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Ready to hear you say “Your Fired”. Continue to drain the swamp, Get rid of the laws that protect them from criminal charges or termination. Thank you President Trump.

Patricia McDermott

President Trump – strong, courageous, caring, bold, determined and loves the USA and its citizens, always instills new hope in me. I watch him and hear his words of encouragement, promise, his faith in God and how we will win back our Country and I believe, truly believe, that he will the one to bring us out of darkness of today and back into the light of the freedom of tomorrow and forward!
God Bless You President Donald J. Trump!!!


Listening/watching right now and loving it so much. There’s our real President, who should still be in the White House running our country, needless to say. How these incessant trolls who comment regularly in here can listen to Trump and deny his truths and still continue to support the shameful DISASTER called the “biden administration” is beyond belief. They have got to be totally insane, there’s no other explanation. I will not reply to insane people any longer.

Patricia McDermott

Laura, they are trolls. They are paid to say the garbage that spews from their mouths. They believe in nothing and they are nothing. I don’t respond to them – I don’t recognize that they exist. They are NOTHINGS!


👍 Yep.


Thank you President Trump. Making America Great Again.

Linda M

Thank you for your selfless service Mr President Trump 45. ❤🇺🇸❤


Great Job President Trump!
America LOVES YOU!

Margaret Pokatiloff

🇺🇸 ❤️ 🇺🇸 GOD Bless & Protect Our Great President Who We Love & Respecf🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸

Wild Bill

PRESIDENT Trump has class. PRESIDENT Trump has ethics. Doctor Simone Gold is locked up in the hooscow. She committed no crimes. Joe joe has no ethics. The bidens have no class. We are a reflection of our parents. God bless America because no body else will. RESPECTFULLY?

Sarah Luu

President Trump, THIS SPEECH WAS BY FAR THE GREATEST YOU’VE EVER GIVEN! You left NOTHING out, Delivered EVERY sentence with perfection and deeply from the heart. If the “fake news” networks hand carried this, EVERY American would have heard you, their viewer ratings would have been the highest ever, and MAY-BE the earth would have stopped turning; just for about 2 1/2 Hours! “YOU’RE THE GREATEST” Sarah Luu


Every Speech Brings Blessed Hope Of A Better Tomorrow 🙏 God Bless And Godspeed President Trump 💝 Much Love And Many Prayers🌹🦁🇺🇸MAGA


Spot On!


We are all in this together 💞 Keep praying and trusting the plan. The “fake” news refuses to acknowledge the truth. We have everything and justice is coming 🌹🦁🇺🇸 God bless 🙏 MAGA


thank-you for posting

Kathi Williams

Old Crow Mitch McConnell knows he won’t be re-elected even if he decides to run again. He is working with the dem’s to take down our beautiful country. Keep your eyes out for Kevin McCarthy, He is a RINO at heart. NO SPINE. NO BALLS. He will hurt our country just like old crow McConnell.


A wonderful speech yesterday. God bless President Trump, and our beautiful First Lady Melania who brought grace and elegance back to our White House!
We have an illegitimate regime pitching camp in our beautiful White House now and it’s disgraceful and demoralizing to our Country. The whole World saw the stealing of our election!! Disgusting!! The whole World sees the corrupt politicians!! Both sides!!


Watching it now, wasn’t able to yesterday.



My Man Trump

President Trump, you were so brilliant as usual. We love you and all that you do for us.



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