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I watch every rally on RSBN! Thank you for all you do. DO IT 45, DO IT!!

Meg P

Thank you for staying with us, Sir, and giving us so much. Have not been able to see yet, too busy with work and life.

How do you DESTROY America. First, you steal the President Election. Then you put an old criminal in there and have all your hard work Sir, stopped/reversed with a pen. Then you have the domoncratic controlled take-over throughout a big smoke screen called January 6th to keep the US distracted while Congress pushes two massive spending bills to destroy our economy. Then you get as many Rinos in Congress and the Senate as you can to go along with their EVIL plot.
And NOW you have the Federal Reserve increase rates to highest level since the Great Recession.

Pray to God and Jesus our Lord and Savior to save our beautiful country.

My Man Trump

Another brilliant. very motivating rally. DJT is the best.


Sir, I saw this message posted under your NC rally and am sharing it. From AlphaChino in the Netherland’s.

Over here in Europe hundreds of thousand people will watch it too. Like my self and my family we will stay up ( because over here it’s in the middle of the night ). Last week in Ohio, a lot of neighbors also watched with us.

Donald Trump is incredible popular over here, he’s even more popular then our own ( corrupt ) politicians.

Please DO GET OUT AND VOTE in november at the mid terms.

These elections are SO important, also for us, because if the light in the US of A goes out, the world will turn DARK for a long term, maybe forever.

This IS the LAST chance for freedom and liberty…waiting til 2024 will be too late. America will be destroyed by the Democrats by then.

If the Republicans/ Maga win these elections, America is saved from the same people who have destroyed Europe already : the World Economic Forum.

If they loose the US, and they will if MAGA wins, and eventually they also will loose Europe, Australia and Canada.


If somebody is disabled in your street, offer them a ride, VOTE as MANY as you CAN.

PLEASE SAFE America and the world !!!!!!

Greetings from Occupied Europe, The Netherlands.

Meg P

Thank you, Angel.

THANK YOU ALL OF EUROPE. So many Americans are praying for you and God’s protection of our November Elections. We think that some of you must see American’s as so spoiled, but the majority of us get exactly what you are saying. We are hardworking people, and we are fighting with everything we have. We understand that we are the caretakers for the World, (our leaders). If we go down with this recession, a man made one, you all go down, even greater. We know that you know; that our White House was stolen from us, and that we certainly did not vote for that.
Keep praying for us to Almighty God our Father who art in Heaven, and we will always pray for you and President Trump. God Bless.


I love listening to your rallies, they give me hope.


Thank YOU, President Trump!


Thank you President Trump, May God bless you and our Nation


Rock & Roll President Trump!


He really is a “rockstar” and wow, how desperately we need him back in office.



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