Donald J. Trump at Kari Lake’s Election Integrity Rally

Donald J. Trump sends a message to the People of Arizona at Kari Lake’s Election Integrity Rally

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It makes me sick to my stomach how Biden and the democrats are hunting Americans that don’t agree with them. Everyone needs to watch Tuckers “Patriot Pure” so even the normies out there will see how Biden is mad leader only set on killing real Americans and America. Thank God for our real President Trump who is working hard at getting real Americans elected into office. Please say something about how this vaccine is being pushed on us. No jab no shopping or even a job and Biden doesn’t care that we’re all getting fired for not taking the jab. Removing all patriots from our military and hospitals is sick and the democrats love doing it. God bless our real president Trump

Rosanne. Choate

We’ve noticed the White House is closed. You and Melanie are incredible very talented! You and Melanie are still our President and First Lady! We love you both! Don’t ever think that we’ve stopped believing you and Melanie to be our true President and First Lady. We love you both!!!!!


Rock N Roll President Trump!
4-0 Good Job!


WHAT is the BOTTOM of IT? What is “IT”?????????? You are a FRAUD!!!!

Johnny Appleseed

Dude… I am going to buy you a new acting coach. You starting to repeat yourself.

I feel like you have surpassed the na-na na-na boo boo stage into the crusty old pissed off crab stage…

Just tryna help…

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed

Just speaking the truth man – something DJT has yet t learn!!

American girl

Mr. President can you please help restore the intellectual property back to leader technology???????


Praying everything works out as planned. I wanted my first vote to matter. Election integrity is so very important.Those who voted for you President Donal J Trump feel betrayed by the rigged election. God Bless ~MAGA

Lenora Thompson, Writer

Doing my utmost to support my President by writing AMERICA: The Blog. Gotta keep the Patriots’ spirits up, up, up! #trumptriumphant


The results of the AZ election fraud was expected by all. Likewise; GA, and many other democrat states/cities are ground zero for election fraud. PA stands out as a cesspool of a continuation of fraud on top of fraud. We all know that the 2020 presidential election was a big fat fraud and a stolen election. We all know President Donald J. Trump was and still should be the president of the United States of America.

For those who think and feel otherwise more than likely have their hands in the cookie jar. If you are one of those still supporting this disastrous Biden Admin. you truly are a criminal and anti American. You are not only selling yourself short but many other people. You are dirtbags and can only succeed for a short period of time. Criminals like yourselves can only get away with a plan for as long as your plan goes unnoticed. Well, all of the world knows the game you’re playing. If you wish to continue to live I would recommend you back off or die trying to be the scumbag swamp creatures you all are. You can feel free to accept that as a warning, promise or even a threat. I have no problems with a civil war.

What all the good people of America want to learn of is the punishment for those that committed the 2020 presidential election fraud. Americans are sick and tired of criminals getting a pass.



Yes free the political prisoners from January 6th. It was a frame up, why has only Marjorie Taylor Green and Louis Gohmert gone to visit them (Gaetz apparently having given up..or busy elsewhere)? After being denied for several days entry to visit, they finally oblige after barley passing an inspection in the hell hole of a prison they’re being kept. With all the available footage and information out there about this, there should be far more outrage at the keeping of these political prisoners, it’s like frigging russia or china.



Meegan Fixler

Ol’ Kamala, the laughing hyena said that the outcome of the Virginia Gubernatorial race would indicate the direction of 2022 and 2024….looks like the direction of a red wave! Go Kari Lake, turn Arizona back to a great state! President Trump has that magic wand and knows how to pick them!!

My Man Trump

We are behind you 100% Kari Lake! Arizona desperately needs you. Someone who will do the right thing, fix all the wrongs and get Arizona back to being a great state. Thank you again President Trump.


God Bless you Kari. and Thank God to our Blessed President the best days are yet to come…

Deborah Addor

You are so awesome Mr.President.
Come back very soon.
God Bless You 🙌

Rosanne. Choate

Yes! ASAP!!!!

True believer

Go Kerry. Arizona needs a strong governor. You will have lots of supporters.



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