Congratulations to Vito Fossella

“Congratulations to Vito Fossella on winning the Republican Primary for Borough President of Staten Island. Now onto victory against a Radical Left Democrat. Vito will be representing the greatest people on Earth, and he will never let you down. I love Staten Island!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Ralph Fleming

Wonder how long it is before Trump turns off the comments or starts blocking people who disagree with him? We’ll see how interested in free speech he is. Can’t wait for the stable geniuses comments on the subject tomorrow. He knows all the good words.


English correction- “genius’s comments”. Please go back to school


Free speech differences are welcome. Inane gibberish that you spew just to get a reaction is an insult to those of us with an active mind, and should be squelched.


Like Joe Biden?


yeah, you mean just like every liberal leftist website does??


Child sniffers too, oops that’s the other guy

Ralph Fleming

You got me on the “genius’s” but if you don’t think Trump is as creepy as creepy Joe is then you should look up the comments Trump makes about his own daughter and look at the pictures of her sitting on his lap.


Gimmie a break buddy, even democrats know Joe is creepy. They just voted for him for their hate of Donald Trump and didn’t give one rats ass about how he would govern the Country.


100% Correct!


Objectivity does not appear to be strong suit, so lets keep it simple.
45’s accomplishments are many in 4 years if one cares to look (all while under the greatest political assassination campaign in history).

46’s failures are mounting and only 6 months in office.

Ralph Fleming

Please list some.

Ralph Fleming



Biden’s Failures
1) The Border
2) The Economy, Inflation, Flat stock market. Low job creation.
3) Foreign diplomacy with China, Russia ,Iran.
4) Cognitive Thinking.
5) Increasing taxes on middle income citizens.
6) Unable or unwilling to work with republicans.
7) Crimewave going on across the nation.
8) I could really keep going, but you get my point. (prob not lefty)

Ralph Fleming

I Get that you couldn’t come up with anything to answer the question that was asked. But you kept your numbers in order so good job righty.

Last edited 2 years ago by Ralph Fleming

You ask for a list Lefty. You got one….

Ralph Fleming

Fair enough. Please list some of the amazing accomplishments of Trump so that I might bask in his glory.


1) He won the 2020 election.
2) Nuff said. Glorify your leftist idiocy in that…


Seems disgraced, adulterous, political has-beens do stick together…


Dear Mr. Dean, If you are here to be a troll like your comment passes you off to be…I suggest that you just pack your shit and go back to your crying room!!



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