Endorsement of Congressman John Moolenaar

“Congressman John Moolenaar is a terrific representative of the people of Michigan in the United States Congress. He is working hard to Lower Health Care Costs, Champion our Farmers and Agriculture, Grow our Economy, Secure our Border, Support our Military and Vets, Defend Life, and Protect our Second Amendment. John Moolenaar has my Complete and Total Endorsement!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Make the Motor City State Great Again!
Vote for John Moolenaar for U.S. Congressman!

Elizabeth Headley

I come into agreement with everything he stands for! Texas for J. Moolenaar!


Glad you’re back!

So who do you think..Gohmert or Paxton for Attorney General?

Abbott or West for Governor?

Elizabeth Headley

Definitely West, not decided about AG…leaning towards Gohmert. But it’s beginning to look like I won’t be getting my new voters card in the MAIL in time to vote, anyway! I called that office and gave them SO MANY PIECES of my mind over weeks, in 2020, needless to say they know who I am, and despise me. I mailed 14 separate “new address” cards, 3 a day, from different drop spots, all over town, last time, leading up to 2020 election for weeks, maybe a couple of months, even more, with my new address back then…my card didn’t show up until AFTER voting! I had to use an old card where I no longer resided! And a room mate had one of those apps that are USPS apps. Show you the mail you are going to receive that day! Like an idiot I signed up for it! No sooner had I put in my password for that acct. it shut down on me and when I tried to access it, it said it was not accessible!! So..they now had that! Whoever THEY are! But my house mate showed me on his phone where my card was being delivered! That day I sat outside my house in my car, waiting for the mail to be delivered, that day the Post man was not in a postal truck. NOR uniform! And was not ‘civil service’ in appearance, scruffy, a dirty brown tee shirt..I knew something was up..they disappeared as soon as I got out of car to go to box! My card was not there! My housemate went holistic on me, when I commented on all the anomalies! Making me think the whole house full of renters were a bunch of clowns (same place put the router outside my door). Besides, I voted for Trump. I kept everything I could to prove I voted that day…still managed to hold on to it tho I’m homeless now…I found out from my Pastor that there was a # in DC you could call to see if your vote was logged…I called and told I had not voted. Ever! So, yeah, I prolly won’t get it in time, and if I do. I doubt it will count! But that’s ok! Some illegal will vote in my place! I just hope they vote for the people I choose!


Sorry Elizabeth times are so tough, I’d say call the Secretary of States office as they usually handle elections, or Attorney General if you’re not being allowed to vote. I’m not sure how it works in TX but here you can register to vote through the State or Local GOP party office. They are usually happy to help you get registered. You have to have some kind of an address even if it’s through your pastor or shelter address.

Don’t give up, reach out to those who would be glad to help you.
God Bless you in your time of need and struggles.


Sounds great. Thank you President Trump!!!


keep the names coming.



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