Conservatives Need To Know These Facts About Pence

“Mike Pence said in his announcement speech Wednesday that President Trump governed “as a conservative.” However, Republican voters need to know that Mike Pence does not share their America First values.  Here are four facts conservatives need to know about Mike Pence:

  • Pence not only supports prolonging the deadly war in Ukraine, he wants to “accelerate the pace of military provisions.”
  • In 2002, Pence voted for the disastrous invasion of Iraq.
  • Pence has floated raising the Social Security retirement age.
  • Pence thinks cuts to Social Security and Medicare “should be on the table.””

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Sarah Luu

I AM ASHAMED that Pence is from Indiana , where I now reside & I voted for THAT TRAITOR. MOST HOOSIERS AGREE that we are TOTALLY ASHAMED of him & his cowardly acts in NOT standing behind the man, PRESIDENT TRUMP, for putting him in a spotlight that HE DOES NOT DESERVE. HE IS A TRAITOR TO ALL OF HIS CONSTITUENTS like me. HE has put a PERMANENT SCAR on INDIANA by NOT obeying his sworn oaths & speaking out on the stolen election as HE SHOULD HAVE UNDER HIS SWORN DUTY to object to the election when there were ” VERY STRONG IRREGULARITIES” with it. I’m ASHAMED, DISCUSSED, & EMBARRASSED that this TRAITOR is a HOOSIER. “So Sad” Sarah Luu



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