Congressman Jim Hagedorn was a strong and effective legislator

“Congressman Jim Hagedorn was a strong and effective legislator for the great people of Southern Minnesota. I campaigned with Jim in 2018, and enjoyed working with him in Congress. May he rest in Peace, and his family find comfort during this difficult time. He will be greatly missed! “

By Donald J. Trump

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Mark Rakow

Yes, Trump campaigned with Jim Hagedorn in 2018. At a rally, down in Rochester. Hagedorn just barely won his race – his fifth try for Congress – by 1,200 votes.

Trump also campaigned that night with five-term incumbent Erik Paulson. who had never once been in a close race. Until Trump campaigned with him.
He lost – badly.

And Trump also campaigned that night with incumbent Jason Lewis, who was considered a shoo-in for a second term. He lost, too – and badly.

In Minnesota in 2018, Trump made a huge difference. For the Democrats. In fact, they probably couldn’t have done it without him.

Mark Rakow

I knew Jim Hagedorn quite well. I didn’t agree with him on much, but he was decent, good-natured, and always courteous. It was hard not to like the guy; ever the optimist, he was always smiling.

My deepest condolences to his family and many friends. I know he loved Minnesota, and he served the First District with great pride and distinction.

May God bless him always.

Mary Geiger

I was sad to hear that Jim Hagedorn had passed away. He was my representative. He was a good, decent man who worked hard for all of his constituents and interacted with us with his weekly reports telling of the work he was doing in DC and here at home. He worked for us. May he rest in peace.

Mark Rakow

My heartfelt condolences to you. Jim was a decent, honorable man who made a difference in the lives of many.

He was much loved and widely respected, and he’ll be greatly missed.


Rest in peace.

Becky G

Rest in peace..

Elizabeth Headley

Hello my President! I am about to send you info @ my attempt to find out why I have not received my updated voters registration card. Over a month ago I rec’d my voters reg card @ my NEW ADDRESS on Porter St. ATX. It was an OLD card, wrong address, but my new address. When I called their office located on Airport Blvd. I was told the quickest way to get it would be to “flip the card you red’d over, fill in new address, drop it in “rusted out, red mailboxes we have at our Airport offices”. I did so that day. I just called their offices to enquire why I never received my updated, address corrected card. (#512-854-9473). The woman who answered is the SAME person I spoke with when I called for instructions over a month ago (I knew her voice). I explained I everything @ my previous call to their office, seeking instructions, and that I followed those directions and was calling @ why hadn’t received. She took my name, we were disconnected. I called back, got the same woman, told her we were disconnected, she asked asked for my name again, I explained I had given her that; But reiterated my name, new address and she responded that that was not the address they had on file for me, and I said, I thought that ODD b/c I rec’d my OLD card at my NEW address (and it WAS NOT FORWARDED!)…we were DISCONNECTED a second time…third time I just get elevator music. So all I wanted to know is WHERE’S MY CARD? WHY HAVEN’T I REC’D IT? NO ANSWER. She had started to raise her voice and tell me to calm down, when I was simply reiterating what I had said @ our last call ( I wasn’t upset, and “spirit” showed me, she was “acting like I was”, idk why!!! She also had informed me in the first call, that I do not need a registration card to vote! I was surprised, she said only a Texas Drivers licence. Ok? So I asked when had the rules changed?? B/c in 2020 election, it was “WE DON’T NEED YOUR I.D. JUST YOUR CARD”. She said it had always been that way….so, My vote didn’t COUNT in 2020!! This year I cannot even get a card. Primaries started on 14th in Texas. I cannot, am being DISALLOWED TO VOTE in my Nation. So this upsets me terribly! I’ve followed you, read up on the ppl I want to vote for (I would vote REPUBLICAN @ the board!). But I cannot! Please help some how? Thank you! PLEASE MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, or suggest a FREER REPUBLIC I COULD MOVE TO THAT ACCEPTS ME?!


Yes Sir he was a good man from here in Minnesota.

May his soul rest in peace after his struggle with cancer.

God Bless his family dealing with his loss, and find some comfort in knowing he no longer suffer from that debilitating disease.

It hits close to home at this time in my household, so offer my sincerest condolences to a fellow Minnesotan family.

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