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I grew up in Delaware, Ohio, right around the corner is Rutherford B. Hayes Highschool, a great little down, and home of the Little Brown Jug Horse Race. Saw it on RSBN, but great speech. Thanks again for all you do President Trump.


Keep doing what your involved with sir. Great job! The majority Americans stand with you sir! Godbless!

Wild Bill

I will pledge allegiance to President Trump because in my eyes he is one of the last true patriots. History will reflect the injustices and lies that the haters ( democrats, media, DOJ, etc.) have mislead americans. The kangaroo J6 courts and the dishonest public defenders. I pray that the country survives the Biden/Obama crime familys and Trumps wife will let him be president after what the haters have put the Trumps thru. Then it will be payback time!


Giving the power back to the people. Thank you President Trump!


Thank you

Craig Barrett

The Real President


Mr. President, you looked great and I thought the rally was grand and very inspiring! Thank you!

Meggy M Blaser Porte

Our VOLUME WAS LOW during the rally on Desk coverage (1st time). We have AT&T modem. We also could not get through Right Side (1st time) It looked like it was being blocked. Anyone else having these problems on their pcs.
SIR, some digital problems getting coverage of your rally, please check it out, Looks ODD.


Yes I did as well and I have at&t


Well said Mr President! And a wonderfully appreciative and responsive audience.
Also, not a faux Obama Roman pillar in sight in this, the Heartland of America.
Only, a great American patriot Leader supported by genuine Americans. God Bless!

Patricia McDermott

As always, PERFECTION!!!


Watching. He’s being being better than other rallies. I like it.


Thank You President Trump!
I WILL be watching!

Mary B Logan

Godspeed, Mr. President! Thank you for your conduit service for God and Country.🇺🇸⚖️🛐

Cynthia Powers

Dear President Trump , I appreciate you endorcing decent people with ideas that are good for America’s true patriots and America !
I’m praying all heavens angels keep a hedge of protection around you and your family and the good people of America .
God bless America .

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