Dropping like a rock

“Rob DeSanctimonious and his poll numbers are dropping like a rock – I would almost be inclined to say, these are record “falls.” The question: Is “Rob” just young, inexperienced and naive or, more troubling, is he a fool who has no idea what he is doing. We already have one of those in office, we don’t need another one. MAGA!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Paula C

Good ! Now you can stop worrying about him and concentrate on beating whomever becomes the ’empty suit’ candidate for the Dems in 2024! If Biden does actually show up to campaign please make a BIG DEAL out of his inability/unwillingness to debate you! You’ve shown us you’ll debate with anyone–anywhere– and the LEFT will only engage with people who kiss their backsides!
I’ll always stand with you because time and time again you’ve shown how much you love America!
(love to see Melania at an upcoming rally)


Great Thought and Questions President Trump!
P.S. I have been thinking the SAME Thing for the past two or three weeks.
Is Desantis just young or dumb OR BOTH.


RINO Ron D. might as well Give Up and Save his Money.
TRUMP 2024!

Nancy A. Daylo

Yes, Ron should not run for PRESIDENT this time. Perhaps, he will mature and learn a few things as governor. He should just support you as you supported him. But, if he is greedy and ambitious and not loyal… he will. try to challenge you. I would not vote for him. You are the ONLY one I would consider for PRESIDENT. Nancy A. Daylo

Jerry Pyeatt

USA really needs you back you already have a full plan forward you have the playbook on what needs to be done to restore AMERICA from what has been needlessly destroyed by the stroke of a reckless fools pen everything could be fixed in an matter of hours and few days if tyrants are willing to align and back off of the reckless needless scaremongering warmongering needless killing and try to work with you in in harmony if they could put their big-egos aside and realize that what has conspired due to fraudulent administration’s willingness to not give a shit about the world and we’re all in it together you destroy earth you destroy yourself I sure hope we get you back POTUSDJT because we’re all in a world 🌎 of hurt you made AMERICA fantastic before you can MAGA and if you’re denied due to fraud greed lies deceit we’re going to the alternative which is what we really don’t need you know the deal SIR POTUSDJT MAGA 45 47 24 HOPEFULLY SOONER if that makes sense or is possible I salute you




The description fits like a glove. Sad though, because a lot of people would go for it blindly, even after what we are going through since 2008. People still want to vote for Brandon! Amazing!

Airmen Anderson

Did you mean Ron DeSanctimonious, Mr President?



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