“A Democrat pushed “Fringe Benefits” case, having to do with deductions on the use of a company car (2), a company apartment, and payments to a school for the education of a company executive’s grandchildren, will begin on Monday, coincidentally right before the big Midterm Elections. There has not been such a case (Criminal) brought in the United States before, handcuffs for the Executive, and all. Democrat “Peekaboo” James is also happening just before the Election, a NO NO. Disgraceful!!!”

By Donald J. Trump

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How low can you go? This is discusting. Political stunts.
So sorry they are attacking you again.
They should be worried about our Country and not if President Trump Paid his electric bill.


When will these people be held accountable for the harassment and wasted taxpayer money, along with letting criminals go free?

Steve F.

Will there ever be pay back for these hit jobs? Democrats push and push while the GOP just goes along to get along and barely holds the line, instead of flipping the script and pushing back even harder. The GOP is going to need to go to war with these Democrat & deep state communists or they will abandon the constitution and own the seats of power in what was once America, forever.



My Man Trump

Maybe republicans will grow some but I doubt it. Kevin McCarthy is a commie rino. He tries to disguise it but has been caught too many times.


To me, American politics is just an elaborate show, which basically does almost nothing except enrich the few individuals, who take part in it. It’s main purpose is to distract citizens from those who truly run the country, the biggest bankers and corporations. Having a purportedly “senile” man at the head of the government proves, that the government in and of itself actually has no power. The real “leaders” are actually laughing in our faces at this time with this spectacle. You could put a duck at the head of the American government and it would make no difference. All the brouhaha about “elections” is only to occupy the minds of the citizens, who might actually care about the country, while the real “rulers” continue to go on about their machinations, the same as ever. Possibly their present reveal is only taking place, because they plan to take total control over us very soon, using technology and there will be be no reason any longer to maintain this charade.



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