Do not make matters worse

“U.S. “Leadership” should remain “cool, calm, and dry” on the SABOTAGE of the Nord Stream Pipelines. This is a big event that should not entail a big solution, at least not yet. The Russia/Ukraine catastrophe should NEVER have happened, and would definitely not have happened if I were President. Do not make matters worse with the pipeline blowup. Be strategic, be smart (brilliant!), get a negotiated deal done NOW. Both sides need and want it. The entire World is at stake. I will head up group???”
By Donald J. Trump

By Donald J. Trump

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Steve R

Mr. Trump, please explain how, if you were still president, the Russian invasion of Ukraine would never have happened.

Which leader would you have supported?

What would you have done?

My Man Trump

It would have never been a thought with Trump in power. Peace through strength. They all feared him because he didn’t put up with any bullshit.



Sarah Luu

VERY SIMPLE, The other “leaders” of these countries KNOW & RESPECT PresidentTrump. He IS a man of his word & pulls no punches. He KNOWS their strong points AS WELL as their week ones. Just LOOK at President Trump’s successes, North Korea, Eliminating ISIS, the Taliban President calling him “you’re excellency” after hearing his simple warning, & so, so many more than can be listed here.Do yourself A GREAT FAVOR & GET EDUCATED about President Trump, NOT from the “Fake News Media”! & you WILL EASILY SEE!


There is no “Taliban President.” So there’s no possible way any such person would have referred to Trump as “your excellency.”

The very idea is just plain ludicrous.


Ask John Brennan if he knows anything about this, he admitted in an interveiw that J6 was not an organized attempt to over throw the government and he knows because he has participated in over throwing other governments. He is a war monger and I suspect he and his cronies may have had something to do with the pipeline explosions. I believe there is nothing he would enjoy more than a world war 3. I still believe the CIA may have intimate knowledge of the sabotage.

Cheese and crackers

You heard it here first folks, Trump will swoop in and get this all figured out and make FJB look like a fool!!




Actually, you’re just crackers.


Boy, do I wish we could put you in charge!


I suspect only two causes exist for the explosions, Putin made a calculated sacrificial moves to further reinforce his justification for aggressions OR the CIA is playing their twisted psychotic games to steer the direction of the conflicts. Given their past debacles I believe unfortunately the US has a hand in this. President Trump would not have allowed this dangerous game to continue, we need him back in office to stabilize world events. I think by now the even some Democrats would give their right arm to be able to go back in time and change their vote fo Biden. GOD BLESS DONALD TRUMP AND THE USA.

My Man Trump

The only way this will work is for DJT to get back here now. The FJB regime has f’ed everything else up or has done things on purpose to destroy us. Do we really think that this regime can handle this very strategic, extremely sensitive negotiation calmly. Don’t ever think of brilliantly with this bunch of incompetent thugs. They are going to find out, at our expense, that this is not a bunch of school parents they can push around. Hurry Mr. President. This requires your skills and the respect you have on the world stage. Only you. Trust me. our eyes are open.

Donna Richardson

Are you kidding me Donald J Trump has the IQ of a flow fish. We had a regime when Trump was President that’s why he tried to have American votes thrown out so he can remain in power. That’s facts.


You must have been ireversabley brain by the wacos in our institutions, I say this because I’ve witnessed relatives and friends who couldn’t speak about DT without going off on psychotic tangent rants. These same individuals now complain about the violence in the streets,the damage lockdowns and indoctrination of children,the stock market and the huge rate of inflation and the associated high prices. NOW they admit things were better under DTs presidency, they still do not like him as a person but admit that he did handle things MUCH better than FJB. No one in their right mind believes children can make sound medical choices without parental consent but wont allow them to get a pierig or tattoo without consent and both of these are reversible, bodily mutilations are for life. Please put your EMOTIONAL FEELINGS aside and THINK logically for a moment examine the good things DT accomplished and how much damage and division FJB has caused, you might actually realize you are mistaken, if you go off in a psychotic rant you will prove these statements are true.


“You must have been ireversabley brain by the wacos in our institutions.”

How’s that again?

Hmm. Apparently, your friends and relatives are not the only ones who are psychotic.

My Man Trump

That is fake news propaganda and you are their queen.

Kreg Vergith

How in the world do you manage to get around under your own power?

You and the Left have no idea what you are doing, but you double down anyway, hoping something will stick.

We have been on to your swamp agenda from day one, and there will be dancing in the streets when it all falls apart – come November, if not before.

President Trump had, and still has, the respect of the world because he stood up to dictators of all stripes and put the critical interests of the US first.

Biden? Every criminal despot in the world knows he can’t do anything to stop them.
That makes the current situation doubly dangerous.
He is literally helping them light the fuse!!

Do the homework, will ya?!?!?


A mind is a Terrible Thing To Waste!
Bye Felicia!


Your eyes are open, and twirling in opposite directions.

Wild Bill

I have donated to save america via Money Order but I don’t think that winred will use it to help President Trump. I support the Truth (Trump) and I distrust the lies from joejoe and the fbi. I would not be surprised if joejoe was at the center of the destruction of this pipeline. Joejoe and the doj at first denied knowingly having anything having to do with the raid on the Trump home. Now we know they were at the center of the raid. Hmmm? Respectfully.

Sarah Luu

You KNOW the Biden Mob would NEVER let you be involved in ANYTHING that would help. They wouldn’t dare do the right thing, especially if it made YOU look the least bit good. ALL they care about are themselves, NOT the American people or the Freedom loving peoples of the earth. It would not surprise me in the least if Putin ordered “the damage” to his own pipeline to cause even more European chaos.

Last edited 5 months ago by Sarah Luu

The Demonrats are so insane that they would prefer nuclear war to being wiped out in the election. They are not rational human beings.


We need you back ASAP. You have the respect of World Leaders and great solutions for all.
Please help the Nations. God be with you.

Donna Richardson

No. He got made fun of by world leaders because he was ignorant. All the world leaders really got a laugh at Donald J Trump when he stood up next to Putin in Helsinki and kissed Putins ass. Wow! You call that respect.


Bye Felicia~!

Karl Young

Donald Trump continually says that Russia would not have invaded Ukraine if he had been re-elected. How does he figure that? Does any fool think that Trump has command over Vladimir Putin? Of course not. Trump would have allowed Putin the dictator to take the Ukraine democracy. Why? Because he doesn’t care about democracies. He would have accepted a small bribe from Putin, the man he most admires.


How are things on the Ukrainian front lines Comrade Karl?

Karl Young

We’re not negotiating with Russia, you goddamned Traitor. Vladimir Putin is a murderer and a war criminal, not your buddy.


He is YOUR Buddy Comrade.


President Trump, we know you are still Commander in Chief. Get It Done! We stand with you, DO IT!!


Trump is not Commander-in-Chief. He cannot “get it done,” and he dare not try. If Trump does anything, whatsoever, to interject himself into this matter, claiming to be acting on behalf of the United States, he’s had it.

Make no mistake on this: Everything else he has done, or may have done, will pale in comparison.


God Bless And Godspeed President Trump. MAGA Please !

Donna Richardson

With the Grace of God Trump and his family will be paying for their many crimes soon.


Quit smoking crack with Hunter Biden!


Hope you and your family are safe during the time of this storm Mr President


Such a charitable person. He hasn’t once shown concern for his fellow Floridians or offered to help anyone. He’s just a disgusting human being.


You posted this two days ago. And STILL he has not said a word, or lifted a finger, to even show concern. It’s appalling.

Donald Trump has no concern for others.
His only concern is himself.

Save Our United States

The Democrats are too busy intentionally destroying America to worry about stopping WWIII. In fact, they are probably hoping that WWIII will finish us off. Yes, they are that evil.



Kreg Vergith

I fear it end up going in one ear, and out t’uther’, sir.

They are determined to keep poking the bear!


A chance for Peace? Can’t imagine anyone better equipped and qualified than President Trump to do the negotiating.
However, the breathtakingly, rank pettiness and incompetence in this White House will not allow that to happen. You see, their enemy would have another chance to show them up for the losers they are. A peaceful and prosperous world is not their objective.


What a joke he is. He would give Ukraine to his friend Putin!


100% Spot On!
This incident Does Not need to be Escalated!
Get a NEW Deal Done Now!

Hang biden

Mr President, You ARE the president!! You were elected by we the people by a massive landslide! You are well aware of this FACT!!! NEVER STOP FIGHTING FOR THE DIAMONDS!! THEY ARE YOURS!!! This POS pretending to be president is a FAKE FRAUD corrupt CRIMINAL!!! We all know he did NOT win the election!!! We also know that this bastard had the pipeline blown up!!! It is his goal to take us to war, AND to destroy this country!!! Sir, we beg you, please NEVER stop fighting this election fraud!! WE CAN NOT let this treason go unpunished!!!


YOUR Help is Needed

Only with YOUR help we can spread the word of the 45th President