Congratulations to Kyle Rittenhouse

“Congratulations to Kyle Rittenhouse for being found INNOCENT of all charges. It’s called being found NOT GUILTY—And by the way, if that’s not self defense, nothing is!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Meg P

Merry Christmas Kyle! Jesus gave your Miracle gift early this year. All of America received the gift of justice at a time when evil is amongst us and attempting to run our country. We all cried with you, tears of joy. How sad for such a young man to have to defend himself from being killed, several times, and seconds apart! We have God’s angels protecting us and we could see yours!


of course, even our God believes and has built into our very flesh even, that natural things to defend ourselfs. only heathen who disavow the Creator are ignorant to this fact.

Ron Jeremy

Let’s go Brandon….I mean, Kyle. 🙂

Johnny Appleseed

There were rules when I was growing up.

1- never be the instigator of a fight.

2- follow the golden rule

Do unto other as you would have done to yourself.

3- never throw the first punch.

4- walk away from a fight if you can.

5- do worry what other people think of you for avoiding a fight.


If some one starts a fight with you and you have no other option at all….


Win or lose make the other mother fucker never want to fight you again even if he wins.

They were simple rules.

Johnny Appleseed

Correction on #5


worry what other people think of you for avoiding a fight.

I can’t type….

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed
Meegan Fixler

Whole heartedly agree with your congratulating Kyle Rittenhouse and his case being a case of self defense!! Thank God for this outcome!!

Mark Rakow

There is a very real possibility that Rittenhouse will be indicted on Federal charges in connection with the murders he committed in Kenosha.

Incidentally, if you think there’s no way that could happen, you’d better think again. It could happen very easily, and relatively quickly. And, of course, Trump Chumps are convinced it can’t happen, and won’t happen. There’s a very simple reason they believe that, and it’s in one single word:



Double Jeopardy!
It ain’t happening Commie-Lib!
Did you get your law degree from a Cracker Jack Box?

Meegan Fixler

Or….there’s a very simple reason you believe what you believe. That would be that you’re a dumbass!


Indicted for what? Defending himself against three (white) guys who were threatening his life? If you were in his place, you would have done the exact same thing. I’m not saying he should have been there, but that isn’t the point. The question is whether he was justified in shooting those guys, and as was made abundantly clear in court, he certainly was. You accuse people of ignorance, but I suggest you look at the simple facts of the case outside the biased lens of the media

Johnny Appleseed

Double jeopardy….

There are movies, books and essays written on this for years and years of reading…

Sure, if new evidence is found that nullified the original court case it could be retried… but that would take literally an act of God because of…


But we the stupid and all…

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed

The court system truly did justice to this case! Kyle defended himself against criminals & rioters attacking him. I wished more cases like this could have the same outcome. It is not always the case with the Woke judicial system with which we seem to find ourselves in these troubled times.

Ken K

Hope he sues for billions. And then use them billions to sue again. Then sue them a 3rd time to crush what’s left of them all.

Mr. Rea

Rottenhouse will be sued for millions & he may even lose his trailer


Nick Sandman sued the crap out of CNN and WON! He still has six lawsuits against six other FAKE NEWS outlets! Kyle is going to use Nick’s attorneys! This will be a Windfall for Kyle!

My Man Trump

Great job Kyle and his team. Finally we saw justice prevail against the unholy alliance. We do not get to see that too often anymore. I hope Kyle goes after Biden and everyone else who was out of line and tried to taint the jury, including the radical prosecutor. Thank God for the honest judge. Thank you, sir for actually doing your job with honor.

Now girls and boys of the regime leave Kyle alone. Do not go after him. He won. Just turn the page on Kyle the way you did on Afghanistan.

Save Our United States

Kyle and every red-blooded American in this land were acquitted!


Amen !!!




Awesome. I hope they leave him alone!!




Godspeed Kyle Rittenhouse. Sue their pants off.


Thank you President Trump for saying it like it is – we miss you and America can not take much more of the bumbling embarrassment that wanders around the whitehouse basement now.
Kyle…You have done great through the nightmare of the past year. You are welcome to come to ND should you be looking to find a welcoming place to call home. Congrats on standing up for yourself.

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

ABSOLUTELY agree! Now, that finally thank goodness Kyle has been cleared, it would be nice to see these “FAKENEWS” and big techs get sued. Oh, and also demented Joe who called him names last year.
It’s time for “Nick Sandmann” PART 2!

Craig Barrett

Exactly, these damn demonrat nutcases are idiots, if you don’t like the CONSTITUTION, GET THE HELL OUT


Leave the USA Commie-Libs!


Roger-That President Trump!
Congratulations Kyle Rittenhouse on your self defense WIN!
America LOVES You!


Speak for yourself Stewie. You and Donnie may love him but many do not love the gun wielding high schoool dropout!!!


You do know that one of the felons (yes actual felons) he shot who was trying to kill him was “gun wielding” right?


Good Riddance!
One less Criminal to put in prison!

Ken K

You’re an idiot. My ex wife doesn’t gave a diploma. She was raped by 5 illegals with knives to her throat. So you defend rape and murderous lol antifa thugs? Satan won’t turn down the heat. He can’t. And nobody will hear you screaming from hell

Mark Rakow

Ew. Sloppy seconds. Four times. Way to go, old girl.


He was talking about YOUR MOTHER THE OLD GIRL!


FJB! and YOU! Commie-Lib!


Not me Stewie

Cary Miller

Hey Glennus, I will cover your immigration to Venezuela. I think you’ll be very happy there.


I will buy the LOSER a one way ticket to the Commie Waste Land!


So again we get to hear from Glen’s parents basement. Go away NIT WIT.

Ken K

Glenn’s parents couldn’t spell Glen.


and GET A JOB!


FJB! and YOU! Commie-Lib!
Leave the USA!

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