Election Interference at the highest and most dishonest level

“The DOJ and FBI are practicing Election Interference at the highest and most dishonest level our Country has ever seen before, both in the Midterms, and the 2024 Presidential Election. They allowed spying on my campaign (and did nothing!), told Facebook and the Media that the Laptop from Hell was “Russian Disinformation” (it wasn’t!), and now they don’t want anyone to read the words and meaning of the very important Presidential Records Act, under which I did nothing wrong, BUT THEY DID – RAID!”

By Donald J. Trump

By Donald J. Trump

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My Man Trump

Everything about this regime is a lie.




I can’t believe they are doing all this misconduct and criminal actions right before our eyes, with no shame or accountability. They are the ones who need to be prosecuted.

Hang biden

Mr president, you are concerned about the midterm elections and the 24 elections, and you are correct in your concern, however, you were fully aware that these bastards were going to steal the 20 election, yet did nothing to stop the FRAUD!!! When they blatantly stole the election, you did nothing to stop them! You knew the destruction they would bring upon our nation but you did not invoke the insurrection act nor did you declare Marshall law. You just walked away. Yes for two years now you are declaring the election was stolen, but you did NOTHING to stop this evil coup!! You were in the position of highest power in this country, and you gave it to these evil bastards without a fight!!! You sir had control of the military. The military has all the evidence of foreign interference in the stolen election, yet you just walked away! We the people who elected you in an overwhelming landslide waited every day for our duly elected president to defend his victory, instead sir you gave up the fight for your rightful place as president of this nation!! You had full power to take action, but instead you relinquished your power to a FAKE FRAUD braindead corrupt criminal pedophile to utterly destroy this country!!You knew this was going to happen. You described in detail how they were going to destroy the country we love, and you allowed it to happen!!!This coup could have been stopped!! You had the power as president to use the military, but instead you gave this country to our enemies!! Yes the swamp is deep and the enemy is strong, but these traitors are NO MATCH for our military!! We now need a president who will take action against these POS bastards that are TRAITORS to our country, not one who just uses his former notoriety to hold rallies, and use media to bitch about how bad things are!! Mr. President, we the people are angry!! We are angry that this country is being destroyed from within by TRAITORS of this nation, AND SIR we are angry that you sir who is our duly elected president is doing NOTHING except bitch every day on mass media how bad things are! Two years ago we the people begged you to take action, yet you did nothing! We waited EVERY day to hear news that you were the leader that would take action against this treason, yet two years later this country is utterly being destroyed by TREASONOUS actors that overthrew the duly elected president of the greatest nation on earth!!! Who would have believed that such TREASON would occur in our country, and even more so, who would have believed that NOTHING would be done about such an overthrow of government!!! Now we the people just watch HELPLESSLY as our enemies destroy us! Sir, if you do not take action against this treason now how are we the people to trust you to lead us in 24? If you do not wright this massive wrong, you have no right to ask for our vote in 24!


I understand your pain, but President Trump has my vote. He will help the people and Make America Great Again. Hopefully we will see some changes come November.


How can he right all of this mess by himself, especially when no longer in office? Is he a God? How could he take control of voting and the counts in the problem states?
It takes all of us to right these wrongs, and most Americans failed and continue to fail, miserably, when it comes to who they trust. Gossip and the priciest TV ads seem to be what decide most people.
The unspeakable disaster of the last going on two years may have finally taught a lot of mainstreamers to stop voting for marxist demons and cure themselves of the TDS. Trump always did and still does deserve all of our votes.
You might also blame him for the covid vaccines; here’s some good reading about that:


I do understand your passion but odumbo started replacing real American leaders in the upper echelons of the military and federal law enforcement for this exact outcome. TRUMP was pretty much powerless and should have fired all of them his first year instead of thinking he was a master negotiator. In my opinion, there is only one way to put this country back on track; there is no voting our way out of this mess.


Two Years Is Too Long President Trump. Time to make a move!


What goes around comes around. Karma will get them.

Airmen Anderson

Good evening Mr. President, you say; “But now the Left has lost their minds!” Well yeah! It’s more than just that they have declared War!

Now the Left at War with you on the Presidential Records Act!
And you know as well as others do it’s worse because the Left and some on the Right are a part of the CFR that’s been working for the Deep State the Cabal some for 30-40 years the enemy defined. The Cabal & their cronies the Left and some on the Right have pulled out all the stops. It’s almost like the Cabal has declared to Hell with the Rule of Law!
Fake News, Cyber Warfare, Biological Warfare, Covert Warfare, Crimes against Humanity and some Conventional Wars going on around the Globe. Unlawful Break-ins, illegal search & seizures and what, We the People expect our Vote to be secured come the Midterms 2022?
Our courageous brave U.S. Military White Hats, Office of Military Commissions, Special Forces, and the Delta Force that are protecting you; working under President Thomas Jefferson’s Insurrection Act of 1807, that you enacted Mr. President, January 2021, have yet to assure the American People that our Vote is & will be secure! Eighteen months now going on Nineteen months since the Left’s illegal Inauguration and when is this going to end?
I understand our Military has been fighting a War from within the Woke War! I pray to God the White Hats are winning this War, if they have not already. But Mr. President there comes a time when you must make it known & tell the enemy, the Cabal & their cronies, that they cannot advance any further! The Cabal has got practically half of America believing what they have been selling line hook and sinker… It’s dangerous… tell them no more no longer!

Ronald Reagan, the 40th President of the United States.
I’ve seen Mike Lindell’s Military Cyber Evidence, Michael Baxter’s RRN continued Military Correspondence, Office of Military Commissions News report releases from GITMO, Truth11 News, The Marshall Report, Renowned Doctors around the Globe on medical Biological Warfare evidence and the lists goes on. And all the news that you bring to us the American People every day, thank you and thank God for that. But I have not seen yet the necessary Military advancements that should be stopping this evil enemy. It’s like we are all living in a vacuum living every day with this injustice, living in the Twilight Zone, in Time and Space that has been halted.
Tell me that my Vote will be secure, tell all the 80 million People that voted for you, their Vote our Vote will be secure, that the Military will be there to protect it! Tell the American People that Military Arrests will be made for what illegally happened to you! And what illegally happened to 80 million Voters that voted for you!
Remember Mr. President, it was Justice John G Roberts Jr. that said, “You have no standing!” Sixty Two to 63 counts (Lawsuits) that you brought before the Court denied, Chief Justice John G Roberts Jr. denied you your day, your Due Process of Law! Chief Justice John G Roberts Jr., denied 80 million People their day, your day our day in Court, Sir! My recommendation is that our Military start with Chief Justice John G Roberts Jr., then straight to our 117th Congress post haste that aided and abetted this unconscionable Crime of Treason against our U.S. Constitution, and We the People, Mr. President Sir!

God save the Republic…
P.S.: Our Country needs a Revival, Mr. President, Sir!
The Late Rev Billy Graham








they are beyond evil but karma is going to get them.

Mindy Pechenuk

You are so right President Trump. We must mobilize the American people to stand up and organize. We are many and the enemy is few and desperate. Mindy Pechenuk, Republican Candidate for California State Assembly 18



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