Endorsement of Congressman Ken Calvert

“Congressman Ken Calvert is doing a fantastic job representing the people of California in Congress. Ken is a leader on National Security and Strongly Supports our Brave Military and Vets. He is working hard to deliver water solutions for California, Lower your Taxes, Secure our Border, and Protect and Defend our Second Amendment. Ken has my Complete and Total Endorsement!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Calvert voted to remove Due Process for Active Duty. Calvert has let his district got to hell Calvert also voted to give $40B to Ukraine while Californians can’t make rent.

Boss, you got this one wrong. Stop listening to the likes of McCarthy, he is the enemy of California and his nod cost $40,500 for a local endorsement and over $200,000 for a national from you.


Please endorse Rachel Hamm for Secretary of state in CA. She is great.


LEASE Endorse Kevin Kiley for Congress too! He’s running for Congress! And PLEASE Endorse Eric Early for Attorney General of California! And… Endorse Mark Meuser for Congress from California!
And….PLEASE Endorse Dahle For California Governor!
Thank You, CowgirlsForTrump


Make California RED again LIKE During President Reagan!

Elizabeth Headley

I’m grateful to hear there are ANY in California who have integrity! This is great news for Californians! Now who do we get to address this perinatal abortion passage allowing month old babies to be murdered by their parents!!!??? What in the hell is wrong with Californians?! GOD WON’T ALLOW THIS TO STAND! MANY WILL DIE JUST FOR ITS PASSAGE! I think the just reward for that would be to murder those guilty, the same way they murdered the babies! I still can’t believe I’m on the same planet. Something wicked this way comes….and it needs to be ROASTED TO ASHES! Maybe that CME that just occurred will do it? OR it may be God’s way of saying: you guys FAILED the LOVE THY GOD, AND OTHERS test…AGAIN!! And the great RESET (destruction) is what we ALL GET for ALLOWING THIS TO HAPPEN IN AMERICA!!?? I HATE THIS PLACE! WE NEED YOU TO RESTORE US BACK TO SOME FORM OF HUMANITY, IF IT’S NOT TOO LATE! GOD. PLEASE! HE CAN’T BLESS A NATION ALLOWING THAT?? Please return NOW!!


Thank you President Trump for working so hard to get responsible people into government
to bring the U.S.A. and the World back from the precipitous decline, which we are now experiencing. I hope the voters will act responsibly and will elect those whom you have selected.

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