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Grin n barrett

In the primaries, I supported Cruz. When you were the candidate, I wasn’t unhappy or happy. I voted for you, both times. The first time because, well, Killary Clinton. The second time because you deserved and earned my vote. That said, you were used and abused all the time you were fighting for our nation. You proved your love for this country and earned my undying respect and gratitude. Yes, plain and simple, the election was stolen. Biden did not win by sitting in his basement and hosting 75 people, most of which were paid or his own people, gatherings while you hosted tens of thousands. Barr was a massive disappointment from almost the beginning. The supposed strong, moral man was a political wimp. My heart aches for the Trump administration. The Biden nightmare will be the final nail in the nations coffin that Killary was supposed to be if we don’t do something to reclaim our voting system and our nation in the midterms. We are dying a slow painful death at the hands of the democrat theft machine.

Terry Johnson

How Bill Barr’s investigation resulted in a “No Collusion” finding is incomprehensible. Either he is a very poor attorney or feared being an outcast at dinner parties.


You hired him Donald


If you voted according to your apparent “progressiveness,” then you hired Sleepy Joe and Cackling Pam and everyone they appointed. That’s a far, far more devastating mistake, totally ignorant, and due to hating your country (if you’re in the USA). Aside from that, apparently Trump admits his mistakes. Your people do not…they only do the polar opposite. If you hate the USA so much, please go to wherever you prefer. But I doubt that, since people everywhere want to come here, not to socialist/communist nations—they want out of those.

My Man Trump

Powerful! Ball busting! Brilliant letter, Sir. I love it. You interviewed yourself, stated the truth and do not have to put up with their bullshit questions.

wendy harkness

yes–truly pitiful…


Bill Barr is scum. Not for the people of the country. What about his comment that there was no fraud in the 2020 election. Dope. I could say more…


Yes he’s Deep State!! He’s a lier and has no backbone! He should be behind bar’s!!


Today is March 7th. Why is the letter dated the 2nd?


Try reading the About link above for your answer.

Last edited 1 year ago by griffthegrand

Not to mention the edits by “The Desk of Donald Trump”!

I was only posting what you already have posted on your own site?

Don’t want people to know?

jojo gomez

Bill Barr is a complete loser. One of the worst attorney generals ever. Very weak and completely ineffective. Terrible person and he was completely broken by the liberal media. He completely kissed the liberal media’s behind and had no spine. Basically did absolutely nothing while he was attorney general. Terrible.


I understand NBC, CBS, ABC, mainstream left-leaning networks being against Trump.

But can someone explain to me “FOX New’s” campaign against Trump??

Anytime any butthole wants to say anything negative about Trump, Fox prints it.

Prediction: Fox News starts looking a lot closer to CNN in the not-so-distant future. (3-5yrs)

Last edited 1 year ago by THosk

Fox has fallen in line with the NWO New World Order elites. RINOS like Paul Ryan and MANY others run Fox News and the 300-400 corporations owned by the elite families of the world also own Fox now. They are a mouthpiece to push one of a few outcomes for a global govt. it’s ALL crap! Only way to know real truth is get good at reading between the lines and what they’re NOT saying. If they’re yanking on your emotions, the want public support to justify their spending, but the sob story they’re telling you is a bold face lie to get away with criminality they’ll never tell you about and cover up by appointing judges.


Agreed, I have been reading between the lines for many years now. (It’s all you can do now days)

Wasn’t aware that Super-Rino “Paul Ryan” was in the leadership at Fox. (interesting)

Fox has been changing for a while now…that kinda adds-up.

Becky G

In the FUTURE? where have you been my friend? “Fox” betrayed OUR REAL PRESIDENT election nite… Actually, they’ve been heading down that road for awhile in my opinion..
Lump “them” in with all the other DS Cabal….👺👺👺👺💩💩💩💩


I did say “not so distant future. And I don’t believe Fox has gone totally the way of CNN yet.

But that might be even more dangerous than the CNN lies were, Fox pretending to be “right” leaning when they’re actually “left” leaning. (A Trojan Horse so to speak)

Becky G

For sure! It’ll be in clearance section by 2nd week! LOL! HE’S a piece of 💩💩💩💩 just like his other cabal gang…🤢🤢🤢



I haven’t given up once exposing the swamp. I’m praying justice prevails really soon President Donald J Trump. May God bless you and your family. May God bless the American patriots. May God watch over our military and the children. It takes tremendous courage being truthful. God bless~Godspeed~MAGA~Q-anon


Someone threatened more than impeachment.

Mary Geiger

Bill Barr and his Cheshire Cat grin. First time I saw him I had a feeling he wouldn’t be who President Trump needed.

The Cheshire Cat was a mysterious pink and purple striped cat with a permanent grin. Mischievous and unpredictable in nature, the Cheshire Cat acts as a guide for Alice during her adventures in Wonderland, but also takes pleasure in causing her trouble.


Q= Alice in wonderland. You’ll soon find out and nothing can stop what is coming.

My Man Trump


John F. Brzezinski III
Bertha Shuffield

Mr President, I respect your wise decisions and I truly believe you did the right thing
We have to abide by Law and Order of Our Constitution. God is about law and order in America and all around the world, He appointed you and we look forward to seeing you back in office of The United States, God bless you, we continue praying all will be well



The Russians and Chinese are playing a chess game and Biden and the political class are pawns and they don’t even know that there is a game going on.

Here are the moves the Russians and Chinese made

1.     Rig the U.S. November 2020 election and move Trump off to the side as he is the only person that could stop/beat them (done)

2.     Install puppet government (Biden/Harris) in the United States and fill key positions (Bureaucracy. Judicial, District Attorneys etc.) with compromised or stupid useful idiots (done)
3.     Cancel Trump & MEGA movement using big tech and fake media (done)

4.     Hold phony investigations with compromised crooked politicians (Pelosi etc.) and utilize useful idiots (AOC, McConnell etc.) to create more damage (done)
5.     Have U.S. bureaucracy and “justice department” ignore and oppose laws that hinder the strategy (done)
6.     Stop U.S. energy production under the green energy farse because it will undermine the economy and causes inflation (done)
7.      Make the United States dependent on foreign oil producers like Russia to drive up the price of oil to fund the Russian war machine and create more inflation (done)
8.     Create wide open U.S. border (hide as much as possible from the public) and allow thousands of criminals from all over the world come in and create crime and chaos in US cities. (done)
9.     Oppose law enforcement and elect District Attorneys that do nothing (thank you George Soros) (done)
10.  Have U.S. continue to buy oil from Russia and Iran for as long as possible to fund Russia army and move Iran towards Nuclear bomb (thanks John Kerry) (continues as March 7, 2022) (done)

11.  Make Russia the head of the UN security council… an almost pointless move but a blocking one (done)

12.  Have puppet U.S. government pretend to negotiate meaningless sanctions claiming “they do not want to provoke a wider war while Russia and China” … War happens anyway as Russia and China laugh at the U.S.  fools (done)

13.  After the China Olympics and Russian begins the invasion of Ukraine making it seem as if it is just a small incursion (but really isn’t) to keep the U.S. idiots confused (done)

14.  Continue to threaten nuclear war to paralyze U.S. government, public opinion and NATO. (done)
15.  Prevent the public from understanding what is REALLY going on utilizing big tech and the mainstream propaganda machine (done)

16.  When the outcry due to fuel costs and inflation builds to a level the U.S.   government can no longer ignore it, instead of restoring the U.S. energy industry, switch from buying oil directly from Russia to buying it from Iran/Venezuela and continue the flow of dollars to U.S. enemies

17.  Use U.S. useful idiots (traitors) and criminal U.S. mainstream media to blame war on Trump and the inflation on the war

What is next? My guess

Russia expands the war bringing in fighters from their allies (already has) and will justify expansion of the war (if it can) into the Eastern European NATO countries (if it can) which will then bring the United States into the fray, and it will expand to land, air and sea…. hopefully not nuclear

 Unless the war goes nuclear, inflation and crime will soar worldwide. This will cause a depression which will allow China to just stand on the sidelines and watch it play out.

I do not think China will bother with Taiwan right now as it is not worth it, they don’t have to, and they will hesitate after what they saw was the worldwide reaction to Russia

In the meantime, Russia will destroy itself as well as their opponents (including the economies) if the war does not go nuclear.

Then China (diminished but basically intact) will step in with the biggest army by far left in the world and with little or no opposition take any part of the world left that they want to take.  And you and your children will live as the slaves of China and will be monitored by technology developed by U.S. big tech.

The only hope I see is ….

 The will of the Ukraine people to fight to live free or die


The MEGA movement restoring as quickly as possible MEGA candidates in congress and restoring to office the real elected President… Donald J Trump… 

But we don’t have much time and we have to move fast


To paraphrase “you doth protest too much”. With all that is going on, trump writes three long pages of lies about himself, not to mention all the other tweets he had his representative put out about Barr. Thinks of no one else. Certainly a legend in his own mind. Amazing how many losers he was able to hire and yet he is never at fault for anything.


You protest Trump too much, to state the obvious, extremely mildly. With all that is going on, due to YOUR “president and ‘progressive’ administration,” here you are obsessing day and night (seemingly), pounding your keyboard all in a rage on a Donald Trump site. Why not aggressively harp at Sleepy and The Cackler and urge them to stop saber rattling after the fact (all due to the USA’s bumbling and weakness under Biden) and inciting a nuclear WWIII?


The media knows I exposed Nancy Pelosi in the underground rooms of Epstein Island, caught on the security cameras. They also know I exposed all the names in the flight log of government swamp and Hollywood. I was entrusted to expose everything due to corruption in the CIA, FBI and government. The swamp got caught and nothing can stop what is coming.

My Man Trump



So you were entrusted to expose the government “swamp”, Hollywood, CIA, FBI, and Nancy Pelosi. Who entrusted you? What exactly is coming? You’ve been asked many times, yet fail to ever answer.

My Man Trump

Because if you don’t already know then you are not important and do not have security clearance. Got it.


I too; at the time Barr made the statement, felt that he was a dud – “no fraud in the 2020 presidential election” … Really – that’s bull? I felt this guy is confirming what I’ve felt about him over his time in service to President Trump – He is a weak coward with no spine. Some people just give you that sense they’re no good from the get go, but nothing confirms their true nature until SHTF.

Like combat soldiers: You can train them, but even “Forrest Gump” knew: “You want a chocolate? I could eat about a million and a half of these … Momma said: Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re gonna get.”

Same in combat or politics … Until SHTF; as a president, you’ll never know what you picked. Have you ever tried to eat as many chocolates it takes from a mixed box of chocolates trying to find that one with a cherry in it? Seems the best one is always; somehow, never picked. By the time you finally find the one good one; you’re sick of them all.

Leaders are not made; they’re born. Hero’s are unknown; even by the hero, until the selfless act has been made. We just don’t know who the rare golden individual is and will be. It is said that we are just to keep a more pessimistic outlook about most folks.

We must keep searching and trying to weed out the bad to find the good.

Gerald Warner

barr is an idiot needs to be held accountable for his actions/ non actions


What’s your goal? CBS news are bigots and will not allow honest info into their broadcasting. So again, what’s your goal ??


It’s NBC, but same difference. I imagine Trump’s goal is just to tell the corrupt #$%^ers off and set the record straight even if they’ll ignore or misrepresent what he said. (What else is new?) Also to let them know that we who see what’s going on are not fooled by them for even one second. I cannot tolerate one minute of mainstream “news” in print, tv or radio anymore, and I hear the same from others now, even in California.

Linda M

Another word s he didn’t do his job. Just drew a undeserved salary from the tax payer. 😠

Dan for DT

I hope that some day the dems realize how badly they have been LIED to and bamboozled by their own.

Patricia McDermott

And used by their own, especially African Americans. They’ll use you to race bate, cause friction between the races, etc. And as soon as “they” have accomplished what they want, they will drop you like a hot potato and you’ll be worse off than you’ve ever been. The Lefties ARE the racists.


The media knows I exposed everything nearly four years ago. I downloaded the declassified documents and I have all the files. The swamp got caught and justice is coming. You are watching the biggest coverup in US history.


Excellent letter President Trump to FAKE NEWS NBC and “Dumb Commie-Lib Lester”!


Just a pile of Bullstewie!!!


In the ASS Glennie!
FJB! and YOU!


Appropriate to set the record strait. Whether they chose to believe truth and speak it, its up to them. Or, they can just be liars with no integrity.


NBC news=Washington establishment

(No discernable difference)

Last edited 1 year ago by THosk

Bill Barr was a coward. I thought he was the real deal. He turned out to be another anti-American swamp-rat. Hope he’s able to use the money from his book (which I’m sure he actually wrote) to hide from the public disappointment from the Americans he sold out.

Craig Barrett

You are DUMB AS HELL if you don’t believe there was not cheating in the election on a massive scale




Mr TRUMP should seek professional help. It’s never too late to begin to address mental health issues.

Dan for DT

When ya gonna start to fix your own.


This should not surprise you Mr. President. You are a wise man the God chose. Keep your friends close and enemies closer.


God?????????? Miss u in heaven!!


“When he stated there was no fraud in the Election”!!!

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