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Excellent Rally President Trump!
The United States is TOTALLY Pissed-Off by what is going on!
The Commie-Libs have AWOKEN a Sleeping Giant!

Preserve America

Mr. President,
The speech was riveting! Every word was engaging and hit the target of truth.
I noticed how deeply important this became to President Trump, as the speech turned towards,
“We are a country in decline”.

Our country is in serious trouble. The realization of this decline hits hard and is center to the future of our Republic!
The consequences to our country from the rigged 2020 election, has been destructive and damaging! We the people have been forced to live with these (so called) representative’s and their decisions! They do not reflect our values, nor the will of the people.

I am especially thankful for President Trump and those holding back the full force takeover of our freedoms and country.

November is approaching!
We must not be fooled again!
We must turn the tide and vote in person on Election Day.
Support the MAGA AMERICA FIRST candidates in this election!

Save America
(From this tyranny)

God Bless America


Rock & Roll!

Phillis Massad

God bless President Trump and all Maga. The illegitimate Obiden regime are destroying our country at breakneck speed. There is a small % of leftists communists democrats and they run all over our Republicans and the moderate democrats, calling everyone Racists. The sad part is the moderate democrats and our Republicans stay silent. Everyone should be standing up and speaking out. Please don’t put up with this. Please do your research. Never from msm and big Tech. We must stand for our Country and our families. We need President Trump now. Maga bows to no one but God. Thank you President Trump for standing for all of us. God bless our Nation and our World.

Donna Richardson

You should do your research because every word you said is false. Do you know what a democracy is? When we have elections in this country we accept the results. We do not scream from the roof top before and after the elections about there’s going to be election fraud. Two years later he is still lying saying there was fraud. You do realize that he has never said in a court filing that he had proof of fraud. Just like he has never said in a court filing that he declassified the stolen government documents. Wake up your in a cult. People don’t worship treasonous ex presidents. You need deprigrammed.


And his rhetoric is getting more and more dangerous. I watched a few clips of the rally. Scary stuff. Inciting words. Trump wants wants an autocratic government where he never has to leave the White House. And I believe many of his followers will stop at nothing to get him back into the White House.



My Man Trump

Another brilliant rally! Thank you Mr. President.

Donna Richardson

Are you kidding me! If that was great you are a shallow miserable person.




You MUST be a Liberal Dope head like Hunter Biden!

Le cat

Awesome as usual, packed to the max as usual. President Trump, you are the one who gives us hope, and we need it! as everyone here says: we are 100% behind you. Best president, ever.


Thank you President Trump for being the voice of the American citizens.
We love and support you 100%.
Also thanks for the recommended books listed below.

Donna Richardson

Speak for yourself. It’s not my fault that you and the other Maga freaks are so damn stupid that you don’t see that Donald J. Trump and his entire family are criminals. I can’t wait until November. You people need your voting rights stripped from you. You are all traitors to the United States by following this cult leader.




Quit Smoking Crack with Hunter Biden.
A Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste!


He is not the voice of American citizens. In fact his approval rating is way down-16 month low of 34%




The “fake” news media knows exactly who and what was exposed.They are “knowingly” ignoring the truth. MAGA

Donna Richardson

Do you have any comments or thoughts 🤔 of your own? You people are like robots.


Here is My Thought!
FJB! and YOU!




Right On!

Tom Spear

Great To see You Speaking the Truth !

Keep up the good work Mr. President


Thank you President Trump! The MAGA enthusiaam roared from Youngstown Ohio throughout the world! God bless you and kerp you strong and fighting! I ask now Fathet God bless your family, Bless the First Lady and her gorgeous ornaments for a brilliant scholarship program for foster youth. Bless your sons and daughters for their strength on the frontlines deserves to be heard! Bless this nation Lord, we need a red tsunami of love and compassion for all life. Amen

I believe your right, Sir when you say ” The Best Is Yet To Come”

jo young

great rally, as usual

Mary Basile Logan

You’re in our prayers, with you lock-step Mr. President. Godspeed.

Prayer Warrior

We love you! We don’t give up! Rise Up!
Praying for You President Donald J Trump
Thank you for encouraging us to never give up on Hope! God is on our side

YOUR Help is Needed

Only with YOUR help we can spread the word of the 45th President