ICYMI – June 1

Stefanik, Mullin introduce House resolution to expunge second Trump impeachment

“Thank you, Elise, and Markwayne—was a total Hoax!” – Donald J. Trump

“Piers Morgan to ‘take six week break’ from TalkTV show – but insiders say he is not vanishing like Andrew Neil

“Piers opened STRONG with me, then “died.” He now only draws flies.” – Donald J. Trump

“New York loses $19.5 billion in population exodus, IRS confirms”

“I believe that racist and corrupt A.G. James is pushing businesses and wealthy people to leave N.Y. for friendly states. Not sustainable by N.Y.S.” – Donald J. Trump

“Gas prices reach new record high, shoot up 4 cents overnight”

“Trump flexes his muscle again with primary wins, as Dr. Oz race ends as a cliffhanger”

“Trump Touts Mega Success of Truth Social: ‘We Have Truth on Our Side!”

“Biden-backed Kurt Schrader ousted in Oregon primary”

“Mitt Romney, Elizabeth Warren, other senators send bipartisan letter to Biden urging him to keep Trump’s China tariffs, saying they’re ‘not a driver of today’s inflation”

“Something Stinks In Georgia”

“Trump Remains Kingmaker In GOP”

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ICYMI – April 25

“Trump will not return to Twitter even as Elon Musk purchases platform, will begin using his own TRUTH Social”

“Biden administration corners itself on border policy”

“GOP governor candidate Corman unveils voter integrity plan”

“Recent Hungarian and U.S. 2020 elections were undermined”

“Biden’s agenda raised prices on everything for everyone”

“Donald Trump Remains a Fundraising Juggernaut: $19M in Q1, $124M on Hand”

“J.D. Vance, You’re Hired”

“Scoop: CNN+ looks doomed”

“The verdict is in: The Trump slandering is a pack of lies”

“Judge rules NYC illegally canceled Trump’s contract to run Bronx golf course”

“Two Men Acquitted of Plotting to Kidnap Michigan Governor in High-Profile Trial”

“STARNES: It Was a Trump Judge Who Liberated Americans”

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ICYMI – April 18

“Democrats are campaigning on Jan. 6 hypocrisy”

“Congratulations to Miranda Devine of the New York Post!” – Donald J. Trump

“Rep. Ted Budd: ‘More Work to Do’ on Election Integrity in North Carolina”

“Trump interview: Biden’s failed and America wants ‘to go back to the past’”

“A Eulogy to the Rule of Law: The Political Prosecution of President Trump”

“Poll: Trump Leads Biden by 5 Points in Potential 2024 Rematch”

“Inflation hits another 40-year high as recession fears loom”

“Biden’s insulting response to our inflation crisis”

“‘America First’ Policy Group Calls on Wisconsin Legislature to Follow Special Counsel’s Election Integrity Reforms”

“Wisconsin results were fraudulent!” – Donald J. Trump

“Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp confronted on election integrity at Fulton County GOP event”

“Kemp was terrible on election integrity—could not have been worse. Vote for Perdue!”- Donald J. Trump

“Poll: Paxton Establishes Wide Lead in AG Runoff”

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ICYMI – April 12

“Piers Morgan says he ‘misses’ Donald Trump and claims ex-president ‘didn’t get enough credit’”

“Trump slams NY AG as ’embarrassment to our legal system’ after contempt request”

“‘Insurrectionist’ Trump Approved National Guard Troops for D.C. on Jan 6. Dems Said No.”

“Exclusive—Trump at ‘Rigged’ Premiere: ‘It Shouldn’t Be Allowed’ for Mark Zuckerberg to Privately Finance Election Operations”

“Biden’s crisis of crises”

“Biden is creating the worst illegal immigrant crisis ever”

“Lucas: Progressives prefer a charging RINO in the governor’s office—tough luck”

“Jan. 6 Panel Defends Itself by Citing a Probe Pelosi Once Objected to”

“Kemp, Duncan Block Key Election Integrity Bill to Unseal Ballots”

“For the Great State of Georgia voters. Brian Kemp deceived you and let you down. Vote for David Perdue!”- Donald J. Trump

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