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Mike Hunt

TRUMP: “168,000 fraudulent ballots printed on illegal paper (unofficial ballots)”
THE FACTS: All of that is false. The ballots were not unofficial or printed on illegal paper, and even Logan never alleged they were fraudulent.


Mike, we love people like you who make comments without supporting documentation. So I ask you, since the Forensic Audit in AZ, and GA are finding discrepancies (keep in mind that WI will soon follow), what proof do you have that these ballots in question were produced with legal paper? Or did you assume this information to be true from the liberal medias? It’s amazing how the liberal media is coming alive since voting discrepancies are being found and reported to the public. So if you do have supporting documentation, please post the link for this group to review.


True. The Socialists just hate Trump and do everything to harm him. Very very psychotic of Dems.

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Anne Marie Newman

Congratulations Doug at least you are one highlight in Georgia. Tough loss today in Fulton County, Chairman’s 3rd vote, Susan Oprasueth lost and We The People Lost!!!! The corruption in Georgia is criminal. Susan and precinct chairs have already made a difference and we will continue to fight for voter integrity, inclusion in the party, and law and order. My dear friend and neighbor was disenfranchised from the 3rd vote due to Kelly’s corrupt and negligent voter list records. My friend voted in the 1st and 2nd vote and was present at the April 17, 2021 FCRC debacle that lasted 9 hours and was not on the 3rd voter list, how many others were omitted? If Kelly and Rino cohorts can’t keep a accurate credentialed delegate voting list how can he and his cohorts lead the FCR? David Schaferand other Rino finger pointing bureaucrats are at fault for not upholding the only legitimate vote, #2, which Susan won as the #1st vote-the tidily wink vote was void due to more votes than credentialed delegates! The blatant lack of accountability and buck passing is a disgrace to Fulton County, Georgia and united States of America!! I cant get my American State National status fast enough! ASN, step by step directions from Anna Von Reitz,, All American People that love truth and law and order please visit these websites, share and help each other become American State Nationals and learn to autograph your name in Red ink and take our country back!!!! We the People need to take back out country and finish Reconstruction. American People our mission is to finish Reconstruction that began in 1865! People, join in and stop complaining and start doing. Get involved today by filing for American State National statue and get involved locally and know who your Sheriff is and if they are a constitutional Sheriff. Check out Daniel Schultz video and book on how to become involved as a local precinct committeeman! Our freedom depends on it!!! God Bless America and President Trump and all the good people fighting for this country!

Doug Collins we miss you in GA please come back!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mike Hunt

Did Anne Marie shoot the sheriff ???

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