Breaking News: Russia just sanctioned Joe Biden

“Breaking News: Russia just sanctioned Joe Biden. While that is a terrible thing, in so many ways, perhaps it will now be explained why the Biden family received 3.5 million dollars from the very wealthy former Mayor of Moscow’s wife. During our Presidential Debate, “moderator” Chris Wallace, then of Fox, would not let me ask that question. He said it was inappropriate. Perhaps that’s why Biden has been so “slow on the draw” with Russia. This is a really bad conflict of interest that will, perhaps now, be fully and finally revealed!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Johnny Appleseed

There was once a Red King and a Blue Queen.

The King was crowned by a paper clip for his efforts to save the experiments.

The Queen was crowned by gun runners and drug smugglers for her efforts to topple the powerful red blooded army.

Her efforts were mighty and swift. The red blooded army was cut down to size and the propaganda machine won the prize.

With all of its leaders silenced… and military trained heirs criminalized… the red blooded army had no king.

But, the vacuum allowed the jester of paper clips to become the Red King.

The King and the Queen stood in the public eye with no one the wiser… they took down the good and destroyed the virtuous teachings.

But, a handful of true believers… took their children to the woods. They trained them like warrior spirits that learned to disappear in the night like a wild cat in the wind.

The true believers taught their children the outlawed and criminalized. They taught their children the TRUTH.

Like Acadian Assassins they were trained how to drop hints and lead minds. They were shown how to see the workings of thought processes and almost how to read an individual’s mind.

They were trained on how to drop seeds that grow and become independent thoughts ingrained in a person’s psyche making it more than a dream and less than a religion.

Oh how the legends run circles around the reactionary.

How fun it will be to see the posers fall.

Becky G

And Putin…btw…is also alpha…very intelligent….. Y’all know OUR REAL PRESIDENT and OUR WONDERFUL FIRST LADY both speak/understand more than one language…hummm…would 💖💖💖 to hear some of those conversations…


This is a war between I good and evil. President Trump and the Military ,few others had been destroying a magnitude of child trafficking and human. If we do our true research we will find the truth. It saddens me when we quickly judged. President Trump from the very beginning been exposing this, unfortunately the news does not tell the truth. Thank God that He is giving America mercy. He is in the warfare for us also. I am thankful God has placed in office who has kept us safe since 2016. The truth always comes out. As President Trump said,”the best days are yet to come” God bless


Putin is banning the Cabal


As long as we have fake news, it will be hard to get the truth out. And with bribed D A and judicial system , it will be hard to hold them accountable. Hunter Biden was his daddy’s money go between and the entire Biden has benefited.


The “Biden Crime Family” is CORRUPT TO THE CORE!
Russia also sanctioned Crack Head Hunter and Russia Hillary Clinton!
High levels of corruption = TREASON!


We know he’s guilty, hope he and their evil and corrupt commie regime fall!


Russia isnt a communist country, it is a Capitalist Country same as the U.S. Fact!

Dan for DT

They just use their same old communist oppression to keep they’re people in line. We don’t need or want that kind of crap here.




Well Said!


FAKE NEWS!!!!! Shame on you sir!!!!


What part is fake?


I am afraid not, tater tot.
Joe Biden – president
Antony Blinken – secretary of state
Lloyd Austin – secretary of defense
Mark Milley – chairman of the joint chiefs of staff
Jake Sullivan – national security adviser
Bill Burns – CIA director
Jen Psaki – White House press secretary
Daleep Singh – deputy national security advisor for international economics
Samantha Power – USAID administrator
Hunter Biden – President Biden’s son
Hillary Clinton – former secretary of state
Wally Adeyemo -deputy secretary of the Treasury
Reta Jo Lewis – president of the Export-Import Bank of the US
all banned by Russia


what about the 3.5 Million Zena????


Glennie, why don’t YOU take an enema with Your zena!

Baskin Robbins

AS IF any of them has any intention of visiting Russia! That’s all this is, nothing else!

Dan for DT

FO Glenn – you hate our country— we get it-


Rock n Roll Dan!

My Man Trump

YOUR fake news who hates the truth. Quit letting the propaganda machine use you to be a super spreader of bullshit.

Mark Rakow

Trump continues to falsely claim the Biden family received $3.5 million from the wife of the former Mayor of Moscow. They didn’t – and there’s no evidence to even suggest they did. Instead, the money was supposedly paid to Rosemont Seneca Thornton, an investment firm indirectly connected to Hunter Biden. But even this has yet to be proven conclusively.

Such claims were being made about Hunter Biden when Trump was still President. Why weren’t they investigated back then?

Dan for DT

Biden and his followers continue to falsely claim that the 2020 Election was legitimate—-2000 Mules-

My Man Trump

LMAO. What will it take to get you to open your eyes? We know you know how to open your mouth. How can someone who fancies himself to be so intelligent be so close minded and gullible? They have their hooks in you deep.


Oh so you know the Biden’s didn’t get any corrupt money…Hmmm. Since you know so much,you must in on the deal, Big Guy. You evidently must be buddy buddy with Romney, Pelosi’s sons too. They got their pockets lined by Ukraine too. Guess you’re all for free crack pipes as well. You aughta lay off the stuff. It’ll kill ya.


I’ve heard that more than half the population thinks (hopes) Joe Biden won’t run again.

You know, I would have some respect for old Joe Biden if he would bow out ungracefully.

Having seen the damage he has caused (unlikely) and to call it quits.

I would have more respect for him than I have for Jimmy Carter (Who had the audacity to run-again and get trounced by Reagan.)


I would have more respect for Mr. Trump if he acknowledged (as has been proven by all the recounts and failed lawsuits) that he lost the election. Moreover, Jimmy Carter is a very good and godly man who does a lot to help others. I wish there were more Americans like him!


Yeah, you are right, Jimmy Carter is a good man.

I wish I had an uncle like him or something, but he was a terrible president.

We will let history decide what really happened in Nov 2020. (Because the current administration obviously doesn’t care.)


That would be a matter of opinion. Historians rated President Carter far better than they did Mr. Trump.

Dan for DT

Sorry -Not buying that crap either.


You just ended any possible chance of healthy debate between us in the future. (I was kind of hoping you might be a little more objective)

Mainstream media has ruined you. (And it’s not all your fault) It has that effect on many. (It’s tough to be objective and see all sides, in the media-oriented world we all currently live in.)

Well, I was there, and I don’t see how you could look at Jimmy Carters presidency in any possible good way. It was a total failure. High inflation, gas prices, hostile Dictatorships holding his administration hostage. hmmm sound familiar?

And Jimmy Carter did not have a hostile House of Representatives that spent millions of taxpayer dollars on phony impeachments, (shameful) for half the time he was president. And it was still a failure. The Trump administration outperformed him in accomplishments easily. Even with Middle east peace, Trump did better. (I’m certain Carter was impressed with Trump over his handling of it)

You have shown me, by these comments and others you have made, that how an individual wants to view the world around them, is what they will convince themselves to be true. (Don’t take it hard though, it happens to people on this side of the fence also.)

You seem like a polite enough person though. But I will not be responding to your comments in a healthy way in the future.

Johnny Appleseed

Maybe look at it like this:

The cabal did everything to Carter that is being done to the faux pas.

The cabal did everything to Trump that is being done to faux pas…

The cabal is being TRUMPED in SPADES.

I really respect Carter. He made many decisions that gave us the leg up in the war the patriots needed. We have a very messed up view of what strong and weak is. Carter stood up for very “unpopular” views in the lion’s den.

Self control
Self reliance
Self respect
Personal Responsibility
Faith when our backs are against the wall
And above all

Reverence for God almighty.

History will eventually give him his credit due.

Both Trump made a sacrifice to save our country and Carter made a sacrifice to save our country. Kennedy did too. So did many others.

Kennedy tried the way Eisenhower tried by educating the people and confirming suspicions of an underlying beast trying to grind our childrens bones for their own self interests.

Carter tried to appeal to the people to learn to be humble and conservative in their ways. Which would have worked if not for the television programming the people the opposite direction.

Reagan just out right made a break for it hoping he would survive… if not for Ollie North we would have been destroyed… he is a true American hero… he took the bullet though he didn’t have too.

Then many years of no one standing up to them at all.

Those that did were found… in hotel rooms or investigations that were never solved. Or called suicides.

Then Trump…

Trump is an anomaly we have prayed for a very very long time.

But with out any one of them… what is happening now would not have been possible.

Patriots are not exterminated.

They are driven from the spotlight and marginalized.

But they always make their way back to keep our Constitution alive.

They regroup. They plan long in advance.

They never telegraph their moves.

The cabal is making deals with Iran.

During Carter’s time… perhaps they were making deals then??

Just a thought…

The only thing left that has not been done back to the cabal is forced political removal/assassination of one of their puppets. Personally I am against killing. But, it sure would be nice if they got forced political removal.

(Figured you would want a tangible conversation response. Perhaps actually have a conversation… I get starved myself… lol)

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed

Out of all presidents, Historians rate Carter 26th best and Trump 41st.


That is of course a lie. Everybody knows Trump is the best President ever! In any country and by far. Only communist RINOs will not accept and Keep lying. But no one beleive them.


It’s easy to look up. C-Span.

Johnny Appleseed

Hey everyone get your information from the place where it is postured and manipulated the most for public opinion….

Yeah prize that sounds like a great idea.

Watching CSPAN is a good thing… it shows the moves and counter moves.


Education off the battlefield helps understand what is happening

On the battle field.

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed
Johnny Appleseed

The same historians that were too stupid to see what Carter was trying to do are the same jackasses that want Trump crucified for doing his job…

Your argument is moot.

Becky G

WTF? you have been hanging out with Hunter if u think that…

My Man Trump

I have a lot of respect for PRESIDENT Trump, however, none whatsoever for you. You are a Shell of a person who needs a major intervention to shake the demons out of your system.

Dan for DT

2000 mules- Just one of many examples of how WRONG you are.


Putin is revealing the truth? Interesting?

Military Vet

Good old Joe needs a walker…. I feel for him….he is delusional and is being used by the elite because they know he is an easy target. Frail Joe… I still can’t believe he has lasted this long….he looks like he is going to fall over. Most compassionate people, would help a person in his condition with a wheel chair, it’s sad to see him stumble around as the elites clown….with the hyena harris giggling behind him while the drunk pelosi rants about nothings. It’s like watching the circus…but at least a circus is done when you leave, this nightmare is destroying society around the world in real time.

Pete M.

Russia sanctioning braindead corrupt pedophile killer POS FAKE FRAUD is a GOOD!!! thing, but what would be even better is if they would just come here and hang that bastard for the world to see!! Mr Putin you have the support of the entire population of the US to do this, and you sir would be a hero to ALL the world!!

Dan for DT

Hmmm blatantly pro Commie? orrrr just not making any sense at all. I’m thinking the latter.

Elizabeth Headley



Enjoy the Show! KeK

Meg P

Wow, talk about the Demoncrats, attacking you Mr. President with the “Russian Collusion”, Calling the Kettle Black! It certainly explains everything more and more. Funny thing about evil, it tends to expose itself more and more. God sees it all. Keep Praying for those people of Ukraine and for the USA and the World, and for @ real, our Real President Donald Trump.


This is important. Now the truth will be exposed.

Becky G

Well…we can wish anyway MR. PRESIDENT..


I’m so grateful that the Truth is finally coming out. Us Patriots are weary. I know you are too. Thank you so much for the debts of my heart for everything you have done fighting for us. You didn’t have to. You are my hero.

Gloria Hensley

LOL. Biden is like a little kid that whenever he wanted an ice cream cone, he got it ( I even imagine if he didn’t, he threw a temper tantrum). Now, he can’t have his ice cream cone and Putin could care less if he throws a temper tantrum. Maybe he’ll get so mad he’ll do like Rumpelstiltskin did, jump up and down with his temper tantrum and pound himself into the ground.

Meegan Fixler

It is about time that the evil of Bye-done is coming out into the light of day. Chris Wallace is inappropriate and a product of the Deep State MSM! And there are far too many conflicts of interest everywhere you look, especially and sadly in the government! Thank you Mr Putin.


It’s a sad day in America when we have a former president and his followers thanking and praising Vladimir Putin!


Could you please stop letting the left leaning mainstream media form your opinions?

Any sensible person looking at this objectively can plainly see what Trump is really saying about Putin. But the left leaning media in their all-out effort to get Trump, will spin anything in a derogatory way.

(Trump respects Putin as a formidable “enemy” in a way Obama and Biden should have)

I don’t know anyone or see anyone praising Putin. (Left leaning media hype, is all it is.)

Last edited 1 year ago by THosk
My Man Trump

Wow. You have a lot of patience trying to convince the commie of anything. Good luck.


Indeed, I’m starting to think you’re right, and I have ended healthy debate with Shell.

Last edited 1 year ago by THosk
Dan for DT

It’s a sad day in America when you have an obviously corrupted Election and Dems just keep saying “nothing to see here” and people are just buying that crap like blind idiots.

My Man Trump

That is not near as sad as you little irritants doing it to FJB and his regime and his crime family. You are all Marxists who hate America and all things good and decent.


Maybe the reason Biden was so slow to do anything with the Russian banks was because the Russians paid Hunter and the big guy in Rubles, and they have been trying to figure out some way to convert them to dollars.

The problem is that one Ruble is now worth .009 of a US dollar and you need a wheelbarrow load of them just to buy a decent crack pipe.

Maybe they are now trying a new approach and trying get the Russian guy that is doing the negotiations for them with Iran to unload their stash of Rubles with the Iranians or the Taliban.
Who knows?

On day 1 Biden canceled the Keystone Pipeline and hired the Keystone cops….

Last edited 1 year ago by drofphilosophy



Crackpipe comment too funny 😆

My Man Trump

LOL. That’s about right. The only good thing Putin has done in Ukraine is to bust up Biden and Obama’s money laundering scheme worth millions and dismantled and destroyed Biden’s bio labs where they were brewing up another pandemic.


With all due respect, Putin has played a leading role with Pres Trump to not only expose the corrupt money laundering of the Bidens, Pelosi and others, he has had a major impact on stopping human and child trafficking. I’ve heard it said Putin may hate child trafficking more than Trump. That’s saying a lot. So please, even tho you may not respect the man, wait til the truth comes out before you judge him so harshly.

My Man Trump

I do not know what you are talking about! I don’t see anyone else giving him any kudos at all. And yes, he is helping President Trump clean out the world swamp, just like many other leaders of countries that DJT is hooked into. Ukraine is very tied to FJBs crime family and is part of the deep state. President Trump and his cabinet have never left. He is working with many countries. The truth is already out there for those who seek it.

Dan for DT

Spot on sir.

Military Vet

how is it the elite are openly talking about taking over our politicians and governments….these are oligarchs, global mafia, UN, NATO, DAVOS, ETC….why are we the masses allowing this…… the elite are using the masses. sanctions are nothing more than tactics to hurt all of us across the globe. Biden, Trudeau, Macron, Johnson and many others are commiting treason but yet they are blantantly getting away with it. They are openly destroying our way of life on the planet. The elite are openly discussing this and yet the masses are pointed in a direction with the elite propoganda machine main stream media directing the way people should think and the masses follow blindly faithfully just like germans did under nazi germany. You are being controlled just like germans were during nazi germany…to think what you are doing is right. Now the internet will be heavily cencored and the elite will start hunting the rest of the freedom fighters in the world with and by the programmed masses that have been programmed to think what the elite are doing is right. The elite have shown how they can use their power and the programmed masses to shut down a country…..this means they have the power to shut anyone down if it does not stay in line with the new world order. The masses are doing most of the dirty work for the elite…..the CURRENT virus was one step that they tried many times before but never had all the elitists in power to complete their agenda….now they have all the paid for politicians in place and they are showing their power and true colors out in the open. People of the world need to stand and fight for our freedoms and get rid of the elite once and for all so we can live a better life on this planet. Elon might be a trojan horse for the elite just be carefull….the elite like to look like they are on your side just so they can take more from you…..these elite are the worst of the worst….they only have their best interests at heart not yours. Putin was under the elite as well….what if the elite planned all of this to make you think there is a war but it is all just so they can gain more control….look at what is happening around the world the elite are gaining more control due to virus now war. The elite play on the masses being stupid and so far the elite are right…..the masses are playing right into the elites hands… far the elite are winning due to the lack of critical and self thinking by the masses.

Chemical, frequency and repetitive programing is being used on the entire human race……you have been programmed weither you think so or not…..welcome to the global elite MATRIX.

Meg P

Though your words are so true of the elites, one must think above the limitations of Man, especially those evil ones. Keep one’s eyes looking up to the HEAVENS FROM WHICH COMES THY HELP. GOD sees everything they are doing, and no one will get away with these crimes against God. (matrix only describes a sci fi world without God)


I don’t think Biden, et al, are planning trips to Russia anyway. What’s strange is that Putin didn’t sanction trump or Republicans.


Why would he, Trump kept his eyes on his own paper, worried about his country , not bullying others.


Trump kissed Putin’s ass !! Believed him above all others including YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mary Geiger

Putin didn’t attack Ukraine while President Trump and Republicans were in office either, Booby.


Why should he when trump was kissing his butt at every turn. Biden and others were sanctioned from banking in or entering Russia. It’s a point of pride for them to be sanctioned. He must need trump to have not sanctioned him or his family.


All hate and no healthy debate from Prize. (Prize=rabid Trump hater)

(Prize can’t understand that Putin plays Biden like a fiddle and respects Trump as a Leader.)

Love the nick though, lol. “Booby” prize. (Wish I had thought of that)

My Man Trump

Peace through strength…..Trump.
War and No respect through weakness….FJB.

My Man Trump

Why would he. President Trump’s peace through strength works. FJB on the other hand, well we all see what weakness and screw ups get us.

myree williams

It’s about time somebody sanctioned him 😊
It’s a bad thing to sanction people, but, the Biden Admin. was using it to control and punish other countries that didn’t fall in line with their thinking. No concern for the people and it effects on families etc..

Last edited 1 year ago by myree williams

where in God’s name did you get that BS!!!! Go back in your hole and stay there!!!!


A part of me hopes Putin is doing some dirty work to help you expose the Deep State rot that has infected our great country.

Meegan Fixler

And the world.

My Man Trump

Putin and a lot of other foreign countries have joined Trump in that major task. When Trump returns, the deep state worldwide, the Marxists in the WH and the cabal will no longer exist. Trump has already won but timing is everything. Godspeed.


I don’t think it’s terrible at al. It’s about time somebody did. Thank you, Mr. Putin.

Craig Barrett

Putin has more courage than our entire Justice system, Putin is the least of our worries, our biggest threat is the democrat party that is TOTALLY controlled by satanist


Thanks Q!!!!!!!


Hopefully this madness will come to an end.

LInda R

Which madness, oh yeah the war, all so we can forget about the tyrants that destroyed us and move on. BS !!!


I’m excited to see how the establishment media and government will hold Biden accountable!

Meegan Fixler

They’ll spin it like a top!


Or hang…….just sayin

Spread the word of the 45th President!

We need YOUR help