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President Trump, thank you for your video regarding Afghanistan. You spoke like a true President. Sleepy Joe should be impeached. We need you back Mr. President. Please help the USA.


Thank You President Trump for Standing Up For America!


Even a Boy scout knows that the last to leave
an evacuation is the military..Joey had no idea.
He thought that “please and pretty please” were
an acceptable method of protection to be used
with the most ruthless demons on earth.There’s
no way in this world that 80 million Americans
were dumb enough to put this fraudulent ,lying,
plagiarist in the white house.

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Thank goodness and thank you President Trump for creating this site so that we may be able to read, see, and hear President Trump without interference from the Big Tech censorship syndicate.

Meegan Fixler

Thank you, Sir, and God bless you and MelaniaTrump!!


I absolutely LOVE this clip to the American people that Sean played just after his show started. I’m really happy to see you posted it here! It was strong, forceful, compassionate, hopeful–and above all PRESIDENTIAL. You called a spade a spade–trusting us to hear the truth even though unpleasant, but also gave us a sense that YOU were still there for us and America. That you had NOT abandoned us, that you CARED and we were still all a doable SAVE AMERICA TEAM together. Thank you so much! ♥️🇺🇸🌟

its me

I watched reluctantly. I hate Fox News #shameonfox.. right down to their continued narcissistic propaganda inserting “former” before the words President Donald Trump. I never see them have to make that distinction with other Presidents. When is the last time anyone saw them say former president obama or former president Kennedy? They don’t. but this one… they insist we must accept the lie; still to this day they enforce the lie. They cannot help themselves.
President Trump, you should have appeared on the Lindell Report instead.
That being said, none of this tragedy had to occur. We have one giant global monopoly to thank for it all: Dominion Voting Systems. They installed a fake and completely inept POTUS. And working with the Clinton Global Initiative, Dominion’s Delian Project has advanced their global talons into countries all over the world. They come, they see and they conquer..under the guise of fast and easy voting systems.
But I am here to scold you, too. President Trump. You should have stayed. We all know you won. Worse of all, the Taliban knows you won. Russia knows, China knows, North Korea knows. Everyone knows. And that means they also know our country has fallen. What is being propped up right now is just a facade.
Mr. President, I am sorry but you should have found a way, hard as it would have been. It was the last stand we had. Now, our government has turned on its own citizens, both here and abroad. They have all the power and as long as our elections remain a farce, they will retain it. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.


There is Only One Power, THE Higher Power. Everything, EVERYTHING is in Divine Order. The only unfortunate thing is, it doesn’t fit your limited ideas and perceptions. God WINS.

its me

I get that God is in control but political power on earth is something so lucrative people will do anything to attain and retain it. President Trump brought global stability. He was nominated for 5 Nobel Peace Prizes. When asked about the nominations, he said “Peace IS the prize’. I prefer peace to suffering and bloodbaths.
Jesus told us to take dominion over all the earth. He certainly meant that we, as Christians should work hard to keep the world in a status that protects others and ourselves from bloodbaths, raping child brides and the theft and distortion of any and every glimmer of truth. He surely did not mean to let Dominion take control of the earth.
There will come a time on earth when all things will be filled with terror, and it is true that the rapture could happen any minute. But it could also not happen for 100 years.
We, the people who have been gifted with living in a stable country governed by our fellow citizens, chosen by the people(up until the new voting machines stole that from us) have the moral and ethical responsibility to try to create, protect and preserve peaceful conditions until the day the Lord takes us away, simply put, because it is the right thing to do.
When given the choice peaceful conditions or bloodbaths, there should be no need for a long philosophical contemplation. Peace happens when strong people make it happen.


Bravo!! Excellently stated!!

Stalwart Republican

Which god?


Not yours satan.


God also expects us to help ourselves. It’s in the Bible.


I am sickened by everything! I want to know straight out…Will we get our nation back? Are we heading into a One World Order? I’m fed up and I am not the only one.


Straight Out.
Like Pres Trump said. “Everything Woke Turns To 💩.”

This is the Information Age for a Reason. We are in an Information WAR with EVIL trying to Control the World and Do Us In. Literally, using Suppression,Lies and 2 Bioweapons.

Nothing Is Going To Stop What’s Coming. Absolutely NOTHING.

Open your Heart and stay out of Fear the best you can. DO Something, ANYTHING Big Or Small, to Contribute, making A Difference that Makes THE Difference for ALL of Humanity.

Stalwart Republican

Oh, you’re fed up? Need a manager to complain to, Karen?

Trump Won

It’s about time that those judges who threw out every case take another look at that evidence…

Stalwart Republican

What evidence?


Biden’s handlers are arrogant. That’s the reason for this mess.


Thank you, President!

Spread the word of the 45th President!

We need YOUR help