Endorsement of Congressman Greg Murphy

“Congressman Greg Murphy is doing a tremendous job representing the people of North Carolina’s 3rd Congressional District. He is working hard to Provide our Veterans with the Care they Deserve, Support our Military, Defend our Second Amendment, Lower Health Care Costs, and Secure our Border. I was proud to campaign for Greg during his landslide special election victory in 2019, and I am proud to do so again. I will see him on Saturday night at the big North Carolina Rally. Greg has my Complete and Total Endorsement!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Sound great!!!


keep North Carolina RED!
Re Elect Congressman Greg Murphy!


Here is where we are having great difficulties that can create a great deal of trouble down the road.

Local elections. Information and history on local candidates is near zero and it is like voting blind.

Deadwood gets into the system and may move up the ranks as a RINO. Like Lindsey Graham and so many others.

The message I am pushing is to clean out all of them. That is to say; vote out everyone regardless. Everyone has dirt under their nails.

Take Greene from Ga. for an example: Tell me she doesn’t have a habit of insider trading and I’ll sell you swamp land for the monsters in DC.

Craig Barrett

America First

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