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Why didn’t Trump call in the troops if he saw the need? I don’t understand what stopped him.

Kreg Vergith

Basically, he’s not allowed.
He can make them available to deploy, but it’s the responsibility of the Speaker and D.C. Mayor to request them.
That’s when this can of worms got started.

Same situation in the BLM – Antifa riots (actual riots), Portland, Seattle…
The Democrat Mayors and Governors rejected the offer, as well.

Steve R

When Nancy Pelosi was told on January 6th that you might arrive at the Capitol, she said this to her chief of staff:

“I hope he comes, I’m gonna punch him out… I’ve been waiting for this. For trespassing on the Capitol grounds. I’m gonna punch him out, I’m gonna go to jail, and I’m gonna be happy.”


I’m sick of this preamp committee. They are the ones who should be investigated. This committee and investigation is ongoing so they can keep the public from hearing about their own misconduct and criminal activities. They will constantly point their finger at President Trump to protect themselves.

Cheese and crackers

Why did Trump strongly recommend Pelosi call in the troops before January 6th if he had no idea anything was gonna happen?


Why didn’t Nancy call them in when she was strongly recommended to when she knew what was about to happen? Oh I think we both know the answer to that. At least I hope we are both smart enough to know. Are we?



She could have stripped at the doorway and the crowd would have dispersed,throwing up all the way.



My Man Trump

Crazy being the operative word. Also, she set the President up and you can’t do that with troops present.

Save Our United States

Grandma Vodka is dishonest like the rest of the Democrats. They serve themselves (not We the People) by manipulating reality. It’s been this way as long as I can remember.

Save Our United States

P.S. Please! Please! Please! Ensure that your Unselect Committee testimony is televised or at least recorded and available for viewing. It should be most entertaining!


Nut job Nancy didn’t take your advice because they would have never been able to form a committee of clowns and hold hearings on how they can stop Donald J.Trump from running/winning another presidential election again. Hearings that no one on planet earth care about, hearings that are a complete waste of tax payers dollars, hearings full of incompetent idiots attempting/faking to appear concerned and intelligent. BACKFIRE!

P.S. To all of the buffoons on here that are whining/bitching that it wasn’t Nutty Nancy’s responsibility but instead it was President Trump’s job to call in the troops, you should really do accurate research before you open your fat mouths and take the word from an absolute lunatic like Nancy Pelosi. Anyone that would believe a single word that whacko says, clearly has serious issues themself. J6 was a setup job and a poorly thought out one at that. They ( dems) allowed murder to happen all for the purpose of keeping Trump out of office again. BACKFIRE!



Spot on.

Kreg Vergith

Thank You!!!

Spread the word!!!

(There’s no sense in talking to Crazy Nancy until she’s had her afternoon fistful of Wild Turkey…)


Absolutely spread the word.
And now we already see these dingleberries coming here saying exactly what we all knew they’d say.

It was and is Nancy’s responsibility to have made the call NOT President Trump’s. He made the suggestion and it was her duty to either do or do not what was asked of her. She did not and several months later, hello select committee. It doesn’t take a genius to put these pieces together so what does that say about the liberals on this site? Ouch!

Kreg Vergith

They’re a spiteful bunch, aren’t they?

President Trump did exactly what he was required to do, within the limits of the law.
We can believe that he had gathered all the information he could before making the offer to Pelosi, from the DOD to the Sanitation Department.

Crazy Nancy may not have pulled the strings herself, but she’s up to her bony neck in the planning.


Spiteful might be to kind of a word when describing them but I’ll certainly go along with it.

Bony neck, googling eyes, lies on a minutely basis and let’s not even start with the weird mouth twitch’s.
WOW, what a woman.

This is true for those that think for themselves. Now get back into the White House and correct the record.

Mary Geiger

Nancy and a lot of others were hoping for something to happen, otherwise they would have no reason to blame you for a riot which I think was set up to happen too.


Lock Wino Pelosi UP!
She is a Criminal!


Yeah she did F.A.I.L. AMERICA &deserves to take the consequences for her actions. Starting with betrayal of AMERICANS by fraudulently keeping herself in her position over and advertising again while knowing that people would have had her out after her first term if people weren’t so occupied by trying to fight all of the democratic tyrants tyrannical treasonous garbage crimes in against humanity, I am surprised it got this bad for as long as it’s been ravaging THE GREAT U.S.A.


She didn’t, because it wasn’t her job – which Trump would know, if he had really offered any troops.

Which he didn’t.


You must be smoking some good crack today you obtained from Hunter and Brandon Biden!

Kreg Vergith

Man, you’ve GOT TO read up on the way our government works!

President Trump did, indeed, offer Pelosi between 10,000 and 20,000 National Guard troops – DAYS before the “insurrection” began!
It’s documented by hundreds of sources (even some liberal media).

Look it up.

Pelosi had the authority, through her Master-at-Arms, to order troops deployed in the Capitol complex, and the obligation to follow the oath which she, and all members of Congress swear to, to ‘Preserve and Protect, and Defend the Constitution of the United States’.
Those troops who were deployed (and forced to bed down on the polished marble) were assigned to DIRECTING TRAFFIC around the Capitol.

Look it up.

She and her co-conspirators KNOWINGLY caused all this to “get Trump”.
It’s damn near TREASON!

Look it up.

They deserve no compassion at all.
They deserve the most severe punishment

The world with the clear blue sky is this way…


Name the sources Kreg.

Kreg Vergith

You again?

Any sources I could name would be suspect, due to my opinion of their politics.

CNN, MSNBS, Fox News (still iffy), WAPO, NYT, … whoa, I’m getting sick, dude…

Hint including: If you would watch NEWSMAX for one day…

Besides, you’re supposed to DO YOUR OWN HOMEWORK!!!

American citizenship requires steady hard work and study.
Without it, has no worth.


Hundreds?? I thought so.

Kreg Vergith

Yes, actually.

Video from, yes, hundreds, of news organizations and private citizens alike, scattered all over the Capitol complex, show the exact events which occurred, and the exact time they occurred.

It blew up the social media.
If you learn how to access that there new-fangled “interweb” thing,
you can see it for yourself.
Or, you can go back to your “sources” and remain in the dark.

Note that huge volumes of video footage were confiscated – sometimes from people in their own homes under threat of arrest, after the rally ended.
What does that tell you about the current regime?

Mary Geiger

Wish there were a down vote, but this’ll do: 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎
You’re so, so wrong.


Nancy (Communist) PIGlosi didn’t call out the troops to protect the Capitol,because she was in on the whole mess to frame DJT as an inciter of an insurrection.An inciter of an insurrection doesn’t say,”I want you to peacefully and patriotically march to the Capitol and let your voices be heard”.


EXACTLY! However, be warned because you are going read comments here from some real dingleberries that will and have claim/claimed President Trump never made that statement or he only made it after the damage was done and they call themselves patriots. Mmm hmm, sure they are.


There is no record of former President Donald Trump officially authorizing 20,000 National Guard troops for the U.S. Capitol ahead of the Jan. 6, 2021, attack.

There is no evidence that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi denied such an authorization, and experts said she doesn’t have the authority to do so in the first place.

Trump’s claim was debunked by fact-checkers in March 2021, after he first made the statement during a Fox News appearance, and it’s still not true. There is no evidence Trump made any formal request about deploying 10,000 National Guard troops before the rally.


There was no insurrection on January 6th, 2021. It was a civil disturbance with BLM in attendance that day. How do I know? Because I walked past a group of people sporting a BLM (black/green/orange) flag as I walked back to the metro at 3:30 pm to return to my room, to honor mayor Bowser’s 6 pm curfew she broadcast on my (& others) cell phones at 2:30 pm. See, I KNEW, MSM & others would LIE about the day’s events, which is EXACTLY why I, too, was in attendance. I ONLY attended the rally to seek the TRUTH!! And I purposely brought my cell phone with me, so my cell phone pings would show EXACTLY how close I got to the capitol building, which was well out of range of any flash bangs or sidearms the capitol police were carrying. You would have needed a sniper rifle to reach me. I am a retired federal employee of over 25 years, and I KNOW what government management is capable of.


There is no evidence that January 6th occurred!

Kreg Vergith

(sniff,sniff) Is that crack I smell?


Yes, from Hunter Bidens Pipe!


Because the District of Columbia is not a state, the Pentagon has authority over the D.C. National Guard, in the person of Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy. Mayor Bowser had requested 340 Guard troops, and the Pentagon approved her request, to about 35 checkpoints in Washington. This deployment was restricted to traffic control and crowd issues, and they were specifically told NOT to be armed, nor in riot gear.

That said, National Guard troops from Virginia and Maryland could have been called out, had Trump requested it. But he didn’t.

As for the DC National Guard, Trump didn’t offer 20,000 troops – or even 10,000. He couldn’t have, even if he wanted to. The DC National Guard has a grand total of 2,700 soldiers and airmen.

All of which means that Trump lied. Which should come as a surprise to no one.

Patricia McDermott

Crazy Nancy Pelosi did not call out the troops because then she couldn’t have gotten away with the crimes that she and her cohorts committed. She’s always failed the American people.
She and the Clinton shrew are two of a kind – evil.



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