Democrats are the Party of Disinformation

“Brian Kilmeade of Fox & Friends doesn’t realize that the Democrats are the Party of DISINFORMATION. They always say the opposite of what they really want. They can’t help themselves. This morning Brian said, with great bravado, “the Democrats want to run against Donald Trump.” No Brian, that’s what they say because they don’t want to run against me.”

By Donald J. Trump

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Absolutely. They want to put you out of the running because that’s their only way, they know they are going to lose.


Brian Kilmeade is a SELL OUT!
He is ONLY working at FAKE NEWS Fox for the money just like Paul Ryan and several others!
LYING for the Money!
TRUMP 2024!

Nancy A. Daylo

The DEMOCRATS do not have one credible candidate to offer. In 2020, Joe Biden was not a credible candidate, but the party cheated and rigged the election to allow him to win. Then they shut everyone up so that they could not be challenged. I am sure that many people were threatened with violence against family and friends. Indeed, the DEMS are not only a party of disinformation, but they are THUGS, BULLIES and criminals. They are the party of DISORDER and LAWLESSNESS. When I was young, my parents voted. DEMOCRAT. But, the party has really shifted to the LEFT and people who voted
DEMOCRAT even a few years ago were moderate. But today’s DEMOCRAT is a far cry from safe and moderate These folks are godless, murderers of babies and crazy in every way. If it is reasonable, they oppose it. O, there are old Democrats mixed in with the bad boys, but essentially, this new brand of democrat is actually COMMUNIST and MARXIST, CAN I GET ANY LOWER? It amazes me that the gentle , conservative, sensible REPUBLICANS are taken to the cleaners. When it is the DEMS that need to be cleaned up BIG TIME.O, the REPUBLICANS have their factions of disloyal members who love to war and often join hands with the DEMS. And we call them RINOS. Nancy A,. Daylo

Mary Geiger

“Disinformation” is a nice way of putting it. Actually, it is lies, they are the party of lies. Even whoppers.


Thank You!

Steve F

I’ve been saying this for years. You always know what Democrats are up to because they accuse Republicans of doing it first, which then puts GOP on the defensive and scrambling. It’s a great tactic. Or, you always know the true intention of a bill they try to pass because it’s net effect will be exactly opposite of how it’s named. For example the Affordable Care Act made health care much more expensive. Inflation Reduction Act, did the exact opposite. The Employee Free choice Act, the Uniting American Families Act, The Freedom of Choice Act, all did exactly the opposite of their name. It’s intentional and their tell.



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