Endorsement of Congressman Ronny Jackson

“Admiral Ronny Jackson is a great patriot, a great doctor, and a great Congressman. Ronny took on the Swamp with me from Day One, and is an incredible fighter for the people of Texas. He is a strong America First warrior, always will protect our Second Amendment, and fight for Secure Borders and Jobs. As a Veteran himself, he deeply loves our Military and our Vets. Ronny Jackson has my Complete and Total Endorsement!
P.S. Ronny’s brand new book, Holding the Line, is out soon. It is a great look at politics and the Trump White House. Pre-order it today!

By Donald J. Trump

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My Man Trump

Thank you Admiral Jackson for everything you do and will continue to do. I’m so glad you stand with Trump and the people. You are a very honorable patriot and we could use a lot more like you.

R Minoglio

We need all our great Admirals, Generals and other patriotic military leaders to stand together. They have to fight. There is no room for the weak or weak minded. We must take our great country back. General Milley is a traitor and should have been court martialed. We do not need any of these woke spineless people in our government.

Mark Rakow

If it wasn’t for the weak-minded, the Republicans would have no base.

My Man Trump

If it wasn’t for hateful people like you we wouldn’t have any marxist radicals.

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