Endorsement of Congressman Brad Wenstrup

“Congressman Brad Wenstrup is doing a terrific job for the wonderful people of Ohio’s 2nd Congressional District! A physician and co-chairman of the Republican Doctors’ Caucus, Brad is working hard to Lower Health Care Costs and provide our Seniors with the Care they deserve. Brad is also a Colonel in the U.S. Army Reserve, and is a strong supporter of our Military, Vets, Law Enforcement, Small Business and the Second Amendment. Brad Wenstrup has my Complete and Total Endorsement!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Thank you for your recommendations, Mr. President!!!


Our President is a very fine man. Brave, intelligent, generous and all too humble. Possible the Greatest hero in the history of our nation. No other person has fought against so many enemies, liars, traitors and tyrans as our President. And He does this for us and for the love of We the people. He is sacrificing himself and paying with his life. He did not have to do this and He gains nothing personally. He is a very very succesful business man and could live from his Well deserved wealth But instead he fights for us


Thank you, Mr. President for all that you do. You are a strong and brave patriot!

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