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My Man Trump

Go Sarah.

Sarah Luu

I’m sorry to admit that I (along with most of the lower 48’ers.) didn’t know her or much about her up till just a short few years ago. After some curiosity (mainly from my husband!), I found her to be Exactly what an EXCELLENT Alaskan Gov. should be. Not just an “attractive” (my hubbies description when he first saw her) woman, but very down to earth, guided by common sense and GOD. She ADORES her state, its beauty, resources and it’s PEOPLE. If ALL of our governors were like her, we wouldn’t have to be as concerned about government at the state levels. Unless cheated on and vote rigging, she should have NO PROBLEM in WINNING! Good Luck to you Mrs. Palin and your WONDERFUL Family & ALL ALASKA!, Sarah Luu..
P.S. Mrs Palin, Please never forget – ” In EVERY Revolution, There’s ONE MAN (DJT) with a Vision!”

Last edited 11 months ago by Sarah Luu
Don McKellar

To be honest, don’t think much of her. But she would do a lot of good in the house if, for no other reason, she’ll suck all the media oxygen out of the room and leave AOC and the rest without any attention. That makes her very valuable.

Steven J Eide

She was the ONLY good thing on the ticket when McCain ran. And he screwed it up ANYWAY.



Mary Geiger

Excellent news. Loved hearing this.


Let’s do this Sarah Palin.
Reinstate President Trump and put the evil in jail.




Love Sarah Palin!!And I love President Trump!

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