Do not increase them one penny.

“Republicans in the U.S. Senate must not in any way, shape, or form increase taxes that were won in the TRUMP TAX CUT, the largest in the history of our Country. It’s what made our economy grow and great. Democrats want major tax increases to pay for their fake infrastructure bill, where over 90% of the money goes to the ridiculous Green New Deal nonsense, which will destroy our economy. The tax cuts were a great achievement of the Trump Administration and the Republican Party. More importantly, they were a great victory for our Nation. Do not increase them one penny. Republicans must learn to fight these vicious, Radical Left Democrats who are destroying lives and destroying our Country!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Well said, Mr. President!

Mike Kissinger

Your tax cuts only aided the very wealthy, which I believe was your original goal. Us peons did get a slight break, but that is due to disappear soon. It does not take an economist to realize that when you are in debt, you do not cut your income.

Nothing fake about the infrastructure bill, most Americans agree that our infrastructure is deteriorating and something needs to be done. Thankfully you are in no position of power, but your influence is still strong amongst your cultists. This is very sad for America and hopefully they will snap out of it soon.


Not gonna happin Lefty, so sorry for you. Those tax breaks gave me an extra 1000-1200 dollars a year and if they helped the wealthy and created new businesses which created new jobs , all the better. Why dont you get a clue? Did you see Trump at CPAC? He’s not going anywhere for a long time.

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