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Save Our United States

“On a couple of occasions President Trump suggested to Esper they “attack the drug cartels with missiles.” No comment.”

Good answer! *snicker*


Of course you had to run it all by yourself. There us no one out they with your stagmina, intelingence and mental strength. When law and order is restored We dont a cabinet full of marxist RiNO losers, without your intelingence and capacity. We only want YOU! The rest must just follow your orders like We live to do


You are suggesting a dictatorship?


I always believed Mr President, that your ‘problems’ with staff sprang from the ‘advice’ given to you by RINOS, with an agenda.
That was to harm and hinder you, instead of help. The nation itself was not important. It was The Man, you, that was targeted.
The creatures of The Swamp, from both sides of politics were out to prevent you from disturbing the status quo, which delivered much to them at the expense of the ordinary American citizen. They felt threatened and behaved like arrogant and guilty people so often do. Badly.

Ironically, and deliciously it backfired on them. All the scams and investigations you have endured at the hands of these enemies of the State, have shown to the world you are indeed a rare individual: An honest political Leader of great courage and conviction. Best wishes always. God Bless!


Just watched his interview. He is a complete disgrace. Stamper and studder the entire time. He’s running with the lefts agenda’s. Just to attack President Trump. He is lying and mis-guiding the truth. He is useless to our Country. His I say so, are pointless and look who he teams with, milley. That says it all. Cry babies.


On Steve Bannon WarRoom


Yes, we’re sick of the left!


More Lies By Donald Pinocchio Trump


Thanks for taking a stand against the Rhinos. They seem to be hard to identify. One is running in our Senate Republican Primary. He trained in Charlottesville. He says he is a conservative Christian, but he is actually a Democrat disguised as such. Their war and deception are against America, God and freedom.


God will take care of those in due time. They should be fearful of that Day that is coming and pray for Gods mercy. I pray for them, that they will do what’s right for the people and support our God loving Country. They are living for man alone and for what they think is right. We know the truth.

Mark Rakow

Releasing this letter is an extremely serious error in judgment on Trump’s part. Frankly, I’m astounded that Trump’s attorneys didn’t stop him from doing so. It contains a statement which, in light of other evidence, directly implicates him in connection with the events of January 6. That said, I doubt the highly restive Trump fans here will believe it. Well, they really ought to, because this is, indeed, very serious. I would urge you to consider the facts as I’ve spelled them out here.

Trump’s claim that he offered to send 10,000 troops – or 20,000, depending on who he’s telling – defies common sense, for reasons which will soon be clear. More to the point, however, it also suggests that Trump knew what would happen at the Capitol that day, and that the White House and the Trump campaign played key roles in planning and carrying out the assault.

Let’s start at the beginning: Trump has said, multiple times, that January 6 was going to be a peaceful protest. Furthermore, he told people to remain peaceful. These are facts, and easily proven.

Therefore, why would ANY troops be needed at the Capitol?

The fact is, Trump did not offer to send troops. He didn’t offer any, and he didn’t send any. Based on what he knew – or, at least, believed – it would have been completely unnecessary, So, naturally, he didn’t do it.

As a result, there were no troops at the Capitol that day. Furthermore, Nancy Pelosi and Mayor Bowser, being completely unaware what was to happen, had no reason to expect any would be needed, and no reason to even ask.

Trump knew it, from the start. He knew the Capitol would be poorly defended against his mob. He knew Congress did not expect to be invaded. And he knew that, once the Capitol was breached, there was a good chance the mob would prevent Congress from certifying the election of Joe Biden. Trump knew all of this. And the poorly defended capitol made it easy for Trump supporters to break in and begin their rampage.

This is exactly what Trump intended. And, what’s more, his letter above proves it. This is where he’s really hurt himself.

He wrote that it “would have totally changed the day, and allowed us to have a proper debate on the evidence of massive Election Fraud.” Yes, it certainly would have changed the day! That’s what he wanted, and it’s what he fully intended to do. Congress would have been at the mercy of Trump’s mob. They would have stopped the certification of Joe Biden as President. Because there wouldn’t have been any troops there to prevent them from stopping it.

With this piece of the puzzle now in place, Donald Trump has now implicated himself. I see no reason why he shouldn’t be charged with inciting an insurrection, if not treason. The evidence is all there. And he, himself, has provided it.

Last edited 10 months ago by Mark Rakow
My Man Trump

I’m so sorry you had to and still do, put up with all the lies, incompetence, hatred and weak and pathetic losers. You put up with it for all of us and we are very grateful to you. You are OUR President and we wait for your return.

Mark Rakow

You might as well wait. After all, you have nothing else to do.

My Man Trump

Obviously you do not either. No one else has time to do the boring, long rants that you do. You are always trying to impress us with your more than usual command of the propaganda information highway. You’re pitiful.


Excellent Letter President Trump!
Mark Esper WAS a Pure Piece of Crap!


You are doo doo Stu Stu!!!!

My Man Trump

Ga Ga Goo Goo you commie twerp.


The great pity of all these book authors, is that they didn’t say anything at the time. When it mattered. IF they had something early on, D. Trump may have been removed from office before the “so called rigged election”. The people who tried to say something in a timely fashion were brushed aside. They are the true patriots.


Trump is so guilty of everything. Most innocent men wouldn’t even bother to answer. Esper was not even in office on January 6 so he couldn’t have heard trump at that time. Trump fired him in November. It’s been debunked on many, many occasions that Pelosi or the Mayor were in charge of protection or that trump asked for troops. The National Guard was deployed many hours later because of trump’s procrastination. Will trump ever stop lying. He’s just a bitter loser.

Last edited 10 months ago by Prize
My Man Trump

Just stop with all the lies and propaganda. Are you little irritants breaking the law again bullying SCOTUS. With their spouses and children in their homes. You people are sick little creatures. Your FJB and regime will not stop it because this is the only thing they have for midterms. Steal the draft, scream, yell and bully your way to the midterm. LOL. How desperate. Especially since it won’t work. But you are all good and loyal little comrades.

Phillis Massad

This guy is a joke and even worse msm & big Tech are doing everything in their power to throw misdirects & lies which is what they do on a daily basis. Anyone who knows & has followed President Trump understands this is more garbage & propaganda!! The interviewer basically is a joke follow up, no proof, nothing. My 7 yr ol great granddaughter could do better. ITS MISDIRECTS. Stay focused please people.
Their main goal is to keep the American public from finding out the EVIL PLAN the Illegitimate Biden regime came up with to give away the Sovereignty of our Nation to the W.H.O. & CHINA!! Start with & Warroom and do your research people please. Lois Pace, a illegitimate Biden appointee wrote 13 amends for W.H.O. ?? God bless President Trump, First Lady Melania Trump, and all the Trump family.

Patricia McDermott

Smoke and Mirrors – That’s what January 6th was all about for the left. It was yet another of their insane ways of taking attention away from a stolen election and creating their own false narrative about you. They’re like a pack of wolves – stick together, protect only their ilk, but not very intelligent. They act out of desperation and that seldom works out well in the long run. Continue exposing their lies and deception Mr. President – so many of us are behind you and support you. God Bless You.


Well Said!

Patricia McDermott

Thank you!


We’re gonna fight like Hell Go on to the Capital. I SAW IT PATTI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


#MAGA .🌹🦁🇺🇸 Praying justice prevails POTUS. God bless and Godspeed. Love ya 💓


The news media are ignoring the truth “knowingly” I had written to every media personality and news channel. They ignore me because I’m not a celebrity or a public figure. It took courage exposing Nancy Pelosi in the underground rooms of Epstein Island. It took courage exposing all the names in Epstein”s flight log of government and Hollywood. It has been nearly four years since I exposed the swamp and the news media remain silent. The articles written about ” QAnon” are full of misinformation. It took courage exposing this worldwide demonic pedophile/trafficking ring. Mark Zuckerberg also frequented little St James(Epstein) island. The very reason my face book account was targeted and deactivated . I’ve been viciously attacked and persecuted for exposiing everything. Not only was my first time ever voting for my president ruined, so was exposing the truth. I guess my truth doesn’t matter to the news media. They’ve made me feel like I’ve done something wrong by exposing the most evil on our planet. God knows I didn’t lie and that’s all that really matters. I’m thankful God counts eaxh tear. I’ve cried an ocean for the woman and children in those underground rooms. I am counting on you President Donald J
Trump to #MAGA 🙏God bless and God speed. Love, Q-anonymous🌹🦁🇺🇸


Are the drugs you are taking legal?

My Man Trump

They are but you’re not.

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