CNN LIVE, Tonight

“Heading to the Great State of New Hampshire. CNN LIVE, Tonight, 8:00 P.M. Is CNN making a comeback, or is it just a charade? They must treat MAGA, the greatest political movement in our Country’s history, with respect. I think they will, but we will soon find out? Big long term opportunity for CNN!!!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Kimberley Pearson

Great interview Mr. President!


Right On President Trump!


Never, ever trust CNN or any other mainstream media.
CNN’s daily TV programming is dedicated to hating all things Conservative and MAGA and to brainwashing the public into agreeing wholeheartedly and blindly with them.

Do you not watch or read the BBC or CNN in Britian? On a daily basis, they make fun of you and disparage you, just like they vilify the “Right” and all MAGA supporters.

Stop trusting anyone in the media, the government, or politics. You are in this alone. Trust NO ONE.

Mindy Pechenuk

President Trump you were fantastic tonight at the CNN Town Hall. You are clearly the only choice for our next President.

Sarah Luu

I WOULD NOT give the Communist News Network the time of day, no matter WHAT they promised. THEY CANNOT BE TRUSTED. DON”T DO IT! A lot of people DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO PAY TV. Think about us “CORD CUTTERS”! Sarah Luu

Nancy A. Daylo

Dear President Donald J. Trump, I just moved here and am not sure what I can get on this TV, I am not an expert on TV, internet or phones, but I will try to get CNN tonight. at 8PM. That is a news agency I have avoided. I thought that Fox was the news I could trust, but have found lately that they seem to have not stood strong as they had done in the past. I hope they bring Tucker and Bongino back as well as other stars like you. They need to stand for you against the DEMS who are funding all these egregious, fictitious lawsuits against you. This movement is flavored with BIDEN-CRIMINOSITY, like everything he does. The DEMS try to make you a criminal like they are. It comes out of their imagination, EVIL. … WE will see… Nancy A. Daylo

Teresa M

Good luck with the interview! Would be nice to see news organizations reporting non-bias info. You will certainly test their patience if they choose to be only woke.


may the Lord be with you…let Him in you, shine.


Is the leader of Fake News aka Communist News Network going to start telling the truth? About as much chance as The Big Guy being honest about how he paid for all those mansions.

Jerry Pyeatt

Yeah with CNN news being fake woke for so long, that will be interesting to see how the greatest POTUSDJT and the MAGA movement will be treated, if they continue to do what they’ve done in the past they will get the treatment they deserve, POTUSDJT won’t hesitate to point out the fake news and be right back to square one. Fake news media we all shall see. POTUSDJT 45 47 24

Mary Geiger

No cable TV; can’t watch unless I find someone live streaming the interview. Good luck with this on such an iffy station.



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