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Meegan Fixler

Thats right, Mr President. That is because they are cowards.

Mike Kissinger

So you are saying the Mr. Trump is a coward? He is a bully.

True Americana

This covfefe moment brought to you by Donald Trump, current Florida retiree and future trustee of the Federal Penitentiary system.



Mike Kissinger

Okaaaay, Mr. Trump. No clue what you are talking about. You are perceived as a bully and you fight all the time. But, hey it’s your blog, say what you want.


I’ll tell you what it means Kissinger!!! It means cowards!!!! Cold blooded murder!!! Cowards running an old senile man!!! Duh!

Mike Kissinger

Well, gee EWL…lemme find my secret decoder ring to help me decipher your post. Who exactly is running an old senile man? Do you mean that someone is forcing Mr. Trump to run? That would be cruel, but I do not think that is happening. That would be cowardly though. I would not advocate that.

Last edited 2 years ago by Mike Kissinger

🙄 Lame, good day!


You worship the senile old man and you’re not even bright enough to recognize a reference to him? Wow! You lefties are beyond brain dead.

Mike Kissinger

Well, no, Ken. The presidential election was over 9 months ago. The next one is in 3 years, and 3 months. Running is not on the radar. I had thought this was a reference to “ruining” an old senile man. The random monkey typing generator sometimes makes typos.

In 2020, there were 2 old senile men running for President. I did not like the choice, blew my vote on the libertarian candidate whom I no longer remember. But as an American, I support the winner (Hint: It was not Trump).

But that is OK, your mindless knee jerk response is expected and dutifully ignored. Thank you and carry on, your like minded ilk are breathlessly awaiting your next post.



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