Bill Barr said, and just reiterated

“Bill Barr said, and just reiterated, that the Trump campaign was “spied on”, but did nothing about it. He then said, “mail-in ballots are prone to fraud,” and then did nothing to catch the fraudsters. He was so afraid of being impeached, that he went to the other side—and they left him alone. Barr was a “Bushie” who never had the energy or competence to do the job that he was put in place to do.”

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He sounded good sometimes, but a do nothing RINO.

Terry Johnson

I really thought he was going to step up. It was disappointing.

Becky G

I hate to admit it…but I, at one time,respected and thought the world of the bush cabal. BOY WAS I 🙈🙈🙈
NOT NOW!!!!! Do some research on bush’s…its really sickening…
Glad I Am 👀👀👀👀👀 now!


They caused 9/11


Somebody needs to step up and do something now! The US Truckers Convoy has decided to call it quits. So go from California to DC for nothing other than to have Kamala Harris complain about the air being polluted and poisoned by the truckers. Who do you think brings our goods to her? The truckers! Dear Lord, if something isn’t done soon we are not going to survive as America any longer. I tried to get on TruthSocial, I actually pre-ordered and now I’m number 202, 167. Why pre-order? I cannot wait to hear the news as most of us will want to hear what’s being said, the truth. Please hurry along with TruthSocial, please! Are used to believe Newsmax but since they have completely turned and said this is not about the bio labs I’m back to square one. I know what President Trump did for our country, I know it for a fact, I also know for a fact that Joe Biden is killing/murdering America as fast as he can . Please, President Trump, give us something to hold onto, a lot of us are losing faith and that’s the last thing we need right now. My neighbors are saying well it’s done, there’s nothing you can do about it. Well, every day I pray, I research, I research some more, listen a little more and I’m getting nowhere other than hold on it’s coming. It’s just many of us are beginning to lose faith and that breaks my heart. For a year now I have been searching for answers, the more you find out the more confused again. I’m not a rocket scientist but I am pretty intelligent and I’ve lived on this earth a very long time both year and abroad, I actually kissed the ground of America when I got back home, a word I rarely use anymore when it comes to America. So if somebody can just point us in a direction that’s not gonna give up and go home let us know. We’re behind you but we need courage and encouragement.


100% Correct President Trump!
Barr is a “Bush Family Lackey”!


and Trumpski hired him Stewie!!!!

Linda M

Yes Mr. President. Hard to tell who to trust until they show us who they really are. ❤🇺🇸❤
Be glad when truth social is web available so I can get on.

My Man Trump

President Trump, quit hiring rino Presidents garbage. If one sneaks through, Fire his ass. I am sure you and your cabinet are already so prepared and organized that it will be a plug and play operation. You will be able to hit the ground running…..and very soon.


Trump: “I only hire the best people”. It’s amazing how many of these people discovered who trump really was-an idiot and bully who wasn’t fit to hold the office of president. The rest were conmen and grifters in their own right. Trump is just another loser who won’t accept the truth.


Mr./Mrs. Prize,
Why didn’t President Trump hire you?

Mark Rakow

Because Trump only hires grifters, cowards, and ass-kissers. l

Prize is none of the above.

My Man Trump

You really do bust me up. See, free commie entertainment.




I respectfully disagree. Bill Barr did exactly what he was paid (or physically threatened) to do!! President Trump is merely forgetting who was really employing the criminal Barr! It was NOT President Trump and the honest citizens of The United States of America!

Barr, like SFBrains before him, did EXACTLY what their handlers told them: thwart President Trump in his awesome efforts to improve the lives of the average citizen. He did that job extremely well! For that, he should be rewarded with free room and board for life – at GITMO.

May I suggest that you, Mr. President, announce to the world that you are ACCEPTING RESUMES NOW for these critical offices you will be filling in January 2025. That will give you the necessary time to vet and choose your critical appointments (and put a finger in the eye of the Demoncraps.)



Michael Jenson

it’s the swamp and the plan of the swamp is the Judas plan we offer you to be a traitor and we will give you 30 pcs. silver they laugh at the offer it would take 10 million (now we know your true colors traitor, only thing left is to argue the price) works pretty good for them then they drown the shame with all the special guest apperance he is da da….

le cat

what’s worse than a demonrat? : a two face rino


Well Said!

Baskin Robbins

A mite triggered sir?


He’s lazy. You can tell. Penguins everywhere are ashamed of their wobbly leader 🐧🐧🐧🐧

Brad Gustafson

Sad, but true.


Barr is throwing Trump under the bus because he is trying to revive his career and his name. He is not smart enough to know that making a deal with the Devil never turns out well. Live and learn. Never appoint a Bushie. Also never pick for the Supreme Court someone who clerked for Anthony Kennedy, as Kavanaugh did.


I know, I can’t believe how wimpy the Supreme Court is now! So much for feeling good about Trump’s nominees…they fooled all of us. Feels like you can’t trust anyone these days. As for the Bushes, it was a bummer for me to hear about their ties to China (?) a little while ago. They are the Republican version of the Clintons and Bidens I guess. George W. Bush was the president of my later childhood (when I was becoming aware of politics) and I have always been glad of that; I knew he wasn’t the greatest but he was a president I could feel reasonably good about. Oh well…

They can’t kill us all

With all due respect Mr. President, I just couldn’t figure out why in the world you picked Bill Barr a deep state bushy . That was the first red flag! I kept thinking it was just a way to expose another deep state layer… the fact is , unfortunately there aren’t many people who have the guts to stand up to these criminals, most I suspect have dark secrets they do not want the public to know I suspect Barr is in that category. We the people are with you,
fight fight fight!


Weenie Bill Barr had NO idea how much the American people trusted him to be convicted to uphold the law. He wasn’t brought in to be a political player but selfishly that’s what he did.

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Let him choke on a bagpipe! Bill Barr the worthless sack that he is.

Pete M.

So many of the supposed “good guy’s” turned out to be POS!!!! barr, pence,mcconnell gov of Ga, on and on! Why is it that non on the demon rat side cave to pressure??? If only they were on the side of America!! These demon rat POS’s will go down, and down hard! They don’t understand the resolve of the American people!!! We the people will get every one of these TRAITORS, and hang them for the world to see what American people do to TRAITORS!!!!


Bill Barr is a Broke Di*k. Mfer!
What a Piece Of Crap!

Robin Seeber

you just never know, I thought he was gonna be great, instead, just a coward who ran


We had high hopes in him. That he was a prosecutor who would go after the obvious crimes prevalent in the swamp. What seemed to be an easy task for a person of that ilk. Perhaps one day soon we will find him at our back door, tail between his legs, quietly asking to be let in.

Gerald Warner

barr was never on your side and should have never been hired. He is what my forfathers called FORKED TONGUE….


Barr was a swamp creature, put in by and working with the NWO Globalists.

We’ll just have to wait and see on Durham, and I’m praying something comes out of his efforts, but considering the corrupt District his filings are in, I’m not very hopeful.


Good Call!

Gerald Warner

Why is zinke not in jail for illegally personelly profitting in the DOI?



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