was going to lose

“Despite what is being reported in one of the many fake books that are coming onto the market, Bill Barr never once told me he thought I was going to lose the election. In fact, it was quite the opposite, he told me that I should win. In retrospect, had the election not been Rigged and Stolen, I would have won easily, and our Country would not be in the horrible position it is now with open Borders, Inflation, massive jumps in Crime, and cities that have no chance of ever recovering under Democrat leadership.”

By Donald J. Trump

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Almost every person in DC was working as hsrd as possible to get rid of you. You were and still are in their way. They are crawling out from under their rocks now and we know who they are.
Thank God we have you Mr President!

Ronald D Milam

Mr. Presdent, I believe Bill Barr was a Deep State “PLANT” he did an OP-ED, and the Media coordinated with him, scouring him, to try to get you to appoint him the A.G. and then his job was to get you and the investigations over the Election day line, where he knew they would steal the Election. Thus they controlled the A.G. position for four years sir.

Florida Robert

The Presidency was stolen, that is a big difference than “loss”. Even worse is that the 117th Congress is invalid, which means all their laws are invalid.

Mike Hunt

Exactly why Barr got out as fast as his fat little legs could carry him! He KNEW you were going to lose & that you’d react just like the whiny, spoiled, weak little baby you are! He wanted no part of you & got out before you were more of an embarrassment. Keep poking him Donnie & next thing you know he will be spilling the beans on everything that went on.


Bill Barr is a Corrupt Bush Family Lackey! His credibility and legal skills are shot! He is done as a lawyer unless he goes to work at CNN or any of the other FAKE NEWs or Corrupt tech companies!
Bought Line is President Trump WAS Re-ELECTED!

Mike Kissinger

Thank you Mr. Trump for validating your self-fulfilling prophesy: The only way I can lose is if I am cheated. I lost, therefore I was cheated.

Last edited 1 year ago by Mike Kissinger

Mike, I thought you were in summer school for flunking the 2nd grade?

Mike Hunt

Stewie, isn’t this change Trump’s diaper day for you?

Mike Kissinger

Hi my little trollie, still cannot contribute anything useful? That’s ok, you are still good for belly laughs. Thank you.

Kathryn Vass



Well Said!

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