Congratulations to Greg Gutfeld

“Congratulations to Greg Gutfeld on having the number one Late Night Show on television, including the exhausted, low-talent, highly overrated Network shows. I would give an even bigger congratulations if he had tougher competition because beating haters who do comedy should not be a very difficult task. Like so many others, they will continue to fall!”

By Donald J. Trump

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I have written to Greg Gutfeld I told him to ask the Question did he President Donald J Trump? I told him to ask you who “Q” is? Did he ask?


President Trump please do not trust Bill O’Reilly. I don’t think he has yours or America’s best interests in mind.


Great Job Gutfeld!
Keep up the good work on exposing the Commie-Liberals and how they are trying to destroy the USA!

Tim Tates

The Democrats formed an illegal take over or coup of our government! How come no one has gone to the FISA court and demands an investigation of other country’s collusion such as Communist China in the last elections?


BRAVO! Well Said!

Teresa M Chisholm

Especially after watching Biden give his lecture on Covid it makes my stomach turn. I watched you on Gutfeld and thought myself I really do miss you now. I don’t think I can wait 3+ years. How does someone like me do something to help America….? I don’t have the money but I have the will.

WakeUpAmerica1776 Read up and go sign up to become a committee member. Dan Schultz will walk you right through it. One of the most important jobs in your local community. Meetings usually only one night a month….if even that. Conservatives are signing up all over the USA for these once forgotten spaces. A little bit of your time, will be MORE valuable than your $$.


LOL Perfect well-deserved left-handed compliment. GG will cherish forever.

Sue Mckee

We loved your interview with Greg so much. We can’t wait to see the other half tonight. Greg did such a good interview it was serious questions but with a bit of humour. So great to see you laugh and smile. We need you back in White House soon! You are the Best President Ever! The people’s President. My President Always.


Perfectly snarky as usual. 🙂 Your statements can elicit a smile on even the worse of days. We love you Mr. President! #takedowntheCabal America is behind you one hundred million percent. #TrumpWon God knows and everyone else knows!

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Thank you for your great speech and interview on Mark Levin’s last night. Absolutely correct. I agree with everything you said on his Show last night.
Thank you President Trump. We need you back in the White House ASAP.

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