Blame “TRUMP”

“These Morons in the White House, who are systematically destroying our Country, headed up by the biggest Moron of them all, Hopeless Joe Biden, have a new disinformation game they are playing – Blame “TRUMP” for their grossly incompetent SURRENDER in Afghanistan. I watched this disaster unfold just like everyone else. I saw them take out the Military FIRST, GIVE $85 Billion of military equipment, allow killing of our soldiers, and leave Americans behind. Biden is responsible, no one else!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Sarah Luu

These “morons” are just that. So desperate is all that they have is their stupidity. Stupid people have one thing in common, they believe that they are the smart ones, not knowing any better because THEY are TOO STUPID to understand & figure out this FACT. The BEST example there is of this is BIDEN! But there is ALWAYS THE EVIL ELEMENTS, that unfortunately have “some” intelligence & use it for EVIL, DIABOLICAL purposes (such as Biden’s puppeteers) to gain & control POWER by using “MANIPULATIVE CONTROLLING TACTICS” on these ILLEGITIMATELY ELECTED “morons”, that they crave & DO NOT rightly deserve to possess (unelectedly) for their own EVIL PURPOSES – i.e.COMMUNIST DOMINATION OF THE WORLD. SOMEHOW, IN MANY WAYS, these “morons” MUST BE STOPPED & ELIMINATED FROM THE FACE OF THE EARTH, AND NOW – BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE – WW3. This is NO JOKE! LOOK AT PARIS RIGHT NOW. REMEMBER The COMMUNISTS SWORN THREAT – ” WE WILL DESTROY YOU FROM WITHIN!” Those of you that haven’t opened their eyes yet. Just TAKE A LOOK AT OUR COUNTRY RIGHT NOW. President Trump said it plainly & simply, “OUR COUNTRY IS GOING TO HELL!! So Sad” WE NEED TO ACT & ACT NOW!! Sarah Luu

Sarah Luu

AS the “Fake News Media” has always done, they our counting on the fact that most people believe EVERYTHING they see & hear on TV is FACT. They spout it, the people believe it. JUST LIKE THERE WERE PEOPLE THAT ACTUALLY BELIEVED THAT THERE WERE PEOPLE MAROONED ON AN ISLAND IN THE PACIFIC!!! (Gilligan’s Island).They DON’T seem to realize that since the RIGGED ELECTION, the people of this country are finally seeing first hand, how PHONY the media really is & their TRUE AGENDA – to MANIPULATE the American People & THE WORLD to conform to their bidding – i.e. COMMUNISM!!! Sarah Luu

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