David L. Bernhardt was a tough and capable cabinet leader

“David L. Bernhardt was a tough and capable cabinet leader as my Secretary of the Interior. He was a “bulldog” when advancing many of my great achievements at Interior and putting America on the road to energy dominance and deregulation. He never backed down, and he pushed very hard to get big results at a historic pace. David authored a great book highlighting what it was like reporting to me while dealing with Radical Left bureaucrats. The book contains his views for draining thee swamp and getting our government back in the business of working for you, the American people. It is GREAT!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Nancy A. Daylo

Dear President Donald J, Trump, You must have had an amazing number of good, smart and able Cabinet members. Because you got everything done while battling the LEFTIST in Congress, especially Nancy Pelosi. She liked to block you on every turn.. But you still did more amazing things for AMERICA than any other President that I know of. I never head of David Bernhardt, but he must have been too busy to look up. He accomplished an amazing amount of work for AMERICA. You are exceptional at choosing valuable assistants and Cabinet members. You know them all. I doubt if any of the candidates that are running against you know how to pick an army of effective workers like you do.

Nancy A. Daylo

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