ICYMI: “It’s Donald Trump’s Party”

“If he runs again, he will be the Republican Party’s presidential nominee and, if the 2024 election is fair, he will be elected President of the United States once again.  “

Read the full article by Jeff Crouere for Townhall here.

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ICYMI: “Trump May Be Banned From Facebook, But He’s Still Reaching Millions…”

“…Trump’s message can reach social media audiences comparable in size to those he commanded while still on Twitter and Facebook, a New York Timesanalysis published Monday found. In fact, the outlet found 11 of the 89 statements Trump has published online since he was banned from mainstream social media sites have attracted ‘as many likes or shares as the median post before the ban, if not more.'”

Read the full article for Forbes by Jemima McEvoy here.

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