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Grin n barrett

Every single solitary day, bar none.

Rosanne. Choate

No need to ask. We need you back a.s.a.p , Mr. President!!!!!

My Man Trump

Hell Yes! From the moment they stole the election. Everything is happening the way you said. We are just impatiently waiting for your return. Godspeed.

Teresa Jawson



Yes, sir! We miss you! Why haven’t you been reinstated yet? Enough already! Rip off the rest of the bandaid… …please! They’ll get over it! I’m not sure America will survive…

…this fast food society is fragile. Its youth has its collective head buried in electronic toys.

Mark Rakow

Whether he’s missed or not is beside the point. He’s gone, and won’t be back.

My Man Trump


Ralph G Lamy

Are you familiar with using a proxy to get work done?


Please come back soooooon….

Lynn Frank

Yes!!! We miss you every second!!!

Meegan Fixler

Yes, I missed you and our beautiful and kind First Lady the day you left the White House!! Everything that you said would happen if Bye-done got into office, has happened! It is astonishing how you knew that this would happen! Please come back! 🙏🏻


Second everything you said Meegan. Sadly, I think it will only get worse. PLEASE SAVE AMERICA!


Biden closed our keystone pipeline when we were energy self sufficient, now we buy from Russia and Iran. What makes me feel like I’m on crazy pills is the idiots that make excuses for this corrupt administration. These people that can’t see the writing on the wall have lost there minds.

Sleepy Joe

I love China.

Sleepy Joe

I really do love China.

Sleepy Joe

Hey, it’s Sleepy Joe, let me in.

Pete M.

We have missed you since Nov 3 2020, known full well that YOU WON!!!! Now how do we get you back in office where you belong ASAP!!!

Becky G

DO I MISS MY (OUR) REAL PRESIDENT! Oh my goodness, MR PRESIDENT…you are missed every single day by MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of PATRIOTS! Yet…
U haven’t gone anywhere… Normies have to see the 👺👺to believe..

Carlos Idelone

I believe, that you could have been more rational/ reasonable, in dealing with Russia/ Putin had you been in charge . I do not believe, that Putin is crazy. He just wants to protect his country from Ukraine becoming a puppet of NATO, especially a Ukraine government installed by a USA backed coup, filled with Neo-Nazis. You thankfully admit, that the policies of the USA government are not always correct, spawned by power and greed. I was looking forward to the USA and Russia being friends, as you envisioned, but the corruption in the USA prevented that. When you get back into power, you should eliminate the CIA and the FBI. But don’t tell anyone beforehand, so you don’t end up like poor JFK.

Linda M

Its going to be very hard for farmers and ranchers to operate without fuel. Don’t think the Amish can provide enough food to supply the entire country. ❤🇺🇸❤

Becky Peterson

This is robbery one tank of gas,
$5.89× 22 gl = $129.58
This is not sustainable with everyday expenses. Depression is here!
I’m still driving a truck for work, no choice!

Ralph G Lamy

The gliterati don’t worry about money.

Gerald Warner

We need you as Speaker of House in 2022..We may not make it to 2024


Missing you from the day you left, Sir. Everything you said Bi-den would do, he has done and worse. Please remove this unelected jackal, Sir, post haste! Evil MUST not prevail.


Decertify Now!! Stolen elections have catastrophic consequences. As we can see!!

Deborah Addor

Yes, we have missed you from November 4th, 2020.
Come back soon.


How are people expected to make it to work and feed their families at these gas prices.


Please come back as Speaker and impeach these fools asap.


No. I would gladly pay twice the current price to never see trump again

Last edited 1 year ago by Prize
Anna Leal

It won’t stay the current price. It will go much higher.

BTW, you’re not very compassionate about those who don’t have your resources


No. I’m just willing to give up other things and work to make this country never see someone like trump try to divide and turn this country into a dictatorship again.


This country is in the crappy shape it’s in because of HATE like you have.

My Man Trump

You are a real dumb ass.


Make yourself right at home in some communist country. They hate President Trump too…you’d fit right in. I’ll even help ya pack


Wow, talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face!


No. It’s my choice how I spend my money.


Gas isn’t something most people can choose to buy…you pretty much need it for survival these days (unless you’re Amish). Honestly, in what way was Trump a dictator? Hope do you define dictator? Because it boggles my mind that you can say he was one and Biden isn’t when the exact opposite is true!


Praising the leaders of Russia, Hungary, North Korea, China and Saudi countries. Putting down NATO, European leaders. Made a fool of himself and our country in front of the world. He always tried to behave in an autocratic way. Not to mention causing an insurrection because he lost an election, resulting in many people being injured and dying. Also, everyone talks about gas prices. Unemployment is lowest in a very long time and wages are up too. Wouldn’t you rather pay a little more to punish Russia.

Last edited 1 year ago by Prize

You’re only following the democrat narrative and talking points.

Boring Prize, Makes me wanna say. SHUT-UP Leftist.!!

Ralph G Lamy

Who do you think the world is laughing at.


Ok, I know you won’t believe a word I say but I did ask you a question so owe you an answer.

1. I don’t know why people have this mindset that calling leaders like Putin smart is a bad thing. Acknowledging the intelligence of your enemy is a smart thing to do, actually. And getting along with your enemies is also a good thing…better than what we’ve got now, right? It’s what they call diplomacy. Trump got along with other world leaders because he acknowledged they wanted what was best for their countries (of course) but he wouldn’t let them get away with pushing us around, and they knew it.

2. Trump is not the one looking ridiculous on the world stage; if you believe that, it’s because you have been throughly indoctrinated by the media and, like most Democrats, don’t understand diplomacy.

3. HE DID NOT CAUSE AN INSURRECTION! Sorry for yelling, I’m just sick and tired of everyone beating this particular dead horse. Such a lie. Only one person died that day, a civilian killed by a police officer. Have you ever stepped back and thought about the fact that if Trump really intended to take over and remain in office, there were a thousand other and better ways to do it than have an unarmed mob storm the Capitol? It just defies logic.

4. Unemployment is low because the unemployment rate counts only those who are actively seeking employment. These days the government essentially PAYS people to stay home and not work, so of course there are a lot of people who aren’t looking for a job. Everywhere you go places are short staffed.

You say Trump acted autocratic, but I still don’t know why. You know what autocratic leaders do? They silence opposition media and turn media into propaganda for themselves. Did Trump do that? He sure didn’t; the media criticized him 24/7. Meanwhile they fawn over Biden and other Democrats. Anyone who disagrees with the narrative can expect to get kicked off social media…so much for the free exchange of ideas.

Dictators do things like, oh, spend their first weeks in office signing a record amount of executive orders (there’s a time and place for them, of course, but that was ridiculous) and mandating a medical treatment after telling people he never would. That’s what a dictator looks like. That wasn’t Trump.


Hi, Tabbysaurus! I’m going to be responding to this comment but won’t have time until this evening, so please check back here tonight or tomorrow if you see this.


Hello! Tomorrow will be a crazy day for me so may be a while before I reply.


Take your time. I’ll check back for the next few days.


Hi again! I wanted to begin this post by asking you to think back on a time when someone praised you for something you did. How did it make you feel? I would assume it made you feel good about yourself and your accomplishment. Maybe it motivated you to do even more. That’s what Mr. Trump is doing when he praises Vladimir Putin. He is emboldening him and making him feel that what he is doing is right. Vladmir Putin, with Mr. Trump’s approval, certainly sees his invasion on Ukraine as a good thing for Russia, but most the rest of the world, especially the Ukrainians, don’t see it that way. Honestly Friend, I don’t think that you will find many people outside of this website, including Republicans, who will support your belief that there is nothing wrong with the former president praising Mr. Putin’s attack on Ukraine. If you are not aware that was what he was doing, then I would encourage you to listen to his remarks yourself. 


As far as the events of Jan. 6, I realize that people debate whether it can be categorized as an insurrection. However, I would remind you of how Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader at the time, described Mr. Trump’s role: “There is no question that President Trump is practically and morally responsible for provoking the events of the day.” Why did he say that? In short, it was Mr. Trump who convinced his supporters (without evidence) that the election was rigged, urged them to come to Washington D.C. on Jan. 6, and instructed them to walk down to the Capitol. I’m not suggesting that Mr. Trump approved of the assault on the officers, but I am completely convinced that they believed they were doing what the president wanted them to do. I’m sure Tucker Carlson doesn’t tell you about it, but more evidence of Mr. Trump’s role has recently come to light, and there is a very strong possibility that he will be held accountable for the events of that day and for trying to overthrow the election. 


I also wanted to point out that Mr. Trump did in fact try to silence the media by referring to them as “Fake News.” At the same time, he consistently praised OAN and Newsmax, which are both notorious for failed factchecks. The last part of your comment seemed to be an attempt to belittle President Biden and his accomplishments. It serves no purpose. Joe Biden is our president, and he deserves are prayers and support. Especially at a time like this, Americans need to be united.

Last edited 1 year ago by Shell

Donald Trump-“The problem is not that Putin is smart, which, of course, he’s smart. The problem is that our leaders are dumb …”
A disgusting remark from a former president, especially in times like this. Trump is just desperate for attention.


Hi, Prize! Yes, and he also said: “I mean, he’s taking over a country for $2 worth of sanctions. I’d say that’s pretty smart.” Comments like the one you referred to are only hurting the United States. I honestly believe that America has not been this divided since the Civil War, certainly not during my lifetime, and it is my opinion that Mr. Trump is largely to blame for that. 🙁

Last edited 1 year ago by Shell

I agree


Ok, I could write a ton, but neither of us is going to convince the other, and I’m going a bit crazy just now (example: I will be teaching two classes that start Friday and I’m, shall we say, a bit underprepared?), so I’m going to try to keep this short!

Putin is not a little boy. It’s laughable to think he needs a former president’s comment to encourage him to start a war. Trump is a businessman and a strategist. His “praise” of Putin is simply analysis of reality. Putin IS smart. In fact, that’s what makes him particularly dangerous. Saying that isn’t praise, it’s stating a fact. I listened to his CPAC speech and it was pretty clear he views the devastation in Ukraine as a tragedy and Putin as dangerous. The media is grasping at straws to smear him, as always, and skewing what he said about Putin into “praise” when it’s nothing of the sort.

I’ve said plenty about Jan. 6 before. I would hardly take McConnell as a reliable source, considering he’s shown himself to be two-faced politically. And I don’t care what the people who broke into the Capitol thought, if it isn’t what Trump intended. That’s like saying Christianity is bad because of the atrocities committed in its name in the past due to humans’ faulty interpretation (i.e. burning heretics at the stake…was that God’s fault?).

Come on, calling the media “fake news” is akin to a dictator forcing them to report propaganda? Not in the least! If you got lied about, you’d be calling the liar out too, I’m sure! Since the beginning of media, politicians have been (truthfully or not) claiming media tells lies about them. It’s up to us to figure out who is telling the truth, since neither politicians nor media can be trusted these days.

I probably won’t be checking back here just so you know. I need a break from this distraction!


You only compromise your own integrity when you respond to Prize.

No healthy debate just HATE.


Sigh…you may be right, but I can’t help trying to educate people…call it my teacher side.


Prize just presented some facts, and your response was to tell him/her to shut up. Is that your interpretation of a healthy debate?




HATE is your choice.


Gas isn’t just what goes in the gas tank of your car. You nor any of you green new dealers haven’t really thought this through very clearly of the overall affects of these policies you’re so in favor of will have on the general populace of not only the United States, but of the World. If you add the inflation the Biden administration has created, it appears you want to freeze and starve the elderly and poor to death, as well as bankrupt our country in the process. Not the brightest bulb in the pack, and just to keep a man who has shown he can get it under control, and has proven he is NOT a DICTATOR out of office, while on the other hand Biden, Polosi, and the entire Democrat machine has proven they ARE COMPLETE and TOTAL DICTATORS.

I would like to give you credit by just saying your an Ignorant SOB, but I’m afraid that’s not possible as you are a complete and utter Ignoramus not capable of seeing or considering the bigger picture involved.

It’s used in production of some goods.

It’s used to transport those goods from place to place.

This will contribute to higher cost of goods, which in turn will be added to higher cost to consumers.

Petroleum is the main source of energy for transportationIn 2020, petroleum products accounted for about 90% of the total U.S. transportation sector energy use. Biofuels, such as ethanol and biomass-based diesel/distillates, contributed about 5%. Natural gas accounted for about 3%, most of which was used in natural gas pipeline compressors. Electricity provided less than 1% of total transportation sector energy use and nearly all of that in mass transit systems.

It’s used to heat homes, and a different type of gas, but as much if not more important than gasoline. It also touches many sectors

1) Electric Power 38%
2) Industrial 33%
3) Residential 15%
4) Commercial 10%
5) Transportation 3%

At least read the articles for a clearer understanding of Energy and it’s uses.


You only compromise your own integrity when you respond to Prize.

No healthy debate just HATE.


Excellent point! I admit I don’t tend to think beyond the gas pump myself but the repercussions are pretty frightening.


Is that all you got is HATE? (Sad)

Ralph G Lamy

Great. Feel free to pay my additional costs. I’m sure we can figure out a transfer of wealth.

Dan for DT

We were sick to death of the business-as-usual politics that we were getting before you and we are now sick of the crap that we have now since the Dems have forced it upon us. We anxiously await the end of this lib communism and Marxism. We want our REAL USA BACK. FREEDOOOOMMM

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

We the People have been missing you every single day since this feckless demented zombie Joe and his band of WOKE idiots and clowns were installed.
Election of 2020 was a complete FRAUD.
We need you back in the White House ASAP President Trump.



Pete M.

MaryLou how are you?

Craig Barrett

Hell yes, come back now

Fran Hresan

I miss you so much. How much longer do we have to wait?



Not even a little bit


Mary Geiger

You must miss him if you’re here to find out what he is saying. Go ahead, admit it, you do miss him too.


Yes President Trump YOU are Greatly Missed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YOUR Help is Needed

Only with YOUR help we can spread the word of the 45th President