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Save Our United States

Best part of the rally: “the protest”

Last edited 11 months ago by Save Our United States
Katie Kress

I love you Mr President Trump and Almighty Jesus Christ. Thank you Mr President for all you do for America and the world.
May God richly bless you.

MAGA through God

Now it is our turn to watch the mystified media as it watches this Red Wave go through Our America. The MAGA MOVEMENT, THAT ARE THOSE HARD WOKING GOD LOVING AMERICANS ARE WITNESSING GODS GRACE

Meg P

10/24 New York Slimes: “Their America is Vanishing. Like Trump, they insist they were cheated”. NOW if that projected statement doesn’t show how the democratic flavored polls are not able to conceal the fact that there is a massive RED wave coming which is reflected even in their polls, what does!
Keep praying because the only thing that appears to be Vanishing is the democratic control of the congress and senate. Give to these people who are running. We are all feeling the effects of this regime in our homes but give what you can. If everyone gave just a little it would result in a big help to get the truth out and bring these good people in.
America is worth every penny is it not!

MAGA through God

Thank you once again Sir. All your hard work is paying off. All these beautiful and smart people who are running that you endorsed are doing so well in the polls!

All of America and the World please keep praying to God our Holy Father and to his son Jesus for their mercy and voter protection. We are witnessing a MIRACLE in progress. The US is going into a RED tidal wave. Keep helping others to vote.



I use to say: Build the wall or kill em all.

Now I say: Kill em all and deport the rest.

Be sure to build a one way gate opening Southbound only, in the wall come 2024.

My Man Trump

Everybody loves Trump! Brilliant.


Texas loves President Trump. Thank you for for supporting the citizens of America.


A truly GREAT moment at 9p.m. when the crowd broke into the 🇺🇸Star Spangled Banner 🇺🇸 as heard in DC each night sung by the political prisoners of J6. A recording is at American Greatness Please pardon them and let them return home to their families The DC gulag is horrid. The J6 unselect commies are responsible for these abuses to Americans.

Mac Carthy

The grift continues!


The Commie-Libs Day ARE Numbered!
P.S. Where’s Jackie?


Great Job President Trump!
Thank You!

Save Our United States



MAGA ~The Land Of The Free And Home Of The Brave 🌹🦁🇺🇸



Margaret ClarkPrice

May the Creator shower blessings and protection upon President Donald J. Trump!! Pray for his return to the Oval Office!! If not, we are a dead country.


Amen and Correct!


God Bless And Godspeed 🌹🦁🇺🇸 #MAGA

Anna Leal

Arriba President Trump!!

Cheryl Weinberger

Definitely watching but once again unable to share…another 28 day FB ban for sharing the TRUTH!


The “fake” news media knows, I have everything. President Trump gave me Q security clearance, to digitally archive all the sensitive “declassified” information.They all know, I exposed the names, of government “swamp,” and hollywood “elites,” in Epstein’s flight log.They also know, I exposed Nancy Pelosi, in the underground rooms of Epstein island, caught on security camera ch11. I have more than you could possibly know. The news articles, and fake news media, trashing “QAnon”, are doing it intentionally. I was entrusted to expose the ” swamp”, due to corruption in the CIA,FBI and government.I have more courage than anyone will ever know. I exposed a worldwide, demonic, trafficking/pedophile ring, from the Vatican, to the royal family.The “swamp” got caught, and nothing can stop, what is coming. President Trump Q+ told me to trust the plan and justice was coming….. John 3:16 ~ Revelations 5:5 🙏#MAGA🦁🇺🇸


Nancy Pelosi is an Alcoholic Sadomasochist performing on Epstein’s island.
Pelosi’s husband AKA “CRASH” is also an alcoholic and should be in jail for a felony hit and run while under the influence but bribed a Californication POS judge!



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