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Stopping RIGGING the Vote!
OZ WON!!!!!!!!!!!!

Patriot Warrior

I love it! You’re intelligent smart character with wisdom integrity when you took that Oath as Our President Donald J Trump therefore this plan has brought us Hope in our blessed nation! God Bless America! God is on our side! Amen


Well it seems the radical lefties don’t want Dr Oz to win. That should tell you something. He is not one of them! So he is the right choice.

Jojo Gomez

Dr. Oz is part of the fake news media. Don’t be fooled by his lies President Trump! He wants to establish a new world order.

Margaret ClarkPrice

Oz is a Bizarre Wizard….. he promotes “surgical sex changes!”


I thought that was Dr. Fauci and the Liberals?


I have no idea why you backed OZ. He’s clearly a globalist and supports the NWO. We don’t want the NWO.

YOUR Help is Needed

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