Endorsement of Carolyn Maloney

“A vote for Carolyn Maloney in NY-12 is a vote for the future! She is a kind and wonderful person, who has always said terrific things about me, and will support me no matter what I do, just as I supported her very early on. She begged for a check with no quid pro quo, and I gave it to her. In fact, I gave her many…

On the other hand, Jerry Nadler is likewise a hard driving man of the people, whose energy and attention to detail is unlike anyone else in Congress. He is high energy, sharp, quick-witted, and bright. You can’t go wrong with either, but Carolyn Maloney is the better man. She will lead our Country into a very GREEN and prosperous future. Carolyn has my Complete and Total Endorsement, she will never let our Conservative Movement down!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Meg Make America Even Greater

Leave it to you Sir, to pick the best Democrat man for the job. Wearing that Afghan burqa (Wiki), the mummy look, in the past shows how far Carolyn will go for a good cause. Where are those Dems for the women of Afghanistan NOW.


Jerry Nadler is a PIECE OF SHIT!
Vote for Carolyn Maloney in NY-12!
Make New York Great Again!




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