ICYMI – January 18

“Trump Supporters Swarm Pennsylvania GOP Senate, Gubernatorial Debate”

“Absentee ballot drop boxes can’t be used in Wisconsin any longer, a Waukesha County judge rules”

“Supreme Court: Trump’s Most Enduring Gift to America”

“Rage blinded media to black advances under Trump”

“Biden’s America: December Inflation Surges 7 Percent To Highest Level Since 1982”

“Poll: Trump-Backed David Perdue Takes Commanding Lead Over Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp in Primary”

“While David Perdue was a great Senator for Georgia, Brian Kemp substantially weakened the Voter Rights Bill led by the Republican Senate, cutting out many of the most powerful regulations. The people of Georgia love David Perdue and Herschel Walker. These numbers are staggering!” – Donald J. Trump

“47,705 migrants released with instructions to report to ICE have gone missing under Biden”

“‘President Harris’: Joe Biden Slips Up Again, Refers to Kamala Harris as ‘President'”

“Nolte: Donald Trump’s Favorability Rating Now 5 Points Higher Than Joe Biden’s”

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ICYMI – January 13

“A taste of Southern lied in Georgia y’all”

“Scandal-ridden CNN sees ratings dive by 90% after 2021 coverage”

“Now Biden’s given America the worst inflation in 40 years”

“Politics and media have critically corrupted the FBI”

“2021: The Year the “Great Realignment” Became a Death Spiral for Democrats”

“Sorry, Democrats: Civil War isn’t likely—even if you’re trying to provoke one”

“The REAL reason Nancy Pelosi wants to keep trading individual stocks”

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ICYMI – January 7

“Jason Aldean, Wife Brittany Aldean Ring in New Year with ‘the G.O.A.T.’ Donald Trump: ‘This Man Is Unbelievable’”

“What a great couple!” – Donald J. Trump

“Voters need to start turning the page on Biden’s disastrous presidency”

“Why The Supreme Court Should Slap Down Biden’s Utterly Lawless Vaccine Demands”

“Pelosi Owns The J6 Commission, And That’s Why It Failed”

“Democrats Took Control And COVID Got Worse”

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ICYMI – January 5

“‘Cover-Up’: House Republicans Demand Nancy Pelosi Answer for ‘Failures’ to Secure Capitol on January 6”

“Trump leads all Republicans in poll on 2024 presidential election”


“News engagement fell off a cliff in 2021”

“I always thought the Fake News Media would endorse me because I predicted this would happen!” – Donald J. Trump

“New York’s Trump Inquisition”

“A Witch Hunt in New York at the worst and highest level.” – Donald J. Trump

“Georgia opens investigation into possible illegal ballot harvesting in 2020 election”

“Wow, big news on Georgia election fraud. Many other states to follow!” – Donald J. Trump

Our Journey Together Sells 200,000 Copies in First 6 Weeks

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