Endorsement of Carolyn Maloney

“Congressman Jerry Nadler can’t be stopped. He’s young, sharp, energetic, and very, very fair. He truly understands the two-party system, and will go out of his way to make sure a Republican gets a fair and open “shake”. Jerry is the dynamo that Washington needs, except in this case, his rival is a woman, who is both physically and mentally stronger than him. Her name is Carolyn Maloney, she accepted many of my campaign contributions in the good old days, and she has my Complete and Total Endorsement. She will never let you down!”

By Donald J. Trump

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He is disgusting.

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Ok. However, is this post by President Trump supposed to be satirical?
1) MALONEY is a democrat. So is this support of the lesser of the two evils?
2) NADLER is a complete waste, a worthless fucktard just like his west coast counterpart Maxine. Mr. “I soiled myself” poopy doopy NADLER who has been running obstruction even on the Hunter laptop and a majority of issues. Poopy doopy NADLER who refused to see that BLM and Antifa are a problem.
NADLER needs to tossed in the trash with all of his and demented Joe’s soiled DEPENDS.
3) obviously in that “now shithole libtard city” known as New York City, it is sad that no Save America candidate has surfaced. No wonder.


Jerry Nadler is a despicable OAF that hates our country.


Jerry Nadler NEEDS to go work for Wimpy’s Hamburgers as a fry cook!
That is the ONLY thing he is qualified for in life!
Save New York VOTE FOR Carol Maloney!


hope fat jerry can be stopped he is nasty.


Nadler is Nothing More than a Piece of Shit!


Congratulations to both of them. However I’m going with your endorsement of Carolyn Mooney.

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