Congratulations to Darren Beattie and Revolver News

“Congratulations to Darren Beattie and Revolver News who have exposed so much of the Fake News’ false narrative about January 6th. Because of Darren’s work, and others, Americans aren’t buying into the Unselect Committee’s attempts to smear 75 million (plus!) Americans. The newly minted term “Fedsurrection,” was even trending!”

By Donald J. Trump

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John F. Brzezinski III

Understand this….

the more so called ‘powers that be’ hide knowledge under ‘Top Secret’ the worse shit is gonna get.

There is NO ROOM in reality for those whom harbor ‘secrets’ and then manipulate to both control and hide.

the warning is CLEAR as a BRIGHT SUNNY day


yes, and glad truth got out.


The ones who turned on you nearing the end are ok with China and Biden giving in to a communist regime because they all have made business dealings and cannot afford to do anything good for our country because they are being paid to ruin AMERICA so they continue to lie straight through their teeth constantly & they grow increasingly desperate on the lies because it’s all they can do to live in AMERICA where they really do not belong for causing these major problems & I agree that the real insurrection was the 3rd and the 6th was AMERICA’s lashing out over a bullshit stolen rigged election. I had seen a video that had Biden telling that if he wanted to he could steal an election as he laughs this is before he ran, since the video has been taken off YouTube this has been months & months ago but I seen it. POTUSDJT for 2024 to rescind FJB EXECUTIVE orders


Dear Mr. President Trump

The locusts have succeeded in taking over the nation. For now.

Do we have your commitment that there will be no more hires like Hair Wray and a host of other subversives under your new administration?

I realize that RINOs managed to slip in a lot of reptiles under cover of various policies and using the power to confirm appointments.

Case in point: 98 Senators confirmed the odious Lisa Monaco as deputy AG. A strong signal that the GOPe is still working against us when no one is looking. And Ted Cruz really slipped the other day, letting the cat out of the bag. And now he is done as anything more than Senator from Texas.

It may at times be better to fill a vacant spot temporarily or not at all if the right person is being refused by the RINOs. And please no more advice-taking from the likes of Chris Christie and even Sean Hannity, the RINO whisperer. You may not know all the libs he has palled around with in the past ! (including the racist Al Sharpton whom Sean addressed as “reverend” – I nearly threw up! The “reverend got people killed in NY!)

And make Mark Levin you next AG or CoS.

I know she is your daughter but please keep Kushvanka as arm’s length. They are harmful to the MAGA agenda ! Ivanka got you to lay off Hillary and that is the moment the enemy started playin offense again. They smelled weakness. And as you can see THEY do NOT practice like magnanimity.

All that said, you are about the only person who can still turn this around and you may need to bring in Desantis at some point because that’s the only one who seems capable of taking over after you.

We need a good solid run to shore up the foundations of the Republic if she is to survive the next 25 years and beyond.


Carmine Gazerro

The fact remains if the FBI and Pelosi‘s January 6 committee refuse to have Ray Epps, scaffold man, fence cutter and many others to anwser under Oath. Then what seems is reality it looks like an orchestrated event. There’s only one conclusion President Trump this was people that were imbedded into this situation. Some acted stupidly and some were let into the capital through open doors like it was a Sunday tour. How does the FBI charge grandma for standing in front of capitol when fencing was removed but forget about most wanted photos they removed. It’s a scam to anyone who knows about plant operations. I think the pressure must inist these people are questioned. If they refuse we can vote them all OUT of Office this year and insist the Newly Elected complete this job, starting with Nancy Pelosi and here records.


Ray Epps is living Undercover in Nancy Pelosi’s basement. That is why Nobody has seen Him!


The same Patriot Front (designated right-wing group, but more likely Feds), that left D.C. in U-hauls in early December after marching on the Lincoln Memorial showed up in Chicago yesterday, initially to attend “March for Life”. They broke off (probably after being spotted as Federal agents) and marched to the Field Museum. They then left in cars with (illegally) covered license plates.

They may have intended to disrupt the March for Life, to paint peaceful protesters as insurgents.

Is this the special Federal training unit for psy-ops, entrapment, and on how to be agent provocateurs? The weaponization of government agencies is the trademark of despots and dictatorships. First you must create apparent anarchy with their help, then with Martial Law you can run the election your way. That seems to be the Regime’s plan.

Coming to your neighborhood soon.


Ray Epps is living in Nancy Pelosi’s basement in Dirty San Francisco!


Insurrection = November 3rd, 2020
Fedsurrection = January 6th, 2021


Yup. Revolver exposed a lot about Pelosi corruption

Becky G

Fedsurrection indeed! Funny how all the hundreds of blm and antifa RIOTS that occurred have slipped their mind…oh wait! That’s everything else…its President Trump’s fault…they are so pathetic…evil…and really sad…

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Ironic how the RINO Liz Cheney continues with this garbage.

Carmine Gazerro

The sick part is she lives in our bubble and probably would refuse to even see this evidence, she doesn’t even wanna know the truth just her truth

Sue Mckee

Watch Newsmax tonight at 8:00 pm Eastern. They are showing the set up or fedsurrection.


It must piss off the democrats that they can’t make a dollar off of 75 + mil. people (non vaxxed), as easily as stealing the 2020 presidential election. You see Joe Biden you can’t make up vaxxed people like you can votes. Fake is always exposed. We are real and we are not going anywhere nor are we complying. We decide for ourselves if and when we vax. So you Joe Biden can kiss my vax.


Right ON!
Joe Biden can use the vaccine for an Enema!

Sue Mckee

Yes Mr. President it was a fedsurrection. More proof coming out everyday that it was a plot to make you and the American Patriot’s look like criminals. I found an article that said all the automatic locking security doors in the capital were turned off that day. 🤔Hmm. Not to mention all the videos you won’t see on MSM. We need to take our country back! Before it’s to late. The Criminal deep state Mob is working overtime to federalize election’s for good!

Elizabeth Headley

Will the left ever admit they were LIED TO?! Will they be able to wake up?! God I pray they do!

john schweers

I’ve been reading Revolver from the beginning. It was obvious as soon as Jan 6 happened that it didn’t make sense. My first reaction was to ask “who benefits from this event?” The answer is/was obvious. I’m trying to be patient but am sick of the two or three tiered justice system and not seeing progress on Dem transgressions dating back several years. I sure as hell don’t feel like we’re winning…just going sideways. I’d love to see something very positive to alter this trajectory.

Carmine Gazerro

The movement was born in 2015, by 2022 it grew 11,000,000 votes (I bet 40 million people overall) Since the Corrupt election millions more have woken. This is growing and she’s just a baby. Just a speck or grain in the sands of time. 11/2022 It grows 100 seats to rule 100 years.


Please use the correct number if we bother to dig through all the data to find the real number of at LEAST 80 Million, not 74 million!

We are out of time. It may be too late already. The world banks, including the Federal Reserve, are going to crash the US Dollar. Bubbles will pop soon, inflation will be beyond record setting in the US, and there is not much we can do.

One of the few things you can do, right now, is to pull all money, all accounts, from ANY JPMorgan Chase or NY Federal Reserve based banks. This will get their attention and you will see the reaction reveal their hand.

Also, Source food locally. Support your local Sheriff. Make sure your state legislatures support the will of the people, actual citizens, not the BS that Pelosi pushes with erroneously named 5,000+ page acts. California has a lot of work to do with bad actors of Newsom, Swalwell, Serial Liar Schiff, and complete sell out who will gamble with constituents lives Pelosi.


Thanks President Trump for never ackowledging that I exposed Nancy Pelosi in the underground rooms of Epstein island and the names in the flight log. The news media all know who and what I exposed three years ago. I had reached out to every single one of them. The media will never acknowledge me because I’m not a public figure or a celebrity. You told me tro trust the plan and justice was coming soon. Do you think covering up a pedophile ring that involved the government swamp and hollywood is justice? I sacrificed everything exposing these demonic pedophiles. The least anyone could do is acknowledge me for exposing the truth. ~Q- anonymous #MAGA



Deborah Addor

Yes! I have been following Revolver and Darren Beattie for a year now.
God Bless, strengthen , and protect the truth tellers all over the United States and around the world.
Hallelujah Jesus ✝️ 🇺🇸

Kreg Vergith

Yes sir, you knew, and we all suspected, that at least part of the Capitol breach was an inside job.

Independent journalism will always cast the brightest light on injustice.


Wow mysteriously large amounts of negative comments just popped up. Must be the same mope communist groups being payed trough bit coin by the corrupted libtards. I got news for you libtards, it’s to late the people now what’s really going on! YOU WILL ALL LOOSE!

john schweers

I agree with your premise John. However, PLEASE let us show that we’re educated enough to spell simple words correctly. I can’t stand seeing ‘loose’ and ‘lose’ used incorrectly so often.


appreciate you pointing out my spelling mistakes, I know that ranks right up there with the tyranny this country is going through now. Are you a spelling teacher or Secratary, just curious?


Of course it doesn’t. But I’m a stickler for spelling and grammar too (being raised by a secretary and a newspaper copy editor will do that to you!), and I can tell you that people will take you (general you) more seriously when your spelling and grammar are accurate. That doesn’t mean I don’t make mistakes myself!


So that’s the hill you want to die on? Choose your battles more carefully.


I think you would do a better job of showing your intelligence if you stopped promoting the conspiracy theories.


“Revolver News” ?
Mr TRUMP is really scraping at the bottom of the alternate reaity universe…


Go back to your parents basement

Johnny Appleseed





Stay on target…


Lock N Load!

Mark Rakow

No one is smearing 75 million Americans. They voted for a filthy, corrupt liar – and he lost. As well he should have.

What’s more, they’re certainly free to vote for him again. He won’t win – but if they want to vote for a two-time loser, that’s on them.


Seems like liberal mopes have come to this site and mark negative on every statement. This has just started happening and looks like this same group of bottom dwellers went back to past Trump statements and marked large amounts of negative.


Don’t dignity Them w answers after the fact . This Is Only because They Don’t have the 1st amendment of Freedom of Speech on the Democratic platforms . So Now the trolls have to come over to the RIGHT side who actually has a voice There’s No more words for there hypocrisy Except There PATHETIC!

Mark Rakow

You say a few individuals are going back, and marking past Trump statements with “large amounts of negative.”

How does that show MAGA is winning?

Johnny Appleseed

How many of your 27 votes are just you???

Every like and dislike I have gotten…

I earned them. No manipulating.

Can you say that honestly??

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed

Commie Mark is just Another Cheating Liberal!

Mark Rakow

Do you mean the “upvotes” next to the Reply arrow? At this point, there are 44.

None of them are mine. I didn’t know it was even possible to “upvote” my own comments, let alone 44 times.

Odd that this website doesn’t enable visitors to see who upvoted specific comments. But it’s probably just as well, in order to help keep those people safe from Trumpian lies and threats.


Leave the USA Comrade Mark!


Sorry Mark, just saw your reply, it’s called desperation. Who would bombard this site with that many fake dislikes. It’s a failed strategy, sorry you can’t see that Mark. Hope I got my spelling right John S.

Carmine Gazerro

No clue but I can’t find the negative remarks. Only see people who are America 1

Johnny Appleseed



also, happy that Ashli Babbitts mom showed up to let pelousi know that that here daughter was murdered on Janury 6


along with two other people. pelosi is such a liar.

Mark Rakow

You’re not saying such things in all caps anymore. Finally found the “CAPS LOCK” key, did you?


Wow! You really are a low life.

Mark Rakow

And you ought to know.


Stick It Dumb Commie Lib!



Mark Rakow

She wasn’t murdered.

Her mother’s opinion about this is irrelevant, and it changes nothing.



Mark Rakow

She was a commie-lib? Whatever……..

Carmine Gazerro

Define Murder please


Any time an unarmed woman is shot in the neck and killed… It’s murder.


It was a sad and tragic situation, but it was not murder. He was just doing his job trying to protect Congress. Labeling the officer as a murderer is just wrong. I know what it is like to lose a loved one, and I feel for her family, but I personally believe that the person who should be held accountable for her death is Mr. Trump, as she was only there because she, like so many others, believed his election lies.

Last edited 1 year ago by Shell



Don’t dignity these liberals w /an answer after the fact . They do This Only because There denied the 1st amendment of freedom of speech on the Democratic platforms FB Twitter etc so the trolls have to reply on the “RIGHT “side for there voices to be heard …There are No more words for Them Only that there PATHETIC!

Mark Rakow

Your spelling and usage are pathetic enough. But what’s really pathetic is the fact that you don’t know what I’m doing here/


I’ve got some words. Controlled opposition. Trolls. Traitors.

Why did they let them beat down the door and break the glass by a non-Trump supporter? Dude with the cap with the ear flaps. After breaking the glass, he goes down half a flight of stairs, and changes appearance among the armed police on the stairs.

There were at least a dozen capitol police or undercovers within range of Ashli Babitt who could have stopped her.
Why didn’t they?

Why didn’t they shoot the guy with the rifle who aimed down the hallway after she was shot? Instead, they give each others a thumbs up, because he was capitol police or undercover (this whole squad of more than half a dozen, one unit on the stairs coming up, milling about, and the half a dozen doing nothing at the door.
At least half a dozen, if not a dozen, are filming the “event”. This leaves Ashli, and maybe 1 or 2 others, who are not part of the charade?

William d Byerline

Yes sir it was definitely a planned fedsurection. It’s all on video we’ve exposed them and we won’t rest till we identify the bomber fed. He was on a phone and we all know they track phones. They think we’re dumb. NOT!! Truth will prevail with military tribunals traitors will be exposed and dealt justice


YOU MUST LET GO OF THE LAST SENTENCE. Not even sure if Trump is aware that many have been fed the lie that military tribunals have been going on, which is complete fantasy. There are no lizard people,

The true enemy is much smaller than the 1% of 1% of 1%. Those who own the world banks, federal reserve, etc… they have transferred trillions out of the American taxpayer’s pockets, and inflation is much worse than numbers posted, and they are going to crash the dollar, like they have in so many other countries before us!! SOON!


I will look for you comment when “Soon” never happens.


I’ll gladly give it, for it means we pulled of several miracles along way and are saved.

Mark Rakow

In addition, military tribunals only apply to members of the military, who are subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice. To the extent that people continue to make that nonsensical claim, I don’t consider them dumb.

After all, there’s a difference between being dumb, and being ignorant.

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