Endorsement of Congressman Randy Weber

“Congressman Randy Weber is doing a fantastic job representing the people of Texas’ 14th Congressional District. Randy is tirelessly working to Secure our Border, Grow our Economy, Cut Regulations, Champion American Energy, Support our Military and Vets, and Defend the Second Amendment. Randy is a strong advocate for our America First agenda. He has my Complete and Total Endorsement!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Sewing together Texas like a patchwork quilt!

Amazing how many Mexican-American’s are fed up with the actions at the Border and are abandoning the democrats in droves in Texas, not to mention around the Country. I watched Bianca Gracia (that’s right not Garcia) talking about how they have more Republicans running in Texas this election cycle than EVER in many DEEP BLUE areas, and when they’re out knocking on doors talking to the constituents in their districts they are being welcomed with open arms and extremely THANKFUL to have someone they can trust to replace the WOKE MARXISTS.
Her response to AOC campaigning down there, and not going anywhere near the border towns/cities was (Bianca Gracia Responds to AOC: “You’re not flipping Texas, we’re whippin’ Texas back into shape.” A 7 minute view.

Victor Avila a Former ICE agent was also on as he’s running for Texas Land Commissioner, he had this to say – Victor Avila on Texas Elections: “We’re gonna sweep them like they’ve never been swept before.” A 6+ minute view


Former ICE Special Agent Victor Avila Announces for Texas Land Commissioner

Going to make your BLUE eyes RED!

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