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Thank you for what you have done, but we need you back soon!!!


you did good, getting ppl on the court that like our constitution and know what a woman is.

Rosanne. Choate

We have no one to challenge John Cornyn for Nov. He might as well be democrat for the way he voted with them on gun control.


#MAGA 🌹🦁🇺🇸


Thank you Mr President. Oh how we miss you…

Michelle Clark-Stubbs

Thank you, thank you, President Trump for setting into motion the people and plans to overturn one of the three biggest stains on our country’s record with God Almighty. Slavery and the atrocities that we inflicted upon the First Nation Peoples also have hindered America’s relationship and blessings. But, the SCOTUS ruling today is an indication that many humans are waking up to what needs to be done to set us free. All life is precious and sanctified by our Heavenly Father. Psalm 139 clearly magnifies the miracle of the masterpiece in which God knits a piece of Himself, our soul, into the mother’s womb at conception. May all who feel this way pray for our nation and for all those who are so misguided on the other side of the issue. It is a woman’s Godly privilege to work in cooperation with God to bring a child in to this world. Free will allows for her to implement methods if she chooses not to become a mother. Abortion is murder, not a contraceptive.
Again, I am thanking you President Trump for hearing God’s anguish over the 60+ million souls that have been lost due to this infanticide. Your appointed judges and the prescient plans you set into place made this monumental decision possible. God bless you and God bless America.


Thank YOU, President Trump!
The BEST President EVER!

Meg P

THANK YOU, GOD, and President Trump for putting into the Supreme Court, men who withhold God and his values. As a woman and a Catholic Christian, we are so blessed with the overturn of Roe vs Wade.
Are you aware that Norma McCorvey-legal pseudonym: Jane Roe was interviewed by EWTN, Eternal Word Trinity Netword, a couple years ago. She told her story of how she wanted an abortion when she was young, but never knew that the courts were going to manipulate her case to allow for Roe v Wade and the legalization of killing unborn babies. She spoke of the intense weight she lives with knowing the horrible results of this act.
Medical life and death situations where an abortion is necessary will not change. And there will be hidden clinics available like prior to this act. But this insane level of abortions, including married couples, and killings up to the time of birth will end. The figures of abortions through out the word is shocking. There are birth control methods.


Meg . . . you of course realize that the Supreme Court is also comprised of women. I know that likely confuses you, that women should be treated equal and have equal opportunities as you likely did not grow up at a time or in an environment where that was even considered.

Also, check your first sentence again. “men who WITHHOLD [emphasis added] God and his values”.

Not sure that came off like you intended, but then again, as I noted before, as a woman, you were never really expected to be educated or intelligent. The perfect Tumpanzee.

Last edited 1 year ago by Yimmy
Meggy M Blaser Porte

How sad you are. You have no clue to what the hell you are taking about. Everything that ugly people like you use to attack others are based on lies and ignorance and sheer lack of education. I have two master’s degrees and graduated with honors. You are the “perfect Bidenpanzee”, someone that doesn’t have God in their life. I have lived Heaven on Earth, what have you lived, in that dark cave of yours of bitterness. I would ask you what you educational level is, but I can already tell, and we are not into listening to anymore of your lies.


The News Media Knows I Have Everything. Why Do You,Think “QAnon” Has Been Viciously Attacked And Persecuted? It Took Courage Exposing The Swamp. President Trump Told Me To Trust The Plan And Justice Was Coming.


Your mistake was trusting trump.

My Man Trump

Too bad the senate didn’t. Good job, President Trump. There is nothing you can do about lawless rinos and Republicans.

Dan for DT

At least until November.

A new leaf on the tree

Stealing elections has consequences as well. They stole the 2020 election and now are wrecking the country.

Thank goodness for your appointments

R Minoglio

The demoRATS want to take our rights away. It is so simple and EVIL. If we can’t have guns. We can’t defend ourselves… AGAINST THEM. They are the enemy. We must take our country back.




“Molon Labe”

Last edited 1 year ago by Brad

Common sense for the Common People. Thank you President Trump and thank you to our Supreme Court Justice.
It’s crazy that these politicians would even push for such a thing against our constitutional rights.
This should wake up the Nation and realize just what this illegitimate government is trying to do to America and the Citizens
They need to be stopped and prosecuted.




We became an independent nation, because our right to bare arms supersedes the US CONSTITUTION. Why don’t the justices and the lawmakers understand this fundamental fact! National right to carry is already our pre-Constitutional right!

Ken Locke

When the arrests of those that attacked and are still attacking Our Republic, Our Constitution, Our Freedom truly get rolling, will you have it televised? The far left socialist neo nazi’s, has lost it’s mind and soul. In the short time Biden has been in office, or should be said Obama/Soros/Gates trio and their helpers they have wasted no time doing everything possible to dismantle our great Republic . Sir, everyone is fed up with the shenanigans…. Their must be laws some where ,with the evidence simply now at hand of the corruption and interference in the past election. We know they cheated. There must be laws to remove them Now before they succeed or even get any further.

Mitch Hagen

Amen brother



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