Congratulations to James Golden

“Congratulations to James Golden, aka Bo Snerdley, on his incredible new bookRush on the Radio. We all terribly miss the Great Rush Limbaugh, but this is a perfect tribute to his legacy. Few knew Rush like James Golden, and the millions of Rush’s loyal fans will get great joy out of this book. Great job, James. Rush would be proud!”

By Donald J. Trump

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I guess Mr. Snerdley is another guy who Joe Biden would say “ain’t black”! 😆

By the way, anybody know what Mark Steyn is doing these days? He was my favorite guest host by far and I miss him too.

Elizabeth Headley

Wow!! So many awesome, PATRIOTIC books right now!! Signs our Nation is definitely in a transfor!active state!
Can’t wait to read them ALL! MAGA!


he is an awesome man.

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Excellent!!! Another fantastIc book I am looking forward to adding to my reading list.
I love it when President Trump recommends books!
More people should read books, especially our “at risk” younger generation, who needs to be educated.

Elizabeth Headley

And I think children should NOT be allowed to use phones/computers as TOYS-ENTERTAINMENT! But for necessary, work related, industrious, teaching tools!
Cell phones that are PHONES ONLY, TO MAKE CALLS, should be what children are allowed to have. Why the heck not?? It’s just NOT healthy!
And absolutely some sort of age restrictions for their use should apply! As well as time limitations placed on them using them, as well! Perhaps automatic timers installed, that turns a device off for a lengthy period, so they don’t SPEND ALL THEIR TIME on them!
I’m a believer in the outdoors, and physical activity, but I’m a believer in HEALTH FOREMOST! Why shouldn’t using a “device” be limited, and become a timable “treat”? Even in schools?! B/c teachers are no longer teaching, but herding, and ‘driving home’ the lessons…dumbing themselves down as well. We are a ‘fatter, lazier’ people since the advent of the cell phone. And I cannot count how many times I’ve seen enfants CHEWING on phones!!!
People these devices emit unhealthy (some even say cancerous) EMT’s!
Something’s gotta give in this area!
I’m disappointed when I see my grandchildren ‘playing games’ on their phones, when it’s a gorgeous day outside!!! I truly am. It makes me sad, and makes me yearn for yesteryear. IDC if you don’t agree. I’m just voicing an opinion…brought on by the subject of “BOOKS”. And I love books!
I’M GRATEFUL I GREW UP in the pre-hi-tech world.
We can’t instill reading or hand writing! – i.e. – LEARNING TO WRITE at all – w/o real limitations on these products!
I truly would relish a time loop back to the 50’s, not just for great prices on goods, but for a cleansing, and a regenerative reset for all the ways our modern lives actually suffer, from “convenience”. MOST won’t see/agree w/me, TOUTING ALL THE GREAT THINGS THEY PROVIDE! Don’t want to hear it! I KNOW WHAT THEY OFFER! I too partake!
I still consider it maltreatment of our youth!…and again just an insightful thought, as I ponder book-reading, and wonder if all these books I give my grandchildren, ever really get read!?
GRATEFUL! For America! YES I AM!
May God Bless Our Awesome President!! And Our Awesome Free Republic!
Enjoy the beautiful days ahead (OUTSIDE! – sans phones!)
Spread your appreciation, joy and love today with someone glued to a phone!


Wow, Elizabeth, we are on the same wavelength with technology! My parents grew up in the 50s, and I really feel like I have more in common with their generation than my own. My mom had me playing outside all the time, filled our house with books, and taught me to use my imagination. I didn’t have a computer till I was 14, and a cellphone till I was 22, and wouldn’t change a thing about my childhood. Drives me nuts when I see little kids with their faces buried in screens while at a restaurant. Color! Draw on the placemat! Talk to your family! I’m not blaming the kid, it’s their parents that don’t realize that they’re not doing their kid any favors.

Elizabeth Headley

Awesome! You must be young tho! I’m an older woman! I held out getting a cell phone until @ 10 yrs ago. Never owned a computer either!
So grateful there are young people like this!
Hope springs eternal fellow believer! Thanks.


I just turned 31 (I was born when my parents were in their early 40s). My mom got a cellphone shortly after I did but clings steadfastly to flipphones lol…wants nothing to do with touchscreens. And my dad wants nothing to do with cellphones period lol! If I ever have kids, they won’t get a phone till they get their driver’s license.

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My Man Trump

I really miss Rush Limbaugh. Thank you Bo Snerdley for honoring such a great man.

Mr. Ree

Look for his NEW book, “Rush Roasts in Hell” ….


I know better than to respond to trolls, but…what a hateful thing to say. For shame.

Deborah Addor

My copy is on its way to me ! Can’t wait to read it.


Thank you James for the great book! Miss Rush so much.

Craig Barrett

Miss Rush

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