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Meg P

Almighty GOD, please bless America for we are dealing with people in leadership who are allowing evil to rule their hearts and minds and actions. God bless our fighting Angles of our military and our police. Amen


President Trump is one of the greatest of all presidents our country has ever had as opposed to Joe Biden he is the worst we have ever had his administration is trying to kill people by causing food shortages oil and natural gas shortages along with inflation while helping Russia and China to become more prosperous at the same time we need a revolution.

Mr. Ree

I love how “The Donald” velvet-roped himself off for Thanksgiving dinner so he could charge a fee for a picture like a cheap department store Santa


Happy Belated Thanksgiving.


I didn’t serve under your leadership, but did under the next best Commander in Chief. That Commander in Chief was President Ronald Reagan.

I wished I served under your leadership. I served in the Regular Army, Army Reserves and the National Guard.

My time serving under these Commander in Chiefs; between President Reagan and Bush, gave me pause and I questioned if I could continue to serve under some of these leaders.

Again, I was honored to have served under President Reagan and would have been more honored to serve under you as Commander in Chief President Trump.

You see, the leader really matters. Moreover; the service itself matters and during that time it was very difficult to continue to serve. I witnessed and felt the push and change.

Those serving were being pushed out of service by our politicians. I even volunteered for the Gulf war but it came to an end before my Reserve Unit at the time acted. So I served at times as an active duty DI. Funny at the time we seemed to be fighting to want to serve our country. That is to say; we had to fight to stay in the military. President Clinton made the first push to end the service of those in service. He closed many military installations. Busy fighting to remain in the military gave way to the transition between the Regular Army, Reserves and National Guard. Time became a blur and I lost track of how long I served. I recently requested records but this request seemed to have fallen on deaf ears.

My request is to better respond to job interviewers and not for retirement. I have no retirement benefits from the military or civilian work. I guess my desire to serve the country at the time gave little reason to cya my ass for retirement.

One of the last jobs I had was in the Army Reserves as a Combat Engineer and Drill Instructor at Ft. Leonard Wood. It was there I witnessed the changes in the Army. What I call the “Pussification of the Military.” The IET (initial entry trainee) made complaints and did not like the new softness or politically correct way of the military.

These IET soldiers said that they wanted it rough like they heard from veterans or other soldiers. They said they wanted to be tested and to see if they could make it.

Many new rules made the DI’s job very difficult. Many legal actions were falsely filed against the DI. For an example; when a female IET soldier did not want to be a soldier during her menstruation or if she found that Basic Tng. was hard, she made many excuses and legal accusations were made against the Dl.

If you were a Reservist DI any legal accusation true or false meant you were not going home anytime soon until the case was resolved. Basically, your were guilty until proven innocent. Leadership power was taken from the DI over all by the crazy liberal changes of the military and given the the IET soldiers.

My time as a IET Basic Tng. Soldier was far different than those I trained when I was a DI. When my feet touched the ground at Ft. Bliss back in the early 1980s it was game on. I flew into hell (Basic Tng.) late at night, was stripped of civilian paraphernalia, allowed 2 or 3 hours of shut eye (you won’t sleep) and then suddenly; still O’dark 30, shit hit the fan! Loaded duffle bag on your back and arms full of Army stuff and a long march by untrained civilians soon to be introduce to being a soldier by a shock meeting by 15 Drill Sgt., a Senior Drill Sgt., 1st and 2nd LT. and a Colonel. I lost count on how many times we emptied or duffle bags and pick the crap back up only to do it over and over. I lost count of the number of time we did mountain climbers and push-ups only to have you fellow soldiers boot kick you in the face. Within a few hours drenched with sweat (note: I arrived at basic in the Fall) I was pulled out of formation and assessed for heat stroke (I came from snow country – Buffalo, NY). Needless to say; things really got rough and continued to get harder until you realized I can only be broken to the rock bottom and then I am free of the infliction.

This builds a man. This prepares a man for war. Today, I fear it has gotten too soft. Politicians inserted politics and law, and policies that embolden the IET soldier to fight the system on day one of basic training. I coined a few terms while serving in the Army: “LET’S MAKE A POLICY THAT THERE WILL BE ON NEW POLICES.” another one was: “UNCLE SAM’S POLITICAL CLUSTER F*CK.” AND LASTLY: “THIS IS GLORIFIED WELFARE.”

When I completed Basic Tng. I was ready to kill some Russians, and I knew I and my fellow soldiers were very capable without a question. Today; outside to the Special Forces, I question if it is likewise for your regular Joe in today’s Army.

This kind of system (civilian/gov./politicians) are/is not meant nor belongs in a system such as the military and needs to butt out. The military requires trust, respect and discipline. If Sgt. Bull Dog tells Pvt. Newbie to jump on that grenade there is no room for a debate. Politicians involvement for the most part harms the military system. The military is a hard ass system and you give up some rights. Trying to “improve” the rights of soldiers doesn’t fit the way of the military. Be it gay rights, women’s rights, etc. these can damage our fighting forces. The military is not made to be a social experiment of always fair. War is ugly and being a soldier can be hard. But we are meant to win wars and not social norms.

Politicians seem to use religion and medical rights as a way to start (or a foothold to enter) this demise of the military they created. I am not saying these are not valid and rights not to have and honor. I am saying that the gov. needs to stop micromanaging the military.

My greatest concern is the military over the past 20 plus years has slowly been taken over by the radical left as we have witnessed with the civilian sector. I believe the LEFTIST are attempting to replace not only the military members with like minded LEFTIST RADICALS but they are doing the same with our police. All this for their grand plan to rule the world.

The military should never be the gov. and the government should never be the military. Today, many voluntarily join the military as the draft sits idle. I can see the draft being needed if the military seemingly continues to fall out of favor with civilians. The military; unfortunately, will always be a fall back for some not being able to find meaningful and gainful work as a civilian. Another concern is that the military may fall out of favor because many good citizens do not wish to get involved with the ugly system that is being created by the very politicians no one likes. Many people do not want to serve in the Federal government. because of the ugly corruption of the government. Now this same ugly corrupt gov. is turning the military into the same ugly corrupt gov. no wishes to be part of.

BTW: it is a real bite in the ass to have illegal aliens sitting out the couch here in the USA as born Americans go off to war. Pisses me off.

I believe strongly that America’s military must to be number 1 in the world, and I strongly believe that it should not be toyed with by stupid rules imposed by stupid civilian gov. officials. The gov. (hence American citizens) must support the military and give it what it needs and free it of the burdensome politics given to it. Let the military be the military and not part of a corrupt political system we have in DC. Generals in DC and elsewhere must be kept in check when they lose their “military minds” to greed and power that is so prevalent in the Federal gov. today.

Boys and men are getting soft. America has 17 year olds that look like they are fat 50 year olds? We as a Nation have become too damn soft in many ways. Beta males and cry babies seem to be the new way? Real women ask: “Where have all the real men gone?” Again; my first Commander in Chief (president Reagan) came from a time when duking it out outside the local pub was seen as perfectly okay if two men came to that point as a resolution. We’d resolve our issues by duking it out, shake hands and in the end share a beer. Now, our youth can find themselves in hot water for calling a man a man when it wants to be called a girl?

Even companies like Amazon find it difficult to hang onto employees (real workers) under the age of 40. Society is soft. Rules are hard. Autonomy is fading.

I feel every soldier is an infantryman first and should be ready, willing and able to take on the worst of the worst combat situations. This means being able to survive being in a POW situation. Being able to perform in hand to hand combat should be standard. for all soldiers.

I understand it’s a new age with new techn., but we need to hang-on to the old ways of fighting and not rely on robots as we sit back, push buttons and eat donuts. We seem to fail with techn. due to relying on it too much. Like these damn cell phones everyone seems to be looking down at all day long (another topic for another day). Techn.; is like a box full of tools, and should be viewed and used as one of the tools in the box. Tools are best used when it best fits a need and not act as a crutch like a Swiss Army knife everyone wants to have and rely on for every little thing as if we can’t live without it. We are way too dependent as a Nation on techn.power and not people power.

You can bet that our enemies are not sitting back and eating donuts as their training plan for war. If we continue to allow for a Soft Military and citizens the enemy will use that against us as a tool of war. If our enemies get the upper hand and turns the war into a real fight. We won’t be able to cope.

It is my hope you will become America’s Commander in Chief again and take what I share into consideration.

Thank You

Still President Trump

Johnny Appleseed

Thank you for your service.

Thank you for telling the truth.

You have no idea what your words are doing for so many that were pushed out.

In an army of never going to be a hero….

I think you just became one.

God bless you.



Fred Delshad

Thank you very much. You are our current President and all The True People of The World LOVE you dear President TRUMP and LOVE Our fabulous Dear First lady Melania. BRAVO and MAGA😍🌷🌼🙏💖😀👍🌸🌹💝☘🌴

Mary Geiger

Those were the days and those days will be coming back. Happy Thanksgiving!

Elizabeth Headley

I replied, but it was taken down: here’s what I said..”thank you Sir! Thank you to our great Military! May God keep you all safe!”

Elizabeth Headley

Thank you Sir! Thank you our GREAT MILITARY!


Living in the past! You’re not the president. You lost!




I agree. I have often asked how a true wife would allow her husband to be made a laughing stock of the world— greed knows no bounds….

Ralph G Lamy

First, if I recall the President wasn’t drawing a salary. Laughing stock? Maybe to the folks at MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC, various papers who also forgot to fact check. As for oil. If you have enough domestic production (we know who changed that) the numbers change. Nature holds the trump card (odd choice, eh). Going by experience under President Trump using gas points accumulated at various distributors, I was paying an average of $1.80 gallon. Know, it costs me twice as much to fill my cars, Everything costs more. The Dollar store wants to go from $1.00 to $1.25. Doesn’t sound like much, but if you can do rudimentary math it’s a 25% increase. Open your eyes.


Why are you always yelling? The price of oil is set in the global market place and OPEC is refusing to increase production.

Johnny Appleseed

Then allow our people here to do their jobs….

Oh… but you know all the epa rules and shutting down keystone… and

Do you guys ever get tired of spewing bullshit???

Don’t you just get tired of the smell…. The rest of us are sick of it.

I mean when people give you a bar of soap, deodorant, and a bottle of cologne… they ain’t giving you the royal treatment… they are trying to save their own noses from the smell…

Of bullshit.

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed
Mr. Ree

BIGLY he lost!



Ralph G Lamy

How do such fools come to be?

My Man Trump

Wow! What a beautiful Thanksgiving video. I loved at the end when he showed himself as the legitimate President of the United States. The 45th AND 46th President of the United States…DJT…Doing as he always does: Honoring our military, vets and front liners. ALWAYS!

Yuk Chun Birch



such a wonderful video, thank you Mr. President!


Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family President Trump. Thankful to you for answering God’s call on your life…just like our great service men and women.
You are a true Patriot and I/we are forever grateful. God bless you and our great United States Of America

Cary Miller

Well said Patriot, God Bless You!

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