Endorsement of Congressman Ben Cline

“Congressman Ben Cline is a phenomenal Representative of the people of Virginia’s 6th Congressional District.

During my Administration, Ben was a Warrior for Truth, working with @JimJordan on the Judiciary Committee to combat the Russia, Russia, Russia Hoax. A strong ally of our America First agenda, Ben is fighting hard to Secure our Border, Stop Illegal Immigration, Restore our Energy Independence, Protect Life, and Defend the Second Amendment.

Ben Cline has my Complete and Total Endorsement!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Great. Keep those endorsements coming, President Trump.



Jerry Pyeatt

Good for AMERICA THANK YOU POTUSDJT for continuing to look out for the people’s best interests & continuing to seek & destroy all tyrannical treasonous garbage swamp monsters that continuing to lie about you & other GREAT PATRIOTS 👍 I can’t wait till Biden administration’s actions for the betrayal of the trusting American people the stolen election the continuation of deceitful actions around every single corner lies disinformation this ridiculous ministry of truth Biden wants to unconstitutionally force on Americans is tyrannical at its best and you have the greatest chance to put this garbage in the WH out of the WH. POTUSDJT FOR PRESIDENT AGAIN 2024. HOPEFULLY WE STILL HAVE FREEDOM BY THEN.

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