Donald J. Trump: Why I’m Suing Big Tech

“If Facebook, Twitter and YouTube can censor me, they can censor you—and believe me, they are.”

You can read the full article for The Wall Street Journal here.

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Meegan Fixler

Thank you, President Trump, for giving yourself and the people an opportunity to fight these fascist Tech companies! And to realize that the US government is having these companies do their dirty work for them, is just unimaginable in a Republic; it is as frightening as it gets!

Mike Kissinger

Mr. Trump, you are only bringing this lawsuit so you can get your mug on the TV. You know, your lawyers know, this does not have a snowball’s chance. But it did get you publicity. You sorely need it.


You need to get out of your mom’s basement and get some fresh air Lefty.

Marijo Makufka

Exactly! You are, once again, absolutely correct.

Thanks to our benevolent God, America has you, President Trump, to solve this awful, degrading problem!


This website is really helpful, thank you for all that you & your team & family do, it is much better than going through twitler/fakebook or any others, would really appreciate some vids from previous rallies/ interviews, like an archive! Lots of love, from Nati&Sukhi in UK!


“Free Speech” ? Nothing free about this… just another TRUMP fundraising grift…


and they are asking funds be contributed to TRUMP’s existing PAC which in reality amounts to a personal slush fund for TRUMP with no accountability or transparency… folks who donate to this “free speech” grift scheme have no way of knowing where there hard earned bucks are actually going…

Mike Hunt

Diaper Donnie keeps saying this lame blog is done & POOF! it reappears asking for money. These Trumpanzees don’t get they are being had!


And anything you ever say in your entire life will never change anyone’s mind Lefty. Ever…

Andrew White

President Trump, if you haven’t heard it yet today, thank you for having common sense and using it. Your resources will help ensure my kids and future grandkids may still have their liberties. So thank you for that. Keep fighting, the people are behind you.



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