Endorsement of Congresswoman Claudia Tenney

“Claudia Tenney is a fantastic Representative for the Southern Tier, and a great Member of Congress. She is strong on Crime, securing our Border, the Second Amendment, and will always fight for our wonderful Veterans and our Military. Claudia has my Complete and Total Endorsement. She will continue fighting for our America First agenda in the Southern Tier, Western New York and throughout NY-23!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Make New York RED and FREE AGAIN!
Vote for Claudia Tenney in the Southern Tier, Western New York!


She’s great, as are you!!!


President Trump, are you going to give us a list of your endorsed names before the election? I don’t know how to remember these unless I start keeping a list.

Kreg Vergith

She’s a fighter!

john schweers

She is AWESOME!!! And PLEASE President Trump, reconsider your TX endorsements for Gov and AG to Col West and Louie Gohmert respectively!!! Make TX even greater!!

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